[] Oblivion Valguur Conjurer 6:15 4+3/+90sr/75-76 farmer/Celestial

Hello. Sadly Valguur set is hardly outclassed by just target-farmable Dark One in terms of survivality (speed too probably) but I made attempt to make it something more-viable for shattered realm and I found a way - Oblivion relic. I’ve started to learning Crucible either so I made separete setup for it with decent score (I think) as kinda new player in this mode. Build is not HC viable until you stick to 50-65 shards.
For legit players who want some vitality caster I still recommend to stick to Dark one - you can everything like Valguur (using oblivion wave either) but it’s better, safer, easier to make, easier to farm.

I wanted to make greenless build only.

SR/Ravager/more 1v1 focused setup: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2EkLmjZ

Crucible 4+3 setup: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZRr910Z
Devotion route stolen from Mad_lee’s conjurer because it provide everything we need for caster crucible setup. With Mythical Cursebearer I had ~10 seconds clear time better scores, may be piloting and RNG issues because I am still learning speedrunning.

The reason I don’t like Wendigo in SR setup is because Ghoul works better for 1vs1 fights and I can get some better OA/DA ratio without buffs.

Oblivion relic provides HUGE boost to survivality, it heals us like mad outside of crowd fights. Without I couldn’t even survive for longer time in first ravager phase - with it I’ve passed whole fight.

Outsider of Oblivion one of most important thing is Mythical Pestilence of Dreeg with high chaos->vitality conversion prefix.

6:15 run 4+3 170, average clear times I had are 6:20-6:40, better pilot with maybe some fantasy rares can go sub6 for sure. It’s consistent but it’s so piano build my wrists hurt bad after few runs so it’s not very comfortable. For next crucible build I will stick to something with less buttons. Advices for my gameplay from Crucible masters are very welcome!

95 shard showcase, it was hell, in 90 we are able to facetank most bosses 1vs1, here it’s way harder. 75-76 can be farmed comfortable but I suggest to agroabuse (camera and other tricks not necessary) 1-2 bosses at least, whole room can be too hard, depends of combinations.

Ravager fight with 3 mixtures for better OA/DA ratio. 2:45 time. Showcase how oblivion realic heals us a lot.