>< - 2H Melee Scion of Arcane Force Sorceress, Lokarr, SR 40-45

Hi everyone! This is my first build thread. Looks badass right? Not so much. This is not a SR 60+ or Gladiator 150+ build. This is just an avarage build. I made this thread because there is no actual 2H melee sorcerer build around here and I though it will be atleast an example for people want something different. Atleast new players can inspired by and veterans may improve it. Although she can go deep in SR up to 35-40, this build mostly for MC, Nemesises, Rogue-Like Dungeons and Lokarr farming. I can’t push her through Crucible because of my old pc, game crashes when too many monsters with too many skill effects. It happens even in SR and sometimes in FG(Tomb of the Heretic mostly). When it happens I lost data and last progress so it’s very frustrating and also I found SR very boring, I went through to 25 and left it there(It took a while because every one or two shard I alt+tab and waited pc to get cool because I might even break the computer if I lost all progress and rewards again while doing lol :smiley: ) and not ambitious to push further with this character either. So there is no actual proof that how far this build go in Gladiator or SR but she can farm mid-levels atleast. The biggest enemy of this build is Grava. with 7 passive auras that you count on them to survive and hit

GRIMTOOLS (Updated with a few adjustments)

There are a lot of alternatives which I tried most of all and this is the most balanced and tankier one.

Image from the game with only toggled auras.

SKILLS: Fire Strike, Thermite Mine, Flashbang, Mirror of Erectoes, Nullification, Soul Strike

High Attack Speed - %200
-%40/ Reduced %20/ 24 Reduced Elemental RR.
Ok Life Steal - %15
Over Avarage OA and DA - Both +3k
Over Capped CC resists.
%26 Damage Absorption
%24 damage reduction from Light of Empyrion
%68 Crit Damage
250 Defensive Ability Reduction from Flashbang
Low Armor - 1920
No Skill Disruption Resist
Avarage Phys Resist - %26
low Health - 12135

Like I mentioned there is a lot of gear alternatives. There is 3 MI’s on the build and I technically made build around them. Fire Strike doesn’t scale well after 12 points so there is no need to get items with fire strike bonus. You can use SR set, Pyran’s Ruminations or Iskandra Set If you can manage to balance the stats which I couldn’t.

  • Shoulder is a must get. You may not find with a +2 explosive strike but you should farm one that gives OA and other stats.

  • Necklace You can of course use another Kaisan like the picture below and get that OA and resistances from somewhere else but I choosed Kaisan amulets because +1 to all skills is almost better than any amulet to this build.

  • screenshot27

  • Belt If you are not going to use a kaisan amulet with CC resist, you need this belt because it caps your Freeze Resistance, Vitality>Aether Conversion(which provides Skeletons from Revenant and Soul Strike more damage because you have more % bonus to Aether) and gives nice stats. I used it because it gives very nice OA but you can also use this Mythical Phantom-Thread Girdle

  • Helmet There is no good helmet for this build except Pyran’s Visage but I choosed this one again for +1 to all skills and other stats. There is also two another choice; Okaloth’s Visage that I haven’t tried and this Ascended Casque that I haven’t get a well rolled one to try.

  • Chest You have almost no alternative here unless you can use SR set. I did that and couldn’t balance the stats but you can get nicer damage for sure. [GRIMTOOLS LINK with Shattered Guardian Set]

  • Hands You can use Mythical Runesinged Handguards aswell but I didn’t need more DA.

  • Pants Mythical Arcane Harmony Leggings is an option and you can change your devotions to balance aimed OA. But I didn’t find it effective. GRIMTOOLS LINK with Arcane Harmony Leggings

  • Boots There are alternatives like Mythical Boots of Primordial Rage , Mythical Footpads of the Grey Magi , Mythical Deathwalker’s Grace but this one gives more balanced stats and also caps the stun resist. You can also change the component on boots to Enchanted Earth to get more Armor and HP.

  • Medal This is almost BiS. Of course you can use Mythical Korvaak’s Brand but then you lost 200+ DA.

  • Weapon Scion of Arcane Force is BiS.

Lokarr Kill.

SR 45

SR 50

With lucky mutators and consumables you can push maybe to the 55+ but with bad mutators you can’t even reach to 50. -%15 players health and +%15 elemental resist to monsters and %60 more health to the monsters are the worst mutator combination. I tried more than a few runs so I’m sure this build can consistently farm 40-45 regardless of the mutators. Ofc one can die if not be carefull among with bad mutators.

It’s easy actually. Explosive Strike has nice AoE and you get plenty of stats from buff even in the beginning and Maiven’s Sphere of Protection gives you tankiness. You can choose other skill while leveling of course but my style is more static. If I’m going to build with melee elemental damage I choose melee Elemental weapons so you need these while leveling The Conduit , Empowered Conduit

This was my third character but was the first one that finished ultimate and thanks to that I farmed everything for my other characters.

Alternative versions

Much Higher Damage but low endurance - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2EkYJmZ
With Conduit of Arcane Whispers - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YVWgbmrV
With Avatar of Mercy, higher damage, much higher capped resistances but very low health - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2EkPe8Z

Again this is my first build, If the thread has lack of information please notice me. And again this build is not for SR 60+ or Gladiator 150+ and even I missed something that you know, I don’t think she will ever defeat other Celestials either or reach SR 70. Unless with new MI patch provides better items. You can easily facetank and kill all Nemesises without need to kite(except Grava because of her Nullification but it’s killable too.) and complete every rogue-like without even being careful.

PS: Btw Joan of Arc name which cames from Jeanne d’Arc hasn’t actually religious means.The name came to my mind this way, I knew I was going to play 2H melee with elemental damage, so technically I was going to be a warrior but with arcanist second class, I was going to be a mage too and everyone knows that people of cairn always stigmatize arcanists as witches. So I was going to become a warrior witch. I dwell on that though for a while then remembered once upon a time a french lady lived. She fought on the front lines of battles in middle ages and people thought that she was a witch and burned her alive because she was wearing man cloths and fighting battles like other men which was not common that time.

PS number 2: I forgot to thank to @RektbyProtoss and @malawiglenn for the ideas they gaved me while the build was still struggling in the ultimate.


Good to see some “normal” build posts. Just want to give a few tips on making your posts a little easier to read.

For something like this…

you could insert <br> tags before and after to provide a little space. Tho the image placement is a little weird in the middle of a sentence.

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Anyway, just some small editor advice and keep on sharing.


Thank you for informing me, didn’t know these and yes I realised that weird picture placement but I couldn’t fix it lol. Edit: I fixed it :slight_smile:

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To fix it you could do something like this instead…

I highlighted the image txt and Ctrl+X to cut it out and then Ctrl+V to paste it in after the sentence and then added <center> </center> around it.

Edit: My bad. To center images you actual need to do it like this…

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Congrats on your first build posted, always nice to see new guy delve in the build posting process! :slightly_smiling_face:

Also don’t be hard on yourself for not sticking some tags, your build is very cool and creative.

I don’t want to say what you can change but can say how I would make it. I would try going bottom corner for cool Blind Sage devotion and maybe Phoenix, which is the devotion made for Sorcs. Also, will trade some speed from Reckless Power and take Star Pact for more procs (personal preference). And why not Elemental Balance blue rings? And Cyclone medal for mines boost, since you can’t have other sources of RR. And more points in Blast Shield, for life saving purposes.


Of course you can, another player another styles and you’re more experienced than I’ am but I have more than 9 days playtime with this character and I tried(and spend a lot of mats while doing) almost anything to improve it.

Tried and no better than two malmouth arcane rings, believe me it was dissapointing :frowning: 22 flat and 230+ % elemental damage is too good to give up. I even considered Judicator’s Seals and tried to balance other stats around them but nope.

Tried those too, on the alternative versions you can see those devotions active. I had to stay on blues just for the DA bonusses from those constellations, to get Blind Sage a lot of rearrangements would be required and in the end you end up better damage with low stats(DA and Health).

I know it could be but so this character aims no high there is no need for that but I even used this amulet for a while I’m aware Blast Shield’s importance


I actually tried this weapon as Witchblade but Sorc is different build, because Soldier gives you so much stats and Witchblade physical res and acid, which means you can take both Serru and Sage and they are bananas in terms of damage and way better than the auto attack themselves.

Also another option is getting RR devotion. Fire from Solael’s Witchblade is the prime candidate, since your dominant(out of the three) elemental damage types is fire.

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Hmm I never thought of that. There is not much damage difference between three of them its like %42 fire-%33Lightning-%25cold but it could work out well. I can more focus on fire by changing shoulder to Agrivix and helm to Pyran’s aswell but then it would be a fire damage build and I have already a 2H melee Shieldbreaker on the way so I have no intention of turning to all flame. I even can go DW melee with Sacred Harmony set while I changing lightning to fire :smiley:

I tried this weapon as witchblade too and with different devotion maps; the ones which performed better were Blind Sage + Ultos (best AOE) and Blind Sage + Attak Seru (best single target), without any single-element RR devotion (so no widow / solael / murmur).

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https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2EkYJmZ I played for a while like this with blind sage more crit, more lifesteal, almost 20k more sheet dps but twice squishier and for my standarts of a 2H melee build one need more than 12k hp and 3k DA and full cap CC resist so can facetank and keep hitting without staying on the alert to run away. As I said from the beginning, the build that I’m introducing is a balanced and tankier version of many because there is no exact sets for the build you can make all kind of alteration to suit your playstyle. I can stay in Kuba’s pools while killing him or I don’t need to run from those aether pools in Port Valbury and this build aims no higher than mid level farming, the assurance of handling damage is easier. But if I can improve this version then aiming SR 70 is possible.

This might be weird since I am trayyysh at build making, but… SR set? Generic + skills and quite massive Phys Resist? Generic 50% damage on all pieces would increase all sources of damage.
I like the idea behind Scion of Arcane Winds, trouble is there is little to no support.
This is not a critique of your build, rather I am asking more experienced build makers if it’s possible.
I can’t seem to take anything non-retal to SR 76 unless it is a Vit caster/Sumoner these days… did melee fall behind or smth?

There is a version with SR set. Has lower OA-DA-HP-AS-Damage absorption-Phys resist-no better over-capped resistances for getting a little more damage and +3 all maximum resistance cap.

This is the way I play with Scion of Arcane Force, it’s not a Sorcerer so the build is very different but you get the idea, especially about the devotion route. Ultos has very good aoe and decent leech (since it has got some weapon damage on the final), phoenix is for extra tankiness, Seekers are beasts in all full elemental setups. Don’t be afraid of three green items (the item bases are super easy to farm), the only important affixes on them is “of alacrity” suffix on both rings, other ones can be everything the build can make use of (resists for comfortable overcaps, damage or OA).

Sorcerer lacks strong defensive tools like War Cry and lacks physical resistance when compared to Witchblade, but has got Mirror and Blast Shield. It lacks a bit of RR too but it compensates with some spirit dump. The real difference is in HP: Witchblade goes a lot higher (Military conditioning is super strong if you go full retard on physique), and can reach super comfortable resist overcaps because of Blood of Dreeg, Second rite, Decorated Soldier and Scars of Battle.

Oh, and I forgot: conduit is very strong, +3% all max res is nothing to laugh at.

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Yes and it’s absolutely more reliable build than sorcerer. But here we are dealing with sorcerer and the situation is that soldier provides better stats than demolitionist. Yes blast shield is life saver, so does Menhir’s Will if you give more than 8 skill points. Under these conditions I had to higher the health, DA, resistances in order to survive and since I choosed items that gives OA, I filled that gap with blue devotions that’s why I didn’t take Sage. I could and I can then I should play with 10k hp, %15phys resist and hp and 2.8k DA and IMO you give up some dps for more suvivability.

And although I farmed a lot in ugdenbog I never got those rings with both OA and AS unfortunately :frowning:

Mind posting a vid? Or just explaining if Cadence is more colorful now? I don’t care that much about visuals in GD, but I like to be pleasantly surprised at times.
Oh, and great build overall, I attempted Witchblade realizing that it might be stronger but still tried SR set for it. Not bad!
I got some Living Rings of Alacrity and a Vigorous Benny of Insight. I will give it a go with “pleb gear” and see what I can come up with! :smiley:

Came here for the title, stayed for the inspiration.

Thank you for sharing @fordprefect, as an aspiring noob build poster who is nervous of making the plunge, I can see now that its not so bad posting them. Perhaps ill post a couple of my builds as soon as im able to! Ill be sure to credit you when I do!

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I made a little upgrade. %198 AS was bothering me so I changed the hand component to consecrated wrappings instead of restless remains. I changed the weapon component to Seal of Blades instead of Seal of Resonance and adjusted skill points in order to balance the losses. In the end I got %200 AS, %15 adcth, lost 1.5k sheet dps and a little bit health and DA(still over 3k) and proceed to SR 35 and left it there. Now I’m sure the build can go further up to 50-55 atleast and maybe more with lucky mutators so I’ll update as I proceed but due to computer problems I’m keeping the session short so it will take time.

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I’m updating the build as SR 40-45. I pushed through 50 but it was hard and inconsistent. I had a few runs, most of the time I just farmed 45-46 and quit because of bad mutators. One time was rage quit due to +%15 elemental resist to monsters, -10 damage modified players, -8 attack speed to players, and monsters %60 more health to monsters etc… Couldn’t even finish the first chunk… This build can farm SR 40-45 with ease, with lucky mutators and maybe more skillful players than me can push the limits.

This is my first posted build so I was lacking knowledge about game mechanics back then. This build probably not the best idea to make a sorcerer but if anyone wants such build, I suggest them to use this setup;


This character of mine is now DW Melee Chaos sorcerer so I won’t test this because it’ll require much resources which are hard to farm in legit ways. But in my experience this should perform better than the original version. There is only one MI, which is for lifesteal and resistances. You need Aether and Chaos resistance so Insight, Dancing Shadows or Incantations suffix is recommended.