[] Spinning Opression: 6:40 150-170 Crucible, 8 seconds Mad Queen, Shards 65-66 viable no greens EoR Opressor

*When build is so silly op you are reluctant to spend more than 20 seconds to find a relevant guide picture


This is going to be a very short guide. I decided to check how silly strong physical EoR is in the current patch and if all the nerfs really made the build anything less than oupie. Chose less obvious Oathkeeper combination for that too. Well, turns out, Physical EoR is still stupendously strong and resilient and oupie.

The Build

<<<< GRIMTOOLS >>>>

*craft for stun and slow resist

Posssible Shattered Realm Grimtools(https://www.grimtools.com/calc/p25o9rBZ)

*(untested in Shattered Realm)

Head spinning questions

Isn’t flat damage useless on EoR builds?
Yes and no. Turns out, additional 10% weapon damage from Warborn set makes quite a bit of difference. Damage boost is not insane like for auto-attackers, but still quite noticable.

Why this epic elemental ring? Isn’t some physical ring better
I have tested it versus Coven’s ring, this one is better. I guess mostly due to +2 to Soulfire but also due to minor RR boost it gives

Isn’t this DA a bit low?
It is. But physical EoR does not care. You can change Soul Harvest to Fervor for Consecration stacks for Shards tho


Spin. Maybe use Mark of Torment on 169 against Theoden and Anasteria. Or not.


General stats with Ascension up

Eye of Reckoning damage tooltip with Ascension, Warborn proc and Soul Harvest

Videos Crucible Gladiator 150-170 6:32 run 6:47 Crucible test spin

22 seconds Lokarr kill

8 seconds Mad Queen kill

Shards 65-66 run

6:24 double Armored mutator Crucible 150-170 run

6:23 Crucible 150-170 run

6:20 Crucible run

In Conclusion

I want to say that single target damage is lacking and Zantai should buff EoR a bit. But I am afraid not everyone will understand the saracasm. :crazy_face:


Hmm that belt is juicy, why not twin fang on EOR?


Wanted to try this one on shieldbreaker but I really don’t like that conduit. I hate that oathkeeper is so reliant on Ascension nowadays

It’s not on the natural phys devotion route and it would require some sacrifices just to get some lifesteal that isn’t needed.

Simple - no way to effeciently proc it along with Assassin’s Mark. Would be relevant for someone like Sentinel that can bind it to Curse of Frailty. I think it’s imperative to build’s performance to bind Assassin’s Mark to EoR.

Agree with “nerf it” part (although don’t care much about this one). Fire EoR Paladin is silly strong too (also made a guide for it), I am guessing Fire EoR Shieldbreaker would be silly strong too. You can yolo it with blue or purple beronath or go safe route with that sexy demo conduit with Flashbang mod. Doesn’t really matter, still gonna be oupie.

Hey I was fucking joking. EoR mods on cyclone need a nerf, not the skill itself. And I was referring to warborn shieldbreaker. Fire with cyclone is boring ez

Is Assassin’s mark on Guardian or Vire’s Might not good enough?

Warborn Shieldbreaker? Don’t half ass it then. Make Warborn EoR Oathkeeper. But seriously, some EoR builds are just stupid strong and easy. They break the game for me.

That’s no bueno. We need Vire’s Might to proc skellies and binding AM to Guardians is just going to make your spinner a lot slower.

The nerf-man cometh :stuck_out_tongue:

Beronath sword is the OP-dopie here. + Warborn + Gladiator belt and pretty much any mastery can go with EOR.
2 items to fully convert most everything to physical. Each item having 100% global convert, individually.

Nerf Beronath? and make the belt 50% convert? Beronath probably been needing that since day 1. But…honestly, I don’t really care at this point.

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if you nerf bernath you kill ALOT of builds. This build is decent as it is.

Agreed /10chars

This is true. It’s one of the problems of non-Cadence non-EoR warlords.

Anyways, is 60 regen enough for EoR? And 10% adcth?

You could switch to Boneshatters or Final Marches, change Sailor to Eel and put one in bottom-left Menhir and use some of those Dreeg Omen’s for better res overcaps and still have better da. At the cost of trap and freeze res.

Also, have you tried Open/Closed rings here?

As you can see from my Crucible videos - more than enough. I was playing reckless on purpose, not dodging meteors or moving an inch. Just to prove a point.

Thought about that of course, but build has quite low total %physical damage, so decided to go with Windshears. CC-res and phys res from Sailor’s is actually important here.

About DA: first iterations of build had around 2950 DA with Consecration stacks, but it really doesn’t need it. And I can’t be arsed making a tankier Shattered spec.

Haven’t tried Judicators, I think Black Matriarch’s proc + Soulfire bonuses would be hard to beat here.

Officially announce the day of spin2win builds! You have quite nice Oppressor :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Btw Assasin’s mark proced quite nice by Guardians, but if you want RR in big radius EoR is better. I hope with next patch and change to Oleron that I will take it instead of Azraaka and spin hard, unless physical EoR is nerfed harder :cry:

EoR cannot really work outside phys, fire, and lightning though. Wait, it’s still decent in cold and Pierce, so that’s that.

Phys and lightning has a whole set supporting it, so it’s understandable. Fire just got a nice synergy with oathkeeper.

I’m against of nerfing EoR further because I still cannot make the vitality one works. So if you want to nerf EoR, nerf the items please.

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Is the Korvaak’s Brand medal drop specific?

Where should I farm it? It seems to be necessary for this EoR builds, but I can’t seem to get it.

Any suggestions would be very helpful
Thanks :slight_smile:

Korvaak medal is random drop legendary. Best replacement is the DIrewolf crest.

Thanks Nery

I had a 92lvl Warlord, so I’m actually respeccing him for your EoR build, but since I cannot dualwield yet, should I go 2handed instead of Shield?

Definitely don’t go for 2handed.

Spin2Win is best played with DW build, you can craft at last resort Bladedancer relic. But if you have Warborn set and not DW medal, you can go with shield. Still difference is big and in EoR build you don’t need shield to survive.

Nerf it all to ground!