[] Belgothian Blademaster 100SR/Celestials/75-76 easy farm (videos)

Build is stronger now, don’t need many greens for 95-100sr road and it’s very easy and chill to play in low shards - with decent 10-13min speed.


Green belt is required if you want to facetank all bosses at once in 75-76 and don’t care about agroabuse/rng. It’s good to have one with good resistances, Incorruptible (not so rare really, had few legit ones in my legit farming career), second mod doesn’t matter so much. Resistances depends of suffixes can be covered with auguments instead of +30 DA and going some more physique for 3.2-.3.3k da range.

SR 100 run with hard cheese with aethercluster vs Zantarin because he is worst boss except Gargaban we can meet in 95-100 range. Reaper (cut because forgot recording him but it was roflstomp) + Sentiel + Alexander + Zantarin.

Very average 75-76 run with few skillpoints missing because forgot after experimenting with setups. No agroabuse, deathless, sadly in 76 when I was fighting Anasteria and Alexander I didn’t notice that Zantarin and some cthonian with 1m vision range didn’t notice me and I had to finish them after. Build should be HC viable, just agroabuse for being safer.

Ravager 2:40, no build changes and no pharma needed, easy fight.

Callagadra ~5min with cosmetic changes, no whole build change is required - but pharma is if you don’t want to build everything from scratch reseting components and devotions. Just take Golemborn boots and Hammerfall belt for some raw armor and go. Don’t need even components and auguments on it.



Congrats to a fellow BM fan. At least I assume you love BM to play it so much and tweak it so much.

I had a lot of fun tweaking it for SR too but I stopped at 81 because it takes too long. We need a suicide celestial stone :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you, I became fan of BM just today, it’s my first concept of this class. Fun to play as hell, only few buttons and cool looking set :grinning:

BM is the purest DW build in GD :metal:

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That’s an impressive display!

I agree with the statement, that Belgo is the purest DW melee, you don’t have casts, AoE damage and buttons. Just you and your deadly weapons!

I don’t think you have enough armor there.

I guess with some godly rares +7k is possible :stuck_out_tongue:

I was joking. :stuck_out_tongue:


Here. Have more armor and some damage absorption.

EDIT: You can filter some stats out of spirit and into cunning coz your OA is :poop:

2nd EDIT: Feel free to remove point in throne for obelisk’s 5% DA.

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I know mate :grinning:

I like the changes but what about turtle instead of crab? Would it be worth in your opinion?

About OA - that’s right but in game it’s almost constantly over 3k and having 3,6k DA (targeting for even more is not bad idea because of debuffs) is very helpful for meeles in highest shards, one shots are real.

Nah, I think turtles cooldown is too long to be reliable. If you want to go insane, get seal of ancestry too. Then you’ll have crab, ancestry, and stonetreader’s

The last of which should basically make you immune to physical damage when you get ulzaad’s decree up because you’ll have 8k absorption from physical + 10% armor + 200 flat armor. :rofl:

Then you can rely on crab/seal of ancestry to cover the rest of the damage types.

And given your insanely high overcaps + max res, crab/ancestry should be that much better.

EDIT: Btw, one point into blitz, and SS is also very worth IMO. Allows you to immediately return to the priority target after dodging attakcs with displacement

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These suggestions sounds very reasonably, I would like to test it instantly - the problem is how shattered realm works :frowning_face: Going 75-9x is very tiresome experience, in some more free-time day this week I will try going up again with your suggestions to test it in practice, one 6 hours run per day is enough :stuck_out_tongue:

For total tryharding I could use some resistances pharma and squeeze some HP/DA auguments in armor but I don’t really like build around drugs :smile:

E: about blitz/SS, I thought about it but most gameplay is just dueling bosses or hiding in corners, mobility skill i have used mostly to dodge volcanos from Gargabol and taking distance from Grava’thul on lava map - funny thing, he is easier in this smaller one because you can prevent him from casting skills just by staying in corner in the north. It works only for warlords and BMs, infiltrators can’t place seals there. Looks like some glitch.

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Yeah, i mean, just get rid of the +30 DA augment I placed on the helm, throw in some acid res for better overcaps, get obelisk 5% DA node, then play GD with one hand :stuck_out_tongue:

Callagadra done, not safe fight but you won’t be oneshotted in second phase. I will try ravager later, should be easier I guess.

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Ravager done, very easy, more about it in first post. Done it with all-around setup.

How did the new devotion set up work out?

Defense upgrade was noticable in lower shards like early 80s, some not-extreme boss rooms I could tank 1vs4 in the corner. I don’t know about higher, can’t check higher because game is randomly freezing (I have made topic about it in Bug reports) but I guess it works well too if worked early. Devotion route even on paper looks better, Crab and absorbtion > few basic stats from Mantis.

That’s the problem with SR-oriented builds, not everything is clear because of randomness and needed time to reach shards required to check if improvment was made - 93 in this case but I don’t want to risk few hours again for crash in like 90 :frowning_face:

I need solution for this problem then I can make clear and documented verdict.

Yup. I’ll never do SR :rofl:

Was there a drop in dps?

I hope you and some other top builders will be conviced to SR more after 1.1.5 with more checkpoints avaible :smiley:

DPS slighlty dropped on the paper but it’s not noticable in SR where stability and defense matters most. I don’t know how to check it with math perfection since I don’t use griminternals, Mad Queen took 18 seconds, human/beasts enemies are melted very fast due to racial bonuses.

One thing I am not sure is Seal of Ancestry instead of Annihilation because of low OA. Isn’t it overkill? I can post a save if you or some other specialist would be interested to check offensive abilities in crucible/griminternals :wink:

I can’t speak for the other crafters, but the reason why I don’t do SR has never been due to the lack of checkpoints. I just really like naked crucible because you can’t go to a corner and have a huddle-'n-cuddle session with the nems.

There’s actually a lot of strategy and I’m always trying to plan my moves so I’m 1 or 2 steps ahead of the monsters.

A good trick Korsar taught me to get a pretty accurate assessment on DPS changes is to see how long it takes to do 3x dummy kills back to back.

Of course it’s overkill. Everything about the build IS overkill :stuck_out_tongue:
But I dunno about seal of annihilation because you need to crit to apply the debuff…can you crit nems in deep SR?

EDIT: Want more DPS? Drop physique and do a cunning dump. It’s probably a million times better than giving up seal of ancestry. I think 3.2k DA should be more than enough on your build, especially with VoS