[] Belgothian Blademaster 100SR/Celestials/75-76 easy farm (videos)

I prefer to (watch since I don’t play crucible atm) naked too, it looks more entertainment when mobs are not just vaporizied and you are in danger all the time :smiley: However high shards require more strategy and tactic than it can looks like. You have to learn enemies vision distance, most skills and their cooldowns, how to use maps enviroment, what combo 1vs2 is dangerous, who you should pull last/first for exact build and sometimes you meet gank squad near spawn point with high vision sight and it becomes 10 min heartracing battle where one bad move kills you, can reposition bosses and makes progress impossible :smile: It’s just my taste, I was fan of soulsborne series so I love to hard 1v1/1vs2 fights :grinning:

Thanks for the tip with dummies, now I know what to do for my future DPS testing.

Deep SR was not reached again yet because of freezes mentioned above, couldn’t go over early 80s and for this build deep I consider +90, before everything looks similar and it’s too easy to make a verdict.

Cunning dump I would recommend ofcourse everyone for just 75-76, it will be faster for sure. For highest shards from my experience balancing around 3.6k DA is mandatory because of monster debuffs, one unlucky hit can reset bosses life and reposition them so hard that run is screwed. I feel more safe fighting boss 1 more minute but not getting killed.

Edit: Is there any way to make 150 wave possible since start for new builds? Copying some files in saves doesn’t work and vision of going since 1 wave for every new tested build is one of the thing which makes me away from crucible :frowning_face:

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  • Copy your entire character folder and paste it on your desktop
  • Reset masteries & rename character of original file using GDstash
  • Cut and paste copied character file back into main


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Solved screen freezing problem, stashed some godly green items, spend whole day infront of computer and there is an effect:

Zantarin on this map was too much, couldn’t cheese his skeletons and I was incredible lucky to meet easy boss combos in all shards. However it was hell and I won’t make a step into SR till next patch, I’m done here :stuck_out_tongue:

Well… I got to SR 90 with Brutal and Cruel mutators with 3k da/3k armor/no phys res on a Stormreaver with not much more health that this. I’m sure I could go further if I tried more times with better mutators.

These numbers are imo an overkill. Tankiness and survivability are not always the same. I’m confident saying that with 3-4k armor and 3k da traded for dmg (8k wpn dmg off procs is terribly low, like pre-lvl94 kinda low, and this oa seriously gimps Assassin proc) results would be better even defensively.

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I thought about it and it can be true but I will test after next patch with more waypoints.
Between 90 and 95 and 100 there is huuuuuuge gap in monsters damage. On 90 I can facetank just everything with my health barely moving, over 96 I had to use tons of pharma, time barrier and for some fights I had to try few times because some strange hits 100-0. It was with 6.5k armor, green setup.


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For maxing the highest possible Shard, yeah, 5.5k armor, 4k da, everything. But most of all above 100 you gotta swap gear. Get that max res on. Armor alone won’t do the job - phys is just one dmg type after all. And I would recommend switching from Belgo to SR set.

Also, key is to kite without entering the aggro zone of the others. More like read the moves and sidestep. At some point you won’t be able to full facetank even one on one but it is possible to push through that.

And most importantly, coffee…

That’s the key to push high, armor and phys resistances are not enough, resistances must be maxed too, damage must be enough to kill anything and leech from it. I had concept about SR set earlier too but I wanted to push with Belgo first because this set visually looks better and I was playing with shattered too much already on another character, need a break :grinning:

Kite and agro abuse is mandatory of course, I couldn’t push so high without camera rotation glitch, it helped me to reposition monsters in some bad situations, either I was glitching monsters in smaller boss room in north corner making them not casting skills and not attacking (doesn’t work for all bosses), couldn’t find any other place like that in boss rooms and normal chunks.

Coffee is needed at least, I felt just sick after all :stuck_out_tongue:

I never knew about that. How does it work exactly?

About camera glitch:
@Serious_Stan described it here with details:

So basically, monsters vision range (our main weapon in agro abuse tactic) depends not only about what they see but also about what you see. If you have your camera turned on south they have like ~50% worse vision sight (game is made for north settings). You have much more options to manipulate them, you don’t need even to move, just rotate upper right/upper left corner of your screen to the boss which you want to fight first. If you accidentely make agro on two bosses, rotate your camera to south on them fast, you can stop them mid-walk. It works during fight too but you have to make distance very fast, it works most likely on lava map. Next advantage you have - fighting with camera on south you have much more space for kiting and being undetected by other bosses.

Corner glitch:
I don’t have picture for that yet but on conclave map go northest side and hug corner on the left, I guess you know where it is. Boss which you want to make glitched must be right under your foot.

  1. Grava’thul won’t use his fumble pools and nulify, he will rarely even autoattack.
  2. Alexander won’t cast meteors and spawn crystals.
  3. Zantarin and Valdaran will totally freeze and ignore you if they are not bosses you are fighting with.
  4. Works for more monster types too probably but didn’t use it much, basically only when I failed agro abuse in some cases and I hope for at least one kill before dying.

It’s some magic place because I couldn’t find anything like that anywhere else, tryied a lot. It’s also bad place for inquisitor mastery because sometimes (well, often) you can’t place seals here for some reason.

That’s not happening. Shattered Realm is random and totally unbalanced beyond Shards 65-66. There is also aggro abuse cheese and no real penalty for dying. So basically a lot of builds that are built tankier than usual with decent single target damage can do it. It also caters to niche builds a lot. And finally how can you measure build’s worth based on its SR performance?

Well, we can say too that a lot of builds that are more offensive than usual with decent suvivality can go for 6 min crucible runs and how we can measure their worth based only on crucible performance - no sarcams or any offensive here, just I want to say we have more game modes, every with another philosophy. That’s true with current state (no checkpoints) it’s hard to rate performance with 100% acurracy but if build can go over 90 then it’s probably good for shattered realm. With more checkpoints there will be either possibility to fishing for good run (now you can fish too but we know how much time is consumed) and just go for record, personal mostly because we have no leaderboards here.
Example from another game with similar game mode, D3 - some patches ago there were build for wizard, only for doing records for leaderboards. Horrible at farming, horrible at low gr levels, just 1% consistency - but if you aimed for this 1 percent good run you could do best score all clases like one chinese guy after 2-3 months of every day trying, run after run for hours.

However, I still hope I will see more builds made for sr, if not - I will try to make them :smiley: Just my point of view.

No offense taken. Some posters do in fact post glass cannon builds and their best Crucible results without mentioning how consistent the build is. But most good builders post solid and balanced builds that are all around good and those builds can mostly be measured by Crucible performance, like it or not. Some of those builds naturally perform good in SR (check my Vitality Conjurer, for example, probably one of the best SR builds, but I have never built it for SR), some are naturally worse for deep Shards.

I mean, you can build like a Warborn Warlord with Siegebreaker and Avenger of Cairn amulet and just go balls deep in SR and kill Callagadra while you are at it. But will it really be a good build? No, it’s just a unimaginative cookie cutter tank. Or you can take any melee archetype, add Shattered set to and voila, you have yourself a good SR build. But is it really a good or creative build? I think not.

Saw your conjurer build, it’s definitely one of the most powerful all-round build this patch, not even mention all items are purple and set is target farmable :sweat_smile:

About warlord - same we can say “you can build like xx, go 5 min crucible run but can’t go deep in SR or kill celestials - will it really be a good build?”. Every game mode has another philosophy and since we have no real leaderboards and competition there is no real meta here. Ofcourse build like your conjurer which can do every content in higher performance are and should be considered top, no doubt. But how many builds like this do we have?
Full defensive retal warlord can go much over sr100 and smash superbosses like some damage-sponge trash mobs and it has bad crucible times - can we call it weak? Boring and non creative for sure, but weak?

Everything depends of point of view. Chinese community seems be posting only +80 sr builds and rarely even test it in crucible, I don’t understand their language but almost every topic with “BD” in title on their forum I found was with 80-81-90 runs (more often than 75-76) and super bosses, didn’t see crucible much but it can be because of language barrier and my poor navigation in chinese site. Sadly I can’t learn much from it because of chinese language game version too :slightly_frowning_face:

Summarizing - strenght of build mostly depends of target, that’s why I send people to your belgo version, because it performs in another game mode much better than mine :smiley: It’s hard to make a build extremaly optimized for everything.

Words of wisdom

There’s a little more effort involved in making a max dmg setup that can still survive crucible than making a max defense setup that can still outdamage Kuba’s heal or sth.

Which not to say either is good or bad. They might be good or bad for they’re designed to do. Like this Belgo was designed to climb SR. For that it is good. But for farming both Crucible and SR 75 it would be no so good because of the overkill defense at the very steep cost of offense.

Anyways, back to the build. That Ancient Armor on the chest - why not Titan Plating? Same armor, more physique and pierce res. Also, I think res from Tainted Heart on the medal would do more defensively for the build than another Bloodied. And that 0% crit dmg… I just can’t look at it… with Weakened mutator you got -30% which means crits are dmg loss lol (because with this oa you never get more than 1.3 base crit modifier - I had that problem leveling a warlord before I switched to Mandate).

Well there is. Not as real as with leaderboards and multiplayer games but there still is. And I think it’s defined by best builds that are posted here. Crucible also became a more real meta after Crated started balancing endgame around top Crucible builds. I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but it is what it is.

They used to have Crucible builds too back in the day where they were active on this forum. I keep seeing names containing of Chinese letters subscribing to my Youtube channel where I post all my builds’ videos tho )))

Filthy communists

Wich site are you on for the Chinese ocmmunity?

You don’t like Chinese or communists? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

No. i don’t like communism.

EDIT: But what I said was meant as a joke. :stuck_out_tongue: