[ -] Lost Souls Set | Dogs & Ghosts | Vitality Explode | Pet Cabalist | Cloud Build


Battle Pets quantity:2 Hellhounds + 3 Ghosts
Hellhound CD 1.7s / Reap Spirit 2.7s

Vitality resist reduce:Curse of Frailty 32% + Spectral Wrath 35% + Acid Spary 28 = 95%

hidden Vitality damage buff 1000%




Nice :blush:
How is its performance?

I didnt test. but I think Farm SR 75 - 76 not problem.

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Wow that Vitality damage buff 1000% is insane :open_mouth:

Not as insane as you think, cause Vitality reduce and crit not enough.

GT:https://www.grimtools.com/calc/m23BJAYN (Dogs + Skeletons version)

Can the dog and skeleton version push high level sr?

SR 90 no problem
SR 100 maybe

What about cruicible?

Sure, of course :sweat_smile:

Seriously? I want to play this build as long as it can do endgame content.

Ye, farm SR 75 - 76, 12 ~ 14m Cru no test.

What do you mean no test?

Actually, what is the best pet build out there?

Im no play Cru, but sure this can easy farm Cru
the best is Conjurer Elemental & Lightning