[Feedback] Petition to return Fire to Lightning conversion to Cindertouch gloves

Agree with this so I’m not voting. Conversion removal made me think FLAMING WIND DEVILS BUILD BABY then back to WHERE THE FUCK DO I GET FIRE TO LIGHTNING NOW?

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I wanted to use them several times and always decided not to because of the conversion. I like this change. But I agree that loosing this conversion generally is bad. It could be moved somewhere else.


It was moved to a helm… I believe the lightning mortar on? I can’t remember

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Correct, Dread Mask of Gurgoth now has 25% Fire -> Lightning.

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We’ve gotten a nice alternate choice for fire gloves this patch.

That’s not true. It was an integral part of such builds as Lightning PRM Mage Hunter (which got the last bit of Lightning removed from it it seems), Lightning Canister Sorc and Lightning Cyclone Vindicator and other Cyclone builds.

Are you kidding me, how many gloves Fire has now.

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Invoker Shard still converts 50% Aether to Lightning on PRM. Still, Invoker has always drastically favored Fire to Lightning with little comparison, so I’m not sure why the change comes as a shock. One might even go so far as to say that this is simply a gimmick build…

These are the same link.

And being as you have exceeding little convertible Fire Damage on this build (…basically…just Censure/Seal, 33% of Elemental Storm, and the 50 flat fire mod to Wind Devils), I hardly think the loss of this conversion will in any way

It did not. It used to favour Lightning, then it became even then it became a Fire one.

Nice bait calling one of the most consistent and strongest casters in the game a gimmick

Thanks for explaining me how my builds work. Here is the Sorc btw.

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Anytime. :+1:

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Lightning PRM Mage Hunter just lost about 30% of its power. Crucible Clear time is much slower now and because ADTCH is now worse and build became prone for dying. So much for your knowledge of builds.




These gloves are NOT only for lightning damage, but for 2 types of damage.
Zantai did the right thing.
Best patch :heart_eyes:

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Didn’t find an option in the pool so i’ll write a comment.

These gloves are very strong and some fire casters would like to have them in their arsenal for sure. But half of endgame builds are made around conversions so any conversion removal would inevitably hurt several builds.

I’d suggest to bring back this conversion on some other generic glove piece. Thundertouch is the first thing that comes to mind. Gloves with similar stats overal (but no proc) and i can’t remember any (fire) build using them.


I think it’s better to return the conversion fire to lightning or give as/cs as compensation.

What’s the comprehensive list of archetypes affected by this change and how much of an auto pick were the gloves on those builds?

So the question is, how many builds were killed by the glove change vs. how many builds would be enabled by the helm change. Given that sets do not usually include gloves but do usually include helms, I would say more for the former than for the latter.

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I agree, though I have yet to see evidence of any of the former.

FWIW, It’s not as though I never used these on my Lightning Cyclone builds either. Now I don’t. The builds still function, so obviously the gloves were not essential for me.

If your build can still do the main campaign ultimate, then it hasn’t been broken…:clown_face:

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Lol at the poll results.

As if this is news, if your build is “broken” by an update, present your evidence, emphasis on evidence.

Don’t bother making polls to revert changes. They will not be considered even if it’s overwhelmingly in your favor.