[] The Dreeg Bros - Maxed out Scion of Dreeg Dervish (c+)

I would’ve put the Piper Perri meme here but I realized this might turn out into a porn post. My pc is out in the open and my parents are awake. Not a good time for that

With the changes to Guardians of Empyrion and Blade Spirits summon cap I wanted to make a pet dervish (with player scaled pets of course). At first, thinking the Storm totem double convert (which got fixed just a few hours ago) also applied to Blade Sprits. I tried this setup and I did clear in 6 mins but when @valinov said the double convert doesn’t work on BS as confirmed by zantai I got disappointed. Still, the bois didn’t leave my side so I pushed through with just them. Here we go.

The Build

Char sheet with all permanent buffs and Ascension


Build Explanation

Don’t have much time to do details but it’s basically this: You get 26/16 GoE, get transmuter so you can summon the bois instead of filthy guardians, get one more summon with the helm, convert all the vit to acid then choose a spam skill to make use of your high lifesteal which can be either RF or seal of shadows. I prefer the latter cause casters rock.

I went DW pandemic instead of getting one more Dreeg Bro with offhand cause I wanted that juicy phys res from dual blades. Greens aren’t really dreamy. Go with whatever you have that caps resists. Helm is mandatory but shoulders can be whatever. Boots and pants are your classic “I dunno what to put there so I put good stuff” stuff.

Devotions can be done better but I’m too lazy to try many stuff. Same with skills.

Cruci Performance and Video

Average cruci performance for me is around 6:05-6:15 on 3 buffs and 4 level 1 storm beacons. Times can vary from as high as 6:40 to a potential of a 5:30 run depending on if aggro fucks you up and if alex spawns everytime he can. Here’s a 5:49 video

The build is squishy but nothing that can’t be avoided by practice and familiarization. So git gud/

Shattered Realms No /10chars


Special shoutout to @Contragor who first posted pet dervish in this forum, tho the fire version is something I never tried yet. @valinov for breaking my dreams on acid Blade spirits. @mad_lee by pointing out that this is squishy so I didn’t forget to put it in there somewhere. @zantai for buffing dreeg bros and @mad_lee again cause he couldn’t stop ranting about the removed BS conduit mod that when Crate buffed it GoE got the benefits too.



Nice (and relatively strong) meme build!

Nice build!

Kage Bunshin them Guardians. :smile:

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Looks really good. How high do you get on DoT ticks with the build as well?

Using RF + WPS + LA should increase your damage significantly, but will be even glassier because you will have no points to put in dual blade.

But honestly X1X2, try RF, I get 450k poison ticks in dummy test with my concept version of the build. And that is before the GoE buff.

Video added!

Fun fact: in Filipino dubs of Naruto, Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Massive Shadow Clone Technique) is translated into Kage Bunshin technique times two times two times two. Not exactly where my name came from but I guess I did watch some Naruto before I started using this name :rofl:

Didn’t really look at it. Nowadays I just see if builds do cruci well.

True, but you’ll need a different itrmization to get your attack speed up and to have enough skill points. Melee dervish is very skillpoint hungry even if it’s just a hybrid, which really puts me off in playing it.

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Was curious because of the Vit Decay those Pandemics add to them, though I think @thejabrixone answered my question well enough. DoT stacking on player pets is strong.

This build calls for a “HAIL MAMBA”

I’ve been honoring mamba the whole time you were gone!

I shall pay for my sins by doing a double rare only build soon

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