[] Beginner's Shadow Strike Infiltrator. Cruise through endgame in faction gear and without keyboard

how is farming Loxmere in HC these days?

Hi, i am very interested in your build, can u please give a guide on leveling? Which skills to priorterize? Which devotions to priorterize?

Can you kill caldagara and all the rest bosses with that build?

Hello! I’m not very qualified to give such advice. I suggest to take a look at Stupid_Dragon’s thread linked above in the comments. It has a thorough leveling guide.

It can kill all the regular bosses and Nemesis in main campaign. But Celestials - not likely. This char is about speed and relaxing gameplay. Killing superbosses is all about tankiness and careful managing your abilities.

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I level it right now. Its a lot of fun and one of the stronger beginner builds i leveled. Right now here: end of elite: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2E37pbZ

I level like this and IMO the best way to level any Inquisitor build:
a) Word of pain https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNY8mxXZ + tsunami devotion on word of pain
b) aura of censure https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2GOAXq2
c) https://www.grimtools.com/calc/1NXX3qLN max nightchill
d) into elite fort ikon, start farming noxmere for the weapons, after you got 2. respec into shadow strike build, respec devotion progress from there like the build in the op. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2do3r8N like this. faceroll everything.

edit: No need for Inquisitor seal. I did died once. Against noxmere on elite :smiley:


Update: Level 95 in ultimate: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2B9xoWN had some good stuff already in the stash.

BUT now I have a question:

I have 3 pieces of deathmarked set(2xweapon and body), and I could craft the Helm, so I could craft and transmuted and get the full set. Is it worth it? Or not?

DM infil is a solid build, but it’s an autoattack build rather than Shadow Strike one.

Full Deathmarked is one of the best ways to play melee in Grim Dawn right now. DM Infiltrator will be strong. You need items to get Shadow Strike cooldown node to 22/12 though. That way you can play with SS as autoattack as well.

Thanks banana_peel for the build; ill begin Grim dawn and il try it.

How many attributes points used in each stats plz?

@ Dabuwa87 I have begin with Word of pain, iill like it what devotion you take after tsunami for levelling plz?

@SheamZ in grim tools you can see how many points are spent in each stat by just placing the mouse cursor above that stat.


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Thanks Malawiglenn.

devotion route was something like this:
revenant … and anywhere on this way i did the respec to full shadowstrike build without word of pain. so i respec my devotion too and put everything like the op. Was in mid elite. At that point you can grind loxmere for the weapons. level 65 or so. But I used the exp potion all the time and i got all devotion points until elite.
you can use https://www.grimtools.com/checklist/shrines/normal to see all devotion shrines locations.

The morgoneth set was nerfed for this build is this correct? If yes i will just craft the deathmarked stuff :smiley:

it was but the main part was untouched - 100% acid conversion for SS.

Deathmarked is very good too. I did multiple builds with it. Like this [] Deathmarked reborn: Trickster (cr 4:50) + Blademaster (cr 5:06), SR75+ cold DW melee

Will update it soon.


Thank you, ill try that.

I am doing some Loxmere farming on my Primal Strike warder now in order to make my budget version of this build :slight_smile: Sometimes he drops two of his daggers :open_mouth:

Roughly 20% and 37% for offhand/mainhand equip rates. Off the top of my head he has a 60ish % spawn rate for a rather generous 34% chance of a loxblade per session

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Thanks for clarifying

Wait, how more budget can you go? :grinning:

no items at all! :smiley:

( I meant my version of this budget build :wink: )

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