[] Wind Izel - 6:00 Cruc. 150-170, Shard 75 in SR, no greens caster Vindicator [vid][c+][g3]

Decided to update this build a bit. With new crafting bonuses we can craft for stun resist now and use Prismatic Diamond in helmet. Added new video of John Smith’s 5:30 Crucible run.

I’m a complete noob but have leveled a Vindicator up to lvl 78 using most of the lightning skills in this guide. Any tips for going about gathering the Cyclone set and other items for this specific build? I see that the set is from FG, but is there any way to target farm the items? Run SR?

I’m currently most of the way through Ultimate main story, but I’m expecting a huge ramp in difficulty once I get to AoM and FG Ultimate, so any help is appreciated.

Most item drops are totally random, including the ones from this build except for the faction rings. For the set your best bet is to hope for blueprint of the mask. Then you can make four and transmute three of them.
Or you could farm up the materials for four masks and ask someone with the blueprint to craft four of them for you and then transmute them.

This is a very nice build i will definitely try this!!

Also, I dont know if anyone has mentioned it already but i think you missed the opportunity to call this build “Windycator”

I think “Wind Izel” is a bad enough enough pun, decided to stop there.

Finally finished main quest with this character (since I actually play it) and decided to record and add to the op some fun videos of Kymon and Korvaak fights. Build is way too strong for any Main Campaign content.

All right, pushed this Vindicator even further, changed the build a little bit. Managed 5:53 run on my potato PC.

New Grimtools is in the original post.

awww god damnit , i just traded for the items to use the allagast storm vindicator cause of storm box :


Now you update yours and i have to decide anew :confused:
So tell me what is your windy explanation why I should storm cruci with your buld and feel vindicated ?

Great build and great performance in cruci

It was pretty strong before I updated it (John Smith managed 5:30 run with it, video is in the op) and now I suspect it might be the strongest Vindicator yet (it’s this or Jabrixone’s one that you have linked). This one has kind of passive playstyle - you mostly run around refreshing totems and sometimes winds (winds got 30 seconds uptime with Cyclone set), trowing Aether Corruption and Storm Box here and there, Jabrixone’s build requires constant Storm Box spam, so you feel more engaged at the same time it would require more focus. Both builds are ridiculously op, but got different playstyles.

Recorded Shattered Realm Shard 75 and Shard 76runs yesterday, managed to die on 76 to Fabius once because I got too brazen.

I’m a noobie here and kind of picked your build because it seemed like fun, and it definitely has been!

I’m at the part now where you’re supposed to either help or kill barrowholm and that led me to look at the faction items you were using in your build.

I just wondered if there is any specific reason on the rings you use forgefire on just one of them and not both? It seems like 50% to elemental damage +15 elemental damage would beat out 20% to all damage and 2% offensive and defensive ability.

You’re the expert though, so I just wondered what the reasoning on that was? Is is because you don’t yet have multiple forgefire’s because they are very hard to get or is the 2% def/off ability & 20% to all damage really important?

I just picked up the game again and started playing all the way from the beginning using your build, I’m at level 60 now on the initial difficulty level. The plants were a bit of a pain because I didn’t bother to put any faction items on my armor to help w/ poison resist so I had 0%, still were easy, just had to pay attention, lol.

You buy Augments, so there is nothing with drop rates to do. Also this build uses no weapon damage (well, spear of heavens and bat proc) so flat damage to weapon damage is kinda useless.

If you are lacking in gear and have a pretty empty stash, you can try to follow my budget vindicator guide here ☄ Collection of malawiglenn's Beginner Friendly builds

You kind always wanna be friends with Barrowholm, they provide nice augments. Being hostile you can get nemesis and farm the Reaper pants which is 1) tedious in main campaign 2) not needed in this or many builds in general 3) can drop in SR and Crucible as well.
There is no other way of getting augments (well you can make them in GD stash of course…)
Also you can always change friend/hostile in later difficulties, but then you will loose out some valuable faction reputation that you might have earned (or not earned in the first place if you went hostile with them and then changed to friendly).

Actually, Grimtools are a bit outdated, I have used Forgefire when it used to have energy regeneration on it, flat damage is ofcourse useless to this build. Right now I am using Arcanum Dust. I will make a little update to this build soon-ish. 20-2-2 augment is used to balance out DA and OA. Ring augments are not set in stone here.

Cool, thanks for the reply and I see you updated the ring augments on grimtools as well.

I probably won’t farm all this gear and at some point on the difficulty curve the game will get too hard for me to enjoy it and I’ll just ‘craft’ the gear needed to finish this build using GD Stash. I’m don’t even have GD Stash installed right now because I want to avoid the temptation, so hopefully I can squeeze some more fun out of this before I do that. Maybe just craft 1 piece to start, lol.

That’s what I did before, back when there were no expansions and it basically ruined the game cause I just gave my character all the best stuff and cheated the reputations etc.

I decided I would cheat much less this time, basically I gave my character all the faction writs that give you lots of extra faction rep. So hopefully that’ll be enough and I can avoid any further cheating.

I’m level 60 @ barrowholm w/o doing any intentional grinding to level, but I do play games notoriously slowly. It said you should be level 50 to kill Scarve, but I’m just going to ally with him to get the goodies, besides ever since I was stranded in the Andes after a plane crash I acquired the taste for human flesh. So it’ll be fun role play to relive those days of surviving by eating the other dead passengers.

That never actually happened to me. It happened to some people who are now ‘Alive!’ though. Inside joke from The Simpsons episode where Marge was/is afraid to fly.

I recommend trading on these forums. Playing self-found can be frustrating as in you are probably never finding some of the desired sets on your own thus never reaching endgame specs on a lot of occassions. Trading with legitimate grinders didn’t break game immersion for me and helped me with equipping quite a few end-game characters. Meddling with your character’s progress via GDstash might ruin the experience a bit.

SR 45, 50, or even 55 doesn’t require terribly high end equipment. Once you are able to farm at those levels, between the drops and transmute you will be fine.

Thanks, that is a good idea and I’ll look into doing that. I never considered the idea of going online to trade and a lot of times I was just getting rid of items that I couldn’t use. Although I did at least save every epic item I have gotten thus far.

The big new or whatever it’s called update looks pretty cool. I just hope that the person making Grim Internals continues to update it because I don’t think the update will automatically pick up green gear or epics etc. I used play play w/o it forever though, so I’ll find a way to make due, lol.

I only really used it to occasionally transport back to a spot where I had to stop playing for some reason, but I didn’t want to have to start over from the portal. So that and the item pickup is really all I’d miss.

Unfortunately, I have no time to play right at this moment because I have some work to do to prepare for a new Washer & Dryer to be installed soon.

Not only do I get to pay close to $3,000 for it I also get to do a bunch of work to get things ready for the guys who are going to install it, lol.

I suppose it’ll be nice when the new washer is installed at least. Our old one was an ancient top-loader. If only people valued such rare ancient items in real life as they do in the game, lol.

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Did nerfs to Wind Devils affect significantly Crucible performance ?

No, build’s strength comes from so many things then just Maelstrom. It’s still in 5:30-5:40 Crucible timer area, maybe faster if @John_Smith takes the wheel.

That’s very impressive time! And I would say it’s one of the better casters, considering less piloting requirements compared to Spirit Sorceress or Mortar SB.

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