[] The unlikely hero - Chaos Ravenous Earth/Mines Defiler


Noticed that I have 99 topics in builds section (not all are builds), so wanted to do something special for my anniversary - chaos Defiler :sweat_smile:

So this is mix of chaos RE and Demo spells, good AoE damage and bad single target.


  • pic with permanent buffs and Soul Harvest, Dying God isn’t active.

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/p25LR4mN


I use Oblivion relic for the spammable skill, so it’s must, also cool are the items with skill modifiers to RE - amulet and off-hand and also weapon+medal for mines maintaining the balance.

Belt, chest and gloves have nice chaos damage and conversions, pushing RE almost full chaos, along with full chaos Oblivion. I use 2 pieces Infernal set and nice little chaos boots with slow res, DA, spirit and damage absorb proc.


Decided to break DG/Abomination monotony for chaos builds and select different devotion route featuring Scales with converted proc, also Guardians and Fiend procs.


Build have great AoE clear speed, killing all trash fast in the awkward amalgam of green, red, brown and blue colors :smile:

But Nemesis are really slow, even those with 10% chaos resistance. Of course Reaper is incredibly nasty with 86% chaos res. Sustain is great most of the time but, when you are surrounded by few tough enemies and you can’t kill them fast enough, you are vulnerable, still ok defense boosted by Scales, Blast Shield, some life steal, both Bone Harvest and Oblivion can utilize it, etc.

In Crucible average time is of 7:25 or so, my fastest run is 6:57, but with different devotions bindings, video;


Happy anniversary! I always like your builds. Im eager to see your next :100:

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Thank you appreciate, your comment!

Hopefully I will not be slowed down making builds.