[] Spirits and Totems: DoT-stacking Archon (Vitality) | Zero greens | Strong and beginner-friendly | Viable for all end-game activities!

“This build makes you feel like Spiderman Sha-man… Shaman-man?”
— Me

Anyways this build is all about summoning powerful spirits (GoE) and raising cool totems to do the work for you! :slight_smile:

And when your spirits and totems are slacking, you are a very understanding slave-master … ermm Shaman because you are too tanky to be bothered anyways :sunglasses:

Mechanics-wise, this build tries to make those spirits/totems shoot out lots of attacks per second and stack up lots of individual DoTs into a single, huge DoT :astonished: !

Preamble / Summary:

  1. Very beginner friendly and easy to play

  2. Has a target-farmable set and no greens

  3. Is very tanky

  4. Has high damage

  5. Has an unique feel!

Fun fact: DoTs from each individual Guardian of Empyrion (x3), Wendigo Totem (x2), and Storm Totem (x3) stack - so that’s up 8 stacking DoTs from your ‘player-scaling-pets’

Some skill points are left open for you to choose your own exclusive skill:

  • Path of the Three: the 11% extra CDR lets us have Dying God up almost all the time and relocate our totems/activate ascension more often (I personally recommend this one)

  • Divine Mandate: has the highest damage potential because of the ~ 37/40% crit damage (multiplier) increases our damage much more than an additive 143/150% damage bonus

  • Primal Bond: gives 15-16% damage reduction, useful for dangerous areas/high SR/boss battles where survivability is more important than damage

Note: Cleansing Water (a devotion equivalent of Arcanist’s Nullification skill) is left unbound so you can bind it to a skill which feels comfortable for you


bu … *cough *cough I mean RESERVED

Are you sure? DoT from Wind Devils for instances does NOT stack. They do stack however from different sources. E.g. DoT from Storm Totem and Guardian will stack but not from two Storm Totems :slight_smile:

You can make an even more beginner friendly version by including faction items and farmable MIs such as groble sky effigy - they are pretty easy to get at least a decent one which will reduce Storm totem cooldown etc. Or Word of solael for 1 summon limit on guardians.

And viable for ALL end-game activities? can you kill crate and ravager with this one?

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Nice beginner-friendly build! I would only recommend taking Wendigo devotion. It’s super good. And much better for sustain and tankiness than Giant for a Vitality build.

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Fine concept, just some things to mention:

Same pets don’t stalk DoTs.

Giant boosts regen from 50/s to just about equally insignificant 300/s. That’s a fraction of a percent of what W. Totems heal for. With Orb of Cthon and Dark One and vit Pestilence of Dreeg, Eye of the Guardian is an excellent devotion. Or Wendigo.

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They do, I ran tests on this in one of Contragor’s topics a few months back on Guardians of Empyrion and a few for myself on Storm Totem, Wind Devil and Blade Spirit. DoTs from player-pet attacks stack but debuffs do not.

So on Wind Devil, Howling Winds would NOT stack as it is a debuff aura but multiple Maelstroms from multiple Devils would.

The easiest way to test this is with Blade Spirit as bizarrely, Whirling Blades is considered an attack, so having 2 Spirits next to a dummy puts out twice the Bleeding DoT as 1 Spirit and can double if you command them to attack with Blade Eruption on top.

You can see the difference on what is considered a debuff and attack by looking at the petdb:

The above wouldn’t stack.

The above would stack.

For other uses, this is also arguably why x1x1x1x2’s Dreeg Bros build can put out huge Poison ticks, as he adds an insane amount of DoT damage to each Guardian and stacks several of them. I also have theorised that Demonslayer and Blade Spirits can also put out sizable, passive Bleed ticks as well.

@Ziller Great build as well, looks all around solid :+1:.


Hey thanks for dropping by, I said it’s beginner friendly -> but in truth it’s that beginner friendly to use mostly faction gear :joy: - maybe I could release one?

Evil Baka does a better job explaining it but there there are two distinctions to ‘player-scaling-pet’ DoT sources:

  • Debuff Auras: These do not stack - Wind Devil’s debuff/damage is an aura, GoE’s Celestial presence is an aura
  • Attacks: These do stack, most ‘player-scaling-pet’'s attacks are under this category

Celestials: It facetanks Ravager, and it can kill Crate with the current setup with the right piloting (an alternate setup which adds more % physical resistance makes it less pilot-dependent)

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Cool thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey I really did consider Wendigo’s Mark BUT for a few reasons I skipped it:

  • I can’t attach Wendigo’s Mark to any player-scaling pets skills since they receive the healing instead of me if I do and I have a limited number of devotion proc’ers

  • I have so much regular healing, I don’t use Giant’s Blood for the sustain - it’s for the burst heals in emergency situations, it’s currently attached to Resilience for <= 66% hp but I’d probably attach it to Prismatic Rage so it only procs <= 50% hp - you can even attach to Serenity so it’s only <= 35% hp

  • Switching to Wendigo would cost 4 devotion points - more than the 3 I put into Giant’s Blood. Also I am at 129% movement speed because I run Jackal to fulfill my red devotion - I’d be swapping it out in order to get Wendigo and I think 123% movement speed is too low for normal uses (and going for Mark of Mogdroggen or Travelers would decrease my resist overcap)

^ last point I forgot I don’t need movement speed over 125% if I use Path of Three and have almost no down time on Dying God!

Player-scaling pets do not get healed, any life steal they deal goes to the player.

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madlee demonstrated that here :slight_smile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DLLnApDOtQ

There we go, I was waiting for a contrarian @ya1 :joy:

@Evil_Baka s great write-up and my reply to mad_lee should clear any misconceptions

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Player-scaling pets do not get healed, any life steal they deal goes to the player.

*except Wendigo’s Mark

Let me rephrase, Wendigo’s Mark* does not heal the player if attached to a ‘player-scaling-pet’ since it’s ADCTH does not have a WD% component.

Twin Fangs heals the player since it has a WD % component and that’s why I am running Twin Fangs attached to a ‘player-scaling-pet’ but not Wendigo Totem

I was too vague earlier, there are weird exceptions at times @Crate :rofl:

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Wendigo’s Mark, Wendigo’s Totem, ‘Wendy ghosted him’ … I get confused at times :cold_sweat:


Pure damage with an ADCtH component on a player-scaling pet should still heal the player, which is why Living Shadow’s attacks heal the player as well.

However, Living Shadows has no problem since it cannot be attached to a ‘player-scaling pet’ skill, so the player is always the source and recipient … :sweat_smile:

My point is that attaching Wendigo’s Mark to a payer scaling pet should behave no differently to Living Shadow using one of their skills. Player-scaling pets are extensions of your character, whenever they use a skill, it is treated as if your character used it.

Source here (ignore the last paragraph though, player-pets in general have all since been made immortal).

Just take my Conjurer’s devo map. Wendigo is not just proc, it’s also casting speed and damage.

In theory it’d be great if it worked exactly the same, I’d normally assume Wendigo’s Mark would work the same way but it’s weirdly different in-game