Oppressor Opinions

As title suggests, looking for opinions on strongest current version of oppressor and builds.

Have an 80+ oppressor I’m looking to finish off.

Current build is for acid RE dark one set, but saw a build with fire RE and blightlord set, opinions on which is stronger endgame for SR and boss farm.

Haven’t seen or heard of much else on oppressor aside from RE, but open to ideas and builds if they parse out higher in terms of damage, survivability and viability endgame.


Best Oppressor to me is vitality Blightlord one. I have posted also very strong build with Blood Knight set focused around Bone Harvest. That’s vitality build too. Acid will be weaker, due to no acid RR in Necromancer mastery.

Oppressor is also an option for physical build, either dual melee EoR or retaliation Drain Essence.

Haven’t seen any recent vids about vit and acid RE Oppressors and thus can’t comment properly on those. I agree with nery, vit should be better than acid both with Dark One set and Blightlord set.

I can only really talk about my fire RE build I posted couple of months ago and it only got stronger over the last patches. It’s rocking 4 Guardians now and has a dummy kill time of ~18 seconds. I also cleared SR 70 some time ago on HC, so it should be easy SR 75 farm on SC. Haven’t tried crucible recently, but it can definitely do 150-170. Don’t know how fast exactly though.

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Yea I actually watched your video on the fire RE, and it seemed very good also. I guess I’m just trying to determine if the fire or full vitality would be greatest.

Was taking a pretty serious look at the build thejabrixone put together:


Oppressor is good, but as a CDR vitality caster. It’s so offensive that it’s tier 1 in that division imo. CDR blightlord and blood knight should make cruci and SR a breeze.

I initially thought that cabalist is still better than oppressor as vitality caster because it has much more damaging skills. However passive RR, more energy Regen, CDR, and Ascension win out. Oppressor just has much more QoL and sturdier than cabalist while still not lacking in damage department.

Cabalist have more build variation though as it’s also a pet class.

In other spectrum, physical oppressor is second rate to warlord and other soldier mastery. The same can be said for Retal oppressor, except retal drain essence.

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Hey jabby have you tried that Aether bonemo oppressor that we discussed a long time ago since the recent buffs?

@Plasmodermic test it with the new 2h mace. Not a fast cruci clearer obviously. Especially with the omission of aether corruption RR. Not sure about the sturdiness though.

It’s capable of doing sub 6 minutes but it’s not super reliable.


Here’s the GT if you’re interested.

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Cool, thanks. Glad to see it pulling off good time even if inconsistent. Better than the 8min of yore. :slight_smile:

I agree, I tend to like qol and sturdiness of oppressor. When you say vitality caster, do you include the blood knight bone harvest build? I tend to really like your full vit RE build, but the number of active skills is a little daunting. Nery’s bone harvest build is a little less piano uptime, but I honestly don’t know anything about bone harvest, I’ve never used it.


Is it? It’s actually less pianist than my cabalist version :rofl:. Blightlord oppressor is such a comfortable build for me.

Well, maybe not too bad, I guess at first glance it just seemed like there were a lot of extra actives from granted skills. My current main is Maya’s pet conjurer lol, which stemmed from me playing vitality caster conjurer with 12 actives, so I said never again to piano builds lol.

At any rate, I think I’m going to give it a shot just as soon as the stupid mogdroneth rings decide to drop :frowning:

My first version of the build still work perfectly fine if you don’t have morgo ring. Also if you don’t have basilisk crest with +2 to GoE, use only 1 morgo ring and use the blue vitality ring that give +2 to GoE for the other. Should perform similarly.

Thanks! Everyone in this thread has been super helpful! :hugs: