[] Belgothian Blademaster 100SR/Celestials/75-76 easy farm (videos)

Use internals to jump directly to edge of reality before Crate room

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That’s pretty good idea! I was never using GI so didn’t know its mechanics. Thank you for advice, I will install it for future crate attempts.

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Why do you put points into menhir’s will on a dw build? Kinda makes me skeptical of the other claims.

My bad, I put automatically one point into MW in every soldier build which I usually make SnB/2H, didn’t notice it. I will correct.

About other claims - you have everything into videos, 1 miss point doesn’t change effects.

Hi, how do you level this build? Tsunami devotion and normal shadow strike?

Hi, for leveling guide there is good one for blademaster: [DW melee] Beginner's Forgotten Blademaster

You can consider my devotion route since start if you want to have specific devotions leveled faster, it should be all ready after reaching level 100.

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Thank you, it is a really nice build, now I got my BM to 100, luckily I had a ring of Orissia farmed (ring of sethris doesn’t drop for my warlord yet :frowning: ) so build is complete. Only pain is getting the ugdenbois for the components crafting. It is nice to have different builds that can do all content safe like the THICClord

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I am glad you like it :grinning: Best way to farm ugdenblooms I found is going from Coven’s refugee into Barrowholm killing all plants, golems and checking stumps. Memorize Bargoll, totems and Undergrowth spawn locations help, a lot of ugdenblooms drop. Except ugdenblooms you will drop a lot of rare medals/belts/rings on this road which are helpful in many builds if rolls are good.

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One big question, should I change anything to fight Ravager of flesh? the blood pools are annoying af, I have the the Mind version on another character, but damn this guy does a lot with the blood pools. Btw this is my gtlink https://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2gkPov2

In what moment does he kill you? What’s your highest score of taking his health down? I didn’t fight Ravager of flesh for a long time but every Ravager is similar, you have to cycle around ghoul-health potion-blade barrier. Sometimes he active “battle rage” which make him hit like a truck, that’s the moment you should be ready to time your things I mentioned above.
For easier fight you can switch all armor auguments for Dreeg Omen (30DA). If you still have troubles I suggest belt Mythical Hammerfall Girdle + Golemborn boots + Lifegiver Signet, this should make a fight very easy.

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No He hits me hard at the point of 20% , i get greedy too, I never sensed his battle rage buff, but I noticed he does a little war cry so that might be, I tried to blade barrier when he hits hard and indeed works, timing it is the point. I am not used to the timing playstyle so learning is important. Last time got him at 10% hp but I panicked and hit esc and return to menu, I know I can kill him. Nice I might try those items if fight gets hard. Belt needs upgrade, got uncorruptable for the ugdenbog belt that gives +1 to inquisitors :(.

So you can definitely kill him, just need some practice with timing. His “battle rage” is “Ravager’s presence” looking at grimtools (-30% physical resistances which hurts most), 6 seconds duration, 21 seconds delay. After second phase start you can try to survive with only Ghoul proc then Pneumatic Burst/health potion, when ghoul is down you have health potion and blade barrier. Do not use every survival mechanic at one Presence because your cooldowns can be down at next one. Dying at 10-20% usually means your survival cycle has broken in some point before. You can consider either some “free pharma” dropped or from faction merchants. Aether clusters may be very helpful and you should have a lot of it already.

My multi-resistances belt from OP is legit one, a lot of it drop during ugdenblooms farming and in sr, I am sure you will get good one in short time! It’s mostly usable in deep sr, if you use agroabuse and just farm 75-76 then Blade breaker sash should be enough.

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I gotta admit first time using a build out of the retal world and I struggled, but I practiced and I did it :)) I am so happy, the timings are important in this build.

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Congratulations! Killing celestials with builds other than retals and pets is indeed satisfying :grinning: Callagadra is waiting for you :wink:

Sorry if this has been asked before, but what’s your opinion on removing one point in Dual Blades (or something else), and putting it into Amarasta’s Quick Cut? Even one point to me sounds like it’d be, at minimum, another auto-attack proc. While the chance is small, I’d argue that with Quick Cut, you’d theoretically have a 90-100%-ish chance to proc at least one of the many melee-activation skills per swing.

I think AQC is not worth it, you can read more about it here:

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odd. thanks for the response

I have a question, why blade spirits are so bad at proccing celestial powers? Guardian of Empyrion is so much better, hell even Wind Devil with activated Maelstrom is better.

I guess the reason is that their damage ticks are slower than just Belgothian’s strike.

Yes it’s obvious, I’m not wondering why belgothian strike or any other spam skill is better, I was finally got time with my blademaster to finish but I have two important devotion proc with no or very low cd; first is assasin’s mark and the second is azrakaa. Obviously I can’t bind it both to Belgothian Strike. I tested them by binding one of them to highest chance wps and it’s almost the same with blade spirit. Blade spirit almost hits no critical so assasin’s mark binding is useless. I mean I have a warlord that uses azrakaa too, and it binded to GoE and it’s like sand everywhere but binding azrakaa to blade spirit is frustrating.