[] The cold fantasy - Rune of Haggard Chillwhisper off-hand Infiltrator!


After doing this build:The lazy Infiltrator wanted to build serious Chillwhisper build and try push it to it’s limits. So welcome the cold RoH/Blade Spirits Infiltrator, powered by new off-hand instead of traditional dual wield setup.

I saw theorycraft by @Plasmodermic which lead me to change my setup a bit and improve it, credit to him!


  • pic is with perma buffs only, sheet damage is for Chillspikes

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2d0jO52


Key here is Chillwhisper set, which boosts both classes, RoH and Spirits. Also the idea is to push rune damage to 100% cold by converting the pierce damage with new off-hand, Alkamos rings and gloves. Belt together with helm can give you almost full conversion from vitality as well.

Boot/Pants have procs and give my main skills much needed ranks. Relic is Ignaffar, which is perhaps slightly better here than Nidalla/Nemesis. Amulet gives some much needed +skills and skill mods as well. Medal is for DA/OA. Mind that unlike belt/medal I used fantasy affixes for my off-hand.


Some standard cold devotions like Ultos and Amatok are here for damage. Also Scales for flat RR/heal and 95% converted Bat. Also Ghoul for passive defense. I think Chillspikes from component have to proc Murmur, decided to bind Spirits to Bat.


In Crucible build is both fast and safe, game play is satisfying as well. Did only few runs, nuking Nemesis with runes underneath their feet (if they have feet) :stuck_out_tongue:

Times are around 5:15 on average with my play, video from my fastest try of 4:57:

In SR completed shard 81 and quit after I was one-shotted by Moose, he’s tough for some reason deep realms. Build can do 85 for sure but low health pool is problematic against heavy hitters. SR 75/76 should be really fast and easy. Video from SR 81:

Also killed Lokarr for like 14 seconds, my fire overcap isn’t that solid, he can do some decent damage. Video:


That’s a really strong version of Chillwhisper, Nery, great job! Well min-maxed.

This off-hand is taking Chillwhisper into the stratosphere.

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Off-Hand combines the conversion, like Northern Wyrm and also CDR, essential stat for casters.

I admit that the conversion on that off-hand was not thoroughly reviewed. We’re replacing it in the upcoming hotfix.

So it’s removed, not reduced?

Can it support another skill then like Cold Phantasmal Blades?


rip build? :cry:

Definitely got hit hard but it’s possible to stick to original idea to use off-hand and take that instead:


Then to compensate for the loss of physical resistance, Seal of Might in off-hand. So some % cold damage loss, OA ofc and conversion to Rune of Haggard. So basically this:


Or just go the classical route of dual-wielding.