Endgame balancing problem


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In SR 75-76, strong builds can manage most bosses 2 at the time. Though in 95% cases it’s very possible and kinda easy to pull them 1 by 1. And in rest 5%, 4% would be 2 bosses you can manage.
The trick? On “lava” arena, just move a bit forward, and you’ll pull 1 boss. Then move right and pull another.
On “shrine” arena move left (right) to the wall and (maybe) a bit forward. and you’ll pull 1 boss.

Thanks . I know how to trace his replies but surprisingly it’s not there

but I still found it.

I think Zantai means that “unique rewards” is just SR set which last piece is on 60 shard. Random purples/MIs drop more often in higher shards for sure.

Huh? It’s in the 2nd post doing what powbam said to find it. Using the other method of searching from his icon as shown will call up all the messages he’s posted which would take longer to find the one you want.

Didn’t realise that trick btw @powbam. Need you to finish off that Discourse tutorial you were writing. Post haste man, post haste! :smile:



This, no point to play boss rooms with basic camera settings anymore.

I would add to it that’s it’s better to rotate camer with bottom corners sometimes, depends of boss/room/positions etc. Sometimes bosses are stacked on each other so to not pull them all, try to walk slowly with south camera, pull one boss, blink with mobility skill, he will stop. Lure him a little but do not fight, just reposition him. You can then go for other harder/easier boss from another direction with smartly operating camera.

I dont abuse that, lol. I only use obstacles to get rid of Gravathul’s “balls” after he launched them, but i’m 100% sure this is legit and intended. I use corners only to PULL bosses, not to facetank them.

Yeah. I think it’s cheesy as hell too.

I just by and large dislike SR because I find it too…I don’t know what the right word is.

Some combination of tedious/cheesy. Just my opinion though. Not a statement about you or anyone.


But deep SR is more or less how to cheat enemies or just build unkillable tank and pull them 1vs1 or 1vs2 at most. SR set Infiltrator up until 80 can beat any combination of 2x enemies with little bit of skill of course.

A sisyphean task would be closer.

Ancient Greek story

-Hey, Sisyphus you are rolling this stone again?
-Shut up, you motherf*cker Oedipus!

But nice analogy :slightly_smiling_face:


@nery: https://imgur.com/gallery/WUKgr

Best essay I’ve ever read about oedipus.

Click on the link. I promise you that you won’t regret it.

Just thank me after.


Corner glitch is very cheese but it’s not gamechanger and it’s not needed at all. I have used it only for last 1v1 when I was too lazy to dodge grava’s spells, kuba’s pools etc.
Next thing is that it doesn’t work for some casters and inquisitors, you can’t place seal here for some reason. It’s just locked. At least it was some time ago, maybe possible to change with camera perspective.



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That and a possibility to ignore posters too :stuck_out_tongue:

Go to your profile settings…

It’s already there for you.

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Thanks :+1: i still have much to learn about the new forums it seems

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I’ll echo that SR feels like a chore where you might be challenged on the fourth chunk after having three walking stimulators fed to you on the souls-buff platter.