[] Full Spirit Clairvoyant AAR Binder vs Naked Crucible

Updated to current patch + few of the old runs. More to come!
Special thanks to @Snowmanplayer123 for being the greatest janitor!

[] Full spirit vs Naked
Its done boys! May the nerfs come.

[] AAR Binder vs Crucible (No Clairvoyant pieces) 4.07

A 4.19 run by the man himself @Plasmodermic . Thank you man and Merry Christmas!

[] Greenvoyant vs Crucible (nerfed) 4.52

[] Max damage spec, NO WD% CONDUIT (3b,1vb) 4.27

[] MAX DAMAGE SPEC (3b, 1vb) 4.19


duel damage build are doing pretty well recently, i believe this is another one where you use Aether as main but also doesnt fully ditch the vitality either.

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That’s very strong build and very impressive time!

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Ty ty :smiley: though i cant say im 100% satisfied with my run. Mistakes were made and at 159 some mobs decided tot netflix and chill in the spawn point.

Very interesting devo setup. Love it!

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Ty thejabrixone :smiley:. I believe this is ehy Z reworked the set this way.

Really love this binder.

You can tank Nemeses in your underwear with Rattosh and just has a unique vibe to it

And very nice video


Thanks to you and your insight Fluff! :smiley:

I think a long time would have passed until someone would have thought of using Rattosh on AAR and this set.

I probably would have only used it for reap spirit bil only because if the massive vit dots it has. and I forgot to mention, you binder can do AAR/ Reap Spirit too. It takes 5:30 and it’s not a great idea to interrupt AAR, but one can do it if one wants to :smiley:


Yes, in considered to use reap spirit too as a nuke for nemesis waves. But i think i’ll leave it for a wierder setup :))

Slightly improved setup and time
New videos added!

Interesting setup but… why? Giving up on Spear and Aeon, hundreds of oa, armor and res overcaps, dozens of aether flat, full Mirror and MoT, etc. all for 25% vit rr with 1.2-2k% global vit… Full aether binder is stronger and much sturdier.

Just saying about the concept. But the build in that concept is nicely done, and nice runs!

Also, binding Ratosh to a per-second ticking skill is not so great. You got 15% per second that it activates. And it doesn’t spread and has no AoE so it needs to activate on every enemy separately. Most of the time it doesn’t. At least not before you kill them. You need about 3-4 seconds - 3-4 trials of 15% chance - just to make it a coin flip. You’re still riding on aether mostly.

Its mostly for the proof of concept and empowering the converted damage. I did try rattosh on aar and it was great too. Facetanking 2x reaper, maiden and grava, no mot, no mirror.

Rattosh is good on AAR too and it’s how I played it mostly. and if you do use it like that. You basically can’t die. No need for TD or even mirror sometimes

And why can’t you die with Ratosh? -8% adcth res? Doesn’t seem so incredible on proper vitality builds, just a minor boost… what’s it about?

This looks broken. Is it a glitch or sth?

Don’t forget that TD works for Devastation, too. And Devastation is great for trash you don’t wanna bother with.

it matters that much. the build doesn’t even have bat. You put rattosh on AAR and have a cup of tea

i’d venture saying aethehr dmg is a bit better than vit. And using Harbinger instead of REckless power is huge too in combination with rattosh

Indeed, this is the only real downside of this build in my experience, Other than that it’s a fantastic setup

No glitch lol. It’s just rattosh doing its job.

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But who’d want to?

I also love the use of HoS here. Great call.

Did you consider trying diviner’s offhand? Should buff devastation tremendously.

For high shards, the Rattosh type is a tanky and excellent.
My setting was able to face tank multiple nemesis in SR75 without using mirrors and MoT.

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But WHAT job? Mind explaining what exactly makes it tankier than a regular binder?