[] Wind Izel - 6:00 Cruc. 150-170, Shard 75 in SR, no greens caster Vindicator [vid][c+][g3]

*a picture of famous game designer after he has been hit with tornado of caster builds that crush his game and still prefer ADCtH to Health Regeneration


“I think this time I am definitely lost”. The realm was really a peculiar sight. Every tree and every flower looked familiar, but somehow he knew that he had never seen anything like this. The very fabric of this reality was magic and it seemed like it was slowly becoming aware of its unwanted visitor. Archmage Wind Izel chose to leave Korvan Basin after the unfortunate events of the fall of Cairan and been travelling ever since. It’s been few months he has been travelling from realm to realm, and probably few decades (or centuries?) passed in his world. Wind Izel had no interest in the squabbles of the Gods of Cairn nor did he care about the invasion of Aetherials (although their magic fascinated him). He was spending all his time studying the very fabric of the realms and trying to learn how to control it. Sometimes he had to fight off hostile creatures realms threw at him that for some reason sometimes looked like demons and beasts from his own world.

Last portal took him to a place that looked eerily similar to a small witch gods conclave he visited before taking off to roam the realms. Archmage suddenly felt a strong hostile presence before him. He saw familiar foes from a distant past, yet he knew this was just the reality itself picking his memories and transforming its hostile magic into malignant forms he feared the most. He was slowly warping air around him into huge tornadoes that used to bring down whole fortresses into pebble in seconds. “Yep, lost big time.”

The build Update

More nerfs, no more Conduits to play with. New spec is even stronger tho, although SR 75+ became really really hard to play with. Update

Unfortunately all the nerfs to Cyclone, Lightning damage, Wind Devils and now Aether Corruption and Trozan wand have caught up to the build. It’s pretty average now. I have tried to breath new life into it, but despite almost 2700% to Lightning damage, huge double RR and multiple offensive skills and procs build is not the crusher that it used to be. Cyclone set was seriously overnerfed. From godlike set to below average one. Updated GT. Gonna be adding Crucible videos soon. SR 75-76 became too hard for the build to farm consistently. Update

Well, endgame keeps getting harder with every patch. So had to resort to Revenant devotion map. Surprisingly, build is now faster with it. Updated grimtools link and added a video of a Crucible run. Update

Reworked a spec a little bit. Thanks to @ya1 suggestion, started using Glyph of the Storm Witch - much better ring than Coven’s one overall. And thanks to @thejabrixone who seemed to be the first one on this forum to figure it out - I am now using Bane relic since Ignaffar was nerfed and Bane provides us with much safer gameplay with similiar damage output. Added a video of 5:49 Crucible run. Update

Decided to push this build even further after I saw Time-Flux Band and Stormcage Legguards being buffed in the last patches. Results are pretty insane, that’s all I can say. Update

After recent buffs to smith’s crafting bonuses I would recommend using Prismatic Diamond in helmet and crafting one or two items for stun resistance. Updated Grimtools link and added new Crucible video, recorded by John Smith.

<<<< GRIMTOOLS >>>>

<<<< SR 75+ GRIMTOOLS >>>>

**Craft all items in Steelcap District for Stun resist bonuses

The Gear

Core of the build is Forgotten Gods Cyclone set, a powerful caster’s set that suits a lot of class combinations. Our main damage spell is Wind Devil so a lot of gear choices are made so that its main skill and its last nod could be hard capped. Build is a bit overtuned for Shattered Realm, but I found that damage output enough for anything in the game not to bother with making an offensive spec. Trozan’s stick is simply bis because it offers one extra Wind Devil.

Craft everything at Duncan for those sweet DA bonuses. JK, do craft everything at Angrim for %Physique, or at Malmouth for Stun Resist.

Skills and devotions

Again, a lot of things have been tried here. Chose to overcap Storm Box since it’s a great source of damage and DA reduction as well as the best proc machine in the game. Mastery points cap in Shaman is there to make equiping off-hand easier, without it we are losing quite a bit of hp and DA.

For mobility I chose teleport rune, for Shattered Realm it’s definitely the best. However for Campaign and Crucible you can choose whatever you like.

Devotion map is a classical Lighnting caster setup with Bat and Ghoul (sorry, Crate, health regeneration is still sub-par) that includes two tier 3 Lightning devotions and a lot of good ones in-between.


I would recommend searching this forum for beginner guides and for leveling guides. This is the end-game build and as any end-game build it’s 90% specific gear. However leveling a Vindicator should be extremely easy (transmuted Primal Strike + Aura of Censure is hella strong).


In Crucible with blessings and a banner you can afford very brazen and reckless playstyle, try to herd mobs together to melt them quicker. Be careful with double Reapers, Anasteria + Korvaak combinations. Use teleport generously, remember that you don’t need to stand still to do damage. Watch your totem and wind devils counter and try to keep it at maximum. Sometimes when teleporting onto a dangerous enemy it’s better to respawn a Wind Devil or two so they are on him immediately.

In Shattered Realm you can afford to facetank some Nemesis and Bosses 1on1 untill Shard 75, usually it’s Maiden/Fabius, sometimes Valdaran and Ben’Jahr. In boss areas try to aggro just one Nemesis by stutterstepping forward and back at your spawn. It’s ideal when you can take them out one by one. Above 70 a lot of boss areas require crazy kiting. Just keep your cool, refresh totems when it’s safe, refresh Wind Devils, if you can, tether them with Storm Box. Time your teleports and heals. Use additional potions/clusters if required. Sometimes it’s about finding a best kiting pattern, sometimes it’s learning during which boss animations you can burst most damage.
I recommend fishing for favourable mutators if you want to farm SR. Cost is negligible - 1 Waystone.

In Main Campaign just wreck faces and jump around like a mad sorcerer that you are.

Also, do watch videos below.


With Word of Renewal (before Deadly Aim proc)



Videos Crucible 150-170 5:36 run Shards 75-76 14m run build version 6:24 Crucible 150-170 run with Resistant mutator spec Crucible run - 5:58, but with bad off-hand, didn’t notice 14% cdr roll after patch SR 75-76 SR 75-76 run (bad mutators - rage quit at the end) Bane Spec 5:49 Crucible Run

Updated Spec Shard 75 run

Updated Spec Shard 76 run

Updated spec 5:53 Crucible run (again, should be much faster on a good PC)

Korvaak fight

Kymon Fight

Shard 75 run (very nasty boss combo at the end)

John Smith’s Crucible Gladiator 150-170 3b/1vb 5:30 run (his fastest run out of quite a few)

6:18 Crucible Gladiator run, piloted by Sir Spanksalot (asked him to push the build as much as he could to get a fast clearing time)

Crucible Gladiator 6:45 run (piloted by me on my slow PC, should be 6:30 or less on a good PC)

In Conclusion

Thanks to Sir Spanksalot for testing my build in Crucible and recording a video and Safarel for that title picture idea.


Round of imaginary Q&A

1) Why not take Mythical Dawnshard Hauberk and get some extra Fire to Lightning conversion as well as that sweet ass proc?

I have tested it and Fateweaver is better, it allows us to use a very important Chains of Oleron in chest and makes overcapping resistances much easier. Damage output is identical, but QoL is much higher (with Fateweaver we also have much higher mana regen)

2) What about Archon or Elementalist? This set is made for those classes!

Sure, but I had a Runibinder Vindicator that I hated and wanted to make into something cool. Idea to make Cyclone set based Vindicator hit me as soon as I have seen it in Grimtools.

3) Why not take Conduit with Wind Devil mod? Isn’t it obviously better?

Nope, tested it, and Wind Devils already have insane duration. However with Storm Totem Conduit Storm Totems are deployed faster and stay longer that makes our damage output when we are kiting much higher which is crucial for Shattered Realm.

4) What about Ravager/Mogdrogen/Callagadra? Can this build take on them?

I haven’t tried nor intending too, but Callagadra is certainly possible if you are prepared to kite for good 15 minutes. Ravager and Mogdrogen probably possible too with preparation and tweaks.

Isn’t this the first theorycrafted concept on the FG thread?

So good mad_lee… I love it! Looks like right now is really a kiting caster with bits of adcth era.

First, awesome build dude. Sincerely.

Second, fuuuuuucking vindicator Inquisitor fuck.

I have posted in that thread once and not sure if it was this vindicator. Also haven’t read that thread so don’t know if someone had this idea before me (which is possible because it’s kind of obvious). Thanks for the compliment!

Thanks. Quoting someone from this forum: “this is NOT because of Inquisitor mastery”!

What could be done to health reg, so that it is not useless in every way? I mean, the only time when it’s usefull is, when you have 5k health reg and even then you would have to sacrifice too much offense/defense for it to be of much use

Minmaxing then belts to death, I see… :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting choice of the chest piece. Looks like it’s useless at first with no skill bonuses and measly dmg but actually you use every single stat on it to the fullest. I’d never have figured to use chest for energy sustain.

Also, unconventional binding of totems to Ultos and Devils to Bat which I didn’t dig at first and then I realized that offhand’s cdr makes Ultos proc regularly on totems, too.

No asskissing intended but these builds of yours are quality. There’s nothing anyone can pick at. Even godsdamn trap res is above 50.

Nope. It’s not that era. I’m not gonna tell you what era this is but it starts with O and ends with S :stuck_out_tongue:

No idea, probably not a thread for this, but it’s too late in the game to change it in a way that it competes with ADCtH in endgame without destroying ADCtH. Or maybe there is a way to do it. I don’t know.

The real reason I put them in my inventory is because they were in a stash tab that was meant for components. It’s a GDstashed save folder, but I prepared one tab for future tests by filling it with all kinds of components (because it’s a pain the ass to add living armor and seal of might every time I want to test something). I wanted to keep that stash tab neat. I have problems, I know!
In my play folder I only have 3 pieces of this set and still no belt (and I need three of them!)

I used chest mostly for resists. Finding out that my regeneration went from 79 to like 105 or something was a nice bonus. Resists especially physical one make this chest a must have for Shattered Realm.

I just figured that one thru testing too. Just priortized my procs and found out that I need Bat the most for smooth gameplay, and despite the fact that Storm Box is the best proc machine for Bat, there isn’t always an opportunity to cast it (or sometimes when you kite Tether just breaks). And Storm Totems with added duration proc Ultos just fine. But basically it’s about my Wind Devils healing me whatever I do.

Also figured I need that thru testing when at Shard 65 or so Ben’Jahr and Valdaran were making my life miserable. Also, Ben’Jahr fucking roots you to the ground for three seconds from across the map if your trap resists is 45 or below in high shards.

Othermiteminus? Owarlocks? O-those-classes-are-going-to-be-fine-with-ghoul-nerf-relax-s?

No, sorry, the chest is quite obvious. I mistook it with the other one: Shroud of Illusion.

BTW you can already see how meta is shifting slightly: Seal of Resonance, Leathery Hide… Mark of Mogdrogen/Traveler is probably gonna be back, too, on some other classes.

I would’ve gotten wrecked in Shroud of Illusion. Illusion of armor is what that gear piece is in Shattered realm.

Meta is either Octavius or strong dot kiters/hybrids. But that’s Shattered Realm meta and only if you want to go past 65. Overall build meta just made average builds bit tougher, but that’s it. Good builds can’t be really measured by Shattered Realm beyond level 50 for a lot of classes and beyond level 65 for better classes.

Grats for the new spin2win… oh it’s another inquisitor. Kinda sad that all you can do at shard 75 bossroom is run like a pussy. Your devils can’t even do much damage with it.

Thanks. Actually, versus some combinations if I can isolate 1on1 fights I can facetank some bosses and melt them quicker. But Grava’Thul + Reaper is like the worst nightmare combination for any caster, if I stop for a second I am a toast. I really only pushed 75 just to show that build can do it, I would never really go past 65 myself.

Yeah that room looks like the worst for 75 too.

Great build! This new set looking pretty powerful.
Good old Vindicators still show their Power.

ps Ur winds are upset, because you didn’t please them with additional second of electrocute from Tempest devo.

I would love to play this build but there is no levelling guide :wink:
On a serious note, I tried it and my game ran at 2 FPS because of Lightning effects, cinderwind stuff and all the other procs. My laptop can only run no special effect melee tanks. But I could tell how powerful it is, eventhough I played it only 10 minutes, before the game crashed :slight_smile:

Excellent build mad_lee!

This build is right up my alley as well, but the FPS drop is definitely an issue with all those procs and damage flying around. Should be fun though! :cool:

I laughed :smiley:

P.S. That pilot is amaaaaaaazing

This may be a noob-ish question but, why 50 points in shaman when you are only allocating as far as the 40 line?

HP and stats. Physique, cunning, spirit all provide valuable things. In addition to increasing HP, each of the 3 stats provide the follow respectively:

  1. Hp regen + DA
  2. OA + % physical/pierce damage + %Int. trauma/Bleed
  3. Energy regen + %magic damage

Yep, this build works better with a good PC, that’s for sure :).

I feel ya, my PC isn’t bad for Grim Dawn, however my Crucible timers sometimes can be like a minute lower than those of players with better pcs on builds like that.

No sub 6 minute run, this pilot is a failure! (in strict Asian mother manner)

(it’s ok for me to make these jokes since I am 1/8th Korean and Lee is my actual surname and also I am a racist. jk about last part please don’t ban me)

Spanks covered it but I will add something. Thing is, you can only invest in Tether (Storm Box’s nod) or Arcane Empowerement (Inq. Seal nod). Both will give you ~5-10% total damage boost. Which is only useful if you want to push this build below 6 minute mark in Crucible, because build is already god-tier in terms of damage. In Shattered Realm extra toughness overweigh extra damage by a mile, plus there is no way to use Inquisitor Seal (and sometimes even Storm Box) effectively on some boss arenas.

So basically you will trade build’s consistency (and build is very very consistent for a caster) for a small damage boost to maaaaaybe push it below 6 minute mark in Crucible if you decide to invest mastery points somewhere else.