[] BSDM - Blade Spirit DeathMark, Hybrid Cold Infiltrator

The Build

with all permanent buff + Pneumatic Burst, Word of Renewal, Lethal Assault, Deadly Aim, and Beronath’s Fury charges.
DPS shown is Beronath’s Fury.

Build Feature


  • Hybrid Build but play just like pure DW Melee
  • Streamlined and few button to press


  • Not so crazy AoE, need to know what enemy to be killed first
Build Overview I have concepting this build for quite a long time and finally want to post it because I am finally satisfied with the results. The concept is hybrid DW with 4pc deathmarked + Chillwhisper crown for a whole lot of Nightblade skill points and full cold blade spirit. This produced a powerful DW melee with very damaging blade spirit AoE. I think full set deathmarked is not really worth it unless you desperately need the tankiness or RR. I especially hate the granted RR because it is not a proc and very annoying to cast. Shout-out to @Nery for giving me ideas to use scales devo proc in cold build. This last touch freed me from the need to use seal, simplify the build more, and giving more skill points to play with.

With so much skill points, the build can be customized and have a lot of variations. For example you can go with full blown nightfall+NJE+BS. That GT is one of my previous iterations though and I have not tested it with the current devo I used for this build. In the end, I have decided to go with full %cold version which yields faster clear time and more streamlined gameplay.

If you want to make the build tankier, you can:

  • Incorporate inquisitor seal somehow
  • Put some more points to physique
Equipment Choices


  • Craft all for %physique.
  • Get as much pierce>cold conversion as possible.
  • Get as much acid>cold conversion as possible.
  • Get as much vitality>cold conversion as possible.
  • Get max attack speed.

Core Items:

  • Deathmark’s Shadow set except helm.
  • Dread Sigils of Alkamos Set. [converting some pierce to cold, good stats overall, and decent proc]
  • Helm: Chillwhisper Crown [To have full cold Blade Spirit and more +nightblade skill points]
  • Belt: Gargoyle Waistguard. [Giving us almost full vitality>cold conversion, get the one which has %cold or %elemental damage and give a lot of relevant stats]

Supporting Items:

  • Pants: Mythical Rimestone Legguards [to achieve blade spirit breakpoints at 24/16. It has a lot of good resist but no OA/DA :frowning:]
  • Gloves: Mythical Iceskorn Talons. [Further overcapping Lethal Assault and good stats overall]
  • Boots: Mythical Amatok’s Step. [I previously want morgoneth’s step for more powerful proc, but amatok’s step give a lot more res allowing us to have more dreeg’s omen augment, thus more points to spirit.]
  • Amulet: Mythical Night’s Embrace [More RR, more skill points, good OA, but shitty res.]
  • Medal: Mythical Mark of Dark Dreams. [Extra range, damage, and rank to night’s chill. Also very good stats.]
  • Relic: Nidalla’s Outbreak. [Either this or nemesis relic. I eventually go with outbreak to have more Res and DA. Proc is also quite nice as we are converting acid and pierce to cold. Get completion bonus for lethal assault and shadow step]
  • Movement Rune: Rune of Amatok’s Breath

Cold based Devotion with Tip the scales

Rumor > to Shadow Strike
Hand of Ultos > to Blade Spirits
Blizzard > to Beronath’s Fury
Tip the Scales > to whatever permanent buff
Ghoulish Hunger > to whatever permanent buff


LMB: Beronath’s Fury
RMB: Shadow Strike
Keyboard 1: Movement Rune
Keyboard 2: Amarasta’s Blade Burst
Keyboard 4: Word of Renewal
Keyboard 5: Pneumatic Burst

Standard procedure:
Summon 3 blade spirits before action.
Press to activate Pneumatic burst and word of renewal, ensure it to always be active and/or save it for heal.
Shadow strike in, triggering rumor.
Cast ABB every 3 seconds.
Then hold RF button.


When she comes in wave 162, focus with her first and hit her until she activates her aura. Then Shadow strike/movement rune out diverting your attention to other enemies while go as far away from her as possible. After the red aura dies down, shadow strike in and slaughter her. Easy. Most of the time she will just die out from the frostburn though.

Build Performance Crucible:

Video with 3 buff, 3 L1 storm beacon, and 1 L2 storm beacon:

5:00 clear time. Current fastest, slowest is 5:25.
If you are comfortable with DW melee gameplay and know what enemy to deal with first, the build can’t die in cruci and always get 4 cruci clear in one duration of the buffs.

Shattered Realm:
Haven’t checked yet, I don’t play SR anymore. Should be good with a bit more adjustment for tankiness like I explained in overview.

One of my favorite build and finally ready to be posted. Enjoy… :wink:


Nice build, congrats for posting it!

BSDM fetish, someone? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I like how you use 4 pieces DM, which is good set for Nightblade WPS and auto attack and then went Blade Spirits for the extra damage and summon to provide passive source of AoE, nicely done. And the times are great as well.

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The fetish one is BDSM :shushing_face:

Thanks Nery! Especially for giving me ideas to use scales in this build!

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I know, it was pun from my side and I think the topic’s name is ?

Scales is part of the meta, after not being feature in builds for months. Love how builders can adapt to all this changes and improve their chars every single time, impressive!

sexy :slight_smile: glad more people finally using chillwhisper helm! has a lot of cool uses

p.s. your char is ugly

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Thanks Tomo!

Yeah, there’s no skintight costume available in illusion… :frowning:

So, is it better than Banana’s full Deathmarked with maxed SS setups?

I don’t think banana ever posted those?

Anyway, I myself have tested with BS+NJE+nightfall with korvaak+amatok+ultos devo in the past and clear time is more or less the same with the version with full%cold with BS+ Elemental awakenening + merciless repertoire being the more consistent.

This one looks strong af. I might steal this devo map.

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Nice build ! is it possible to get more informations about devotions and skills like video or picture of devotions and skills points?

Just click the grimtools link in first post:

Thanks for reply. The link doesn’t shows skills and devotion map iis it?

just click the skill icon in the link just like how you play in the game. You can also press “s” in your keyboard:

thanks! i never use grimtools:laughing: .i gonna try this char