[] Wind Izel - 6:00 Cruc. 150-170, Shard 75 in SR, no greens caster Vindicator [vid][c+][g3]

noob question - how “affordable” / farmable is this? (I don’t yet have FG)

also - given how great you say Cyclone set is for many builds, how likely is this build to be hit by nerfs in the coming months?

Very affordable if you are trading on this forum. Both rings are factions rings bought at faction vendor, Conduit is craftable (gotta drop blueprint), no green items/monster infrequents is required. If you are playing self-found - hard to tell, new “reforging” system might make it possible, but I think A LOT of hours wil have to be spent to gather stuff for one 1 end-game build.

Can’t say anything about nerfs. Set is no doubts strong, but not as broken as Octavius for example. Plus Elementalists (historically a very weak class since Ashes of Malmouth) really depend on it so, who knows.

Thanks a ton for the time you put in with this write up and this build. I am terrible at creating characters and this is “exactly” what I had been wanting to make for my next character.

Like a few others, I am currently leveling this build as a bit of a fresh start after the launch of FG. Thank you for the time spent creating and writing up the build!

We’ll see how the end gaming farming goes as I continue to level!

This is much like the g1 vindi I played before my reset. Could you get together a more budget version for farming itself up, y’know, without prefarmed/cheated gear.

Let the power of vzhuh be with you:D
Great build!

Hah, I am currently farming/trading the gear for it myself! Got just 4 pieces, still missing helmet blueprint and an off-hand!

Hmm, a farming/faction gear version has to be another build altogether. Vindicator is a very strong class, you can farm a lot of stuff if you put together some kind of Thunderous Strike build, probably ranged, using faction gear and farming something like charged of alacrity Ugdenbog Sparkthrower. I am not sure this build can be replicated with a faction gear and be effecient.

Efficient in comparison with an ugdenbog sparkthrower Thunderous vindi, or efficent compared to this full gearscore one?

you can transmute another piece into the helmet. i found 2 cyclone offhands and tried rerolling one into shoulders and ended up getting a helmet.

Efficient in comparison to both. My point is: if you want faction gear ghetto Vindicator, Thunderous Strike is a go-to. I doubt that Wind Devil Vindicator in faction gear will work besides Main Campaign content.

I know, I am not in a hurry tho. Got 9 characters to regear and to play with. I also want to specifically craft helmet to get that physique bonus.

Got a char to lvl 94 with crap equips using this build.

Here’s what I done

Start by maxing Storm Box
Then max wind devil
Max wind devil last nod
Max storm totem
Work on maxing wind devil middle nod while pumping inquisitor mastery
Then max aura of censure
By last add the remaining skills

For devotions I used this route


I’ll test now to see if I can run the dungeons with trash/faction gears.

Awesome build by the way

Somehow your grimtools link seems to not work :frowning:

(okay, sorry. Grimtools is down. Thanks x1x1x1x2)

Grimtools is down.

Life as we know it is now void of meaning

I’m missing a ton of pierce resistance with this somehow, using the same setup. I put a bunch of pierce resist augments to compensate, but I can’t figure out where the difference of 40%+ is coming from.

I have:

Gear: 25% helmet/25% ring (50%)
Devotion: 10% eel
Buffs: 18% mogdrogen, 15% prismatic aura (33%)
Augments: 3x 10%, 3x 7% (51%)

Total 144%, which matches my in-game tooltip. Why is grimtools showing 15% overcap with only 7% on augments (and a few % more on gear)? On the other hand, I have way overcapped Aether without all the bysmiel augments.

So I tried Ravager and there simply isn’t enough OA to crit vs him, so half the devotions/procs don’t do anything :smiley:

I guess he could be taken down to 50% with patience, idk what happens from there.

after 15 min of making i get this:

can i re-roll it or make another?

You have to make some tweaks to fight Ravager. And it’s kind of a pointless endeavour, it’s not a build to kill Celestials. So yes, with a lot of patience you can kill him in ~15 minutes of running around the tree, but what’s the point when some builds can do it in sub 3 minutes.

Doesn’t affect the build really. And no, you can’t re-roll it. It’s just nice to have relevant skill bonuses. On my actual Vindicator after quite a few save folder rollbacks I crafted +1 to Aura of Censure and +1 to something irrelevant and was like meh, whatever.

How does life steal work with this build? Every skill/ability lacks %weapon damage… confused

Bat devotion!