[] The lazy Infiltrator. No active attack spells either mastery, Gladiator 150/SR 75 viable


  • The theme of this build build is pretty clear.


You want to play a lazy build? Your logical choice is to play retal tank or pet build with few active skills. But what if you want lazy DW melee or caster. This is the build to use.

No active attacking skill, just movement rune and healing skill, which are mostly for buffs. And even they can be programmed with @tqFan script to be activated automatically. So only movement run and maybe not stand in ground pools. Blade Spirits and procs will take care of the rest. I haven’t used Blade Barrier in video, but is on the hotbar.

DISCLAIMER: That’s not the most efficient way to build Chillwhishper Infiltrator.


  • pic with permanent buffs. Sheet DPS is low, cause is for the movement rune (what else :sweat_smile:)

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/mN4LgGxN


Chillwhisper set is making the build pretty cool with the damage and life steal mods to Blade Spirits. Other items are open for debate.

  • Weapon 1, Winter Wind have nice proc on hit, sold.

  • Relic, Nidalla guess what proc.

  • Gloves, damage to Veil’s passive aura and pierce to cold conversion, nice.

  • Rings, Elemental Balance, maybe Alkamos are better. Proc have hidden mechanic and you need attack with WD (I think) to trigger them.

  • Medal, Dark Dreams, boost to Veil of Shadow.

  • Amulet, GarDal, OA and aura.

  • Boots, Fiendfliesh are pet boots, suited for lazy builds too. Nice absorb proc.

  • Belt, mandatory for vitality to cold conversion.

  • Pants, Stun and Physical resistances+Blade Spirits bonus and proc on top of that.


Yugol+Scales+Ghoul= :ok_hand: for defense. Also Amatok for some damage. This build as you see, don’t have many skills for procing.


In campaign is pretty ROFL build, you don’t need even health potions.

For Crucible requires some positioning but is easy build for 150-170. Some combos like Kuba and bad mutators are pure cancer and might force you to kite outside of the blood pools. Also Grava is pretty tough. Times vary a lot, average is perhaps around 6:45, my fastest is quick 6:09, video:

Did few tries in SR 75, it’s easy unless you aggro multiple enemies at once. Luckily this build have room for maneuver and you can kite. You don’t have to of course. Just stand still and let the enemies be crushed by procs and spirits. Some walking is needed, ugh.

Video from SR 75, full shard:


Yeah, no matter how fast you piano your Forcewave, Aegis, Doomforce, Vire, Blade Arc, Shield Bash, Judgement, etc on your physical warlords still won’t go faster than a no-button infiltrator.


Well, it’s certainly energy-efficient.
And, btw, why not the Anubar rings?

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Physical blade arc is strong, actually. But all the rest is garbage.

Energy efficient, nice way to put it :rofl:

I think Annubar rings will not be triggered as well. Blue ones have craftable bonuses as well.

Ummm, I have EoR Warlord which is faster and retal is too I think. But Octavius is perhaps not.

They will be triggered by night’s chill. Just have checked.

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I have to stop writing guides then :sweat_smile:

You think Chillwhisper sustain should be nerfed? 8 adcth on a nearly 1000dmg aura through multiple pets is an overkill imo.

Scratch this paragraph I just deleted. I just saw the Scales.

Also, you should get Nemesis not Nidalla for another lazy proccer.

I don’t survive just on spirits. I have converted Scales, Spirits, damge reduction from Censure, two heals, some life steal on movement rune, Ghoul, Boots proc, Ancestry proc, some procs have life steal, Gardal have in-build life steal, WD procs, also deflect&dodge on a DW build, many defensive mechanics, not fair to put all on Blade Spirits. But at same time, you know why I selected them and this particular set. @Valinov made Reaper beats Gladiator with 0% physical resistance for example.

Yeah but except Scales which I overlooked these are the things most infiltrator casters have and they struggle af with sustain. And I mean regular builds with active skills.

Also, try Nemesis instead of Nidalla for the proccing.

I love lazy builds, I just wish there were more.

Do it Nery, dedicate yourself to the lazyness


Yeah it doesn’t do sub 6 CR, so trash all of it. Sure…

I’m still waiting for the time, when community will finally understand what those numbers are for.

Good build, not meme at all! Chillwhisper (and the helm in particular) is one of the strongest sets in the game, it perfectly fits the “passive dmg” meta. I’ve made full lightning -> cold conversion Trickster using only pseudo-pets and AA for sustain and it’s a 5 min build.

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I made also build similar to your Peaceful Warrior that have only mines and Vindictive Flames for damage. :slightly_smiling_face:

Love it. Scales and winter veil mace fit perfectly here. Oh lol, can even survive without inq seal, wow!

Why not anubar rings though? or Reign of Ice&Fire rings?

BTW, aura can trigger item procs, it’s just not as efficient as stormbox.
Can easily check with dummy

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Yes Seal will improve the build, but because I don’t use it, boots with 10K armor absorb proc are here, never have seen them used in non pet build.

Gimme dat build!!! :blush::sweat_smile:

edit: OHH god realized your build is containing DR MI… I’m the guy who could farm until noose bleeding but i’m not lucky either… :frowning: What epic/leg belt do you recommend instead of green? (or at least what pre or suffix is mandatory?)
edit2: Ohh i see the description for belt! :slight_smile:

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The MI isn’t double rare. Affixes to cover resistances are better. But the main thing is the vitality to cold conversion. I need it for my Scales to shine and save my life.

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Even more chill than any retal builds around :sleeping: :sleeping:
I love the lazy; it’s so satisfying to see the build shining in the hardest dungeons of the world! :ok_man:

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