[] Top Gun - 6,5 seconds Mad Queen, 5:45m Crucible, SR 75-76 resilient no greens Valdun's Purifier

Sounds good, I’ll look into that. Looks like a mini ectoplasm.

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Maybe this has been asked before, but is restless remains really better than something like spellscorched plating etc? 3% adcth does not seem that massive on first glance.

Energy regen on leech dependent builds will depend on where you’re playing the build. In cruci and SR where there are way more swarms than usual, this build won’t have any problems with energy, but on main campaign you’ll have to take rests if you don’t wanna use a lot of potions

Resists by spellscorched plating isn’t needed since everything is capped. So it’s between 3% lifesteal and a small health bonus. Lifesteal is more useful.

is this build viable?

Should be yes. It’s barely been touched by changes that I recall.

thank you so much! is this leveling build still viable? [] Budget Lightning DW Ranged Purifier

yeah, like all leveling guides, not much has changed.

What ulvar1 said. The levelling portion up to 90-100 should work perfectly fine. The final setup presented might need some tweaks as Empowered Essence of Beronath (the blue amulet) no longer provides +1 to all skills like it did back then.

I can probably make an update with regards to budget gear for a level 100 char. Also to stormsurge yellow craftable pistols got its damage to be fully lightning a few patches ago.

Being a mainly ranged guns player in this game, I can tell you this is my top performing char and is an absolute blast (pun intended) to play. It smashes all content and as an SR player, I run through SR65 very easily with it (I don’t farm any higher than that).

I’m def looking forward to trying this build after the new SR patch hits.

As a new player who is building a ranged purifier, I would very much appreciate this if you do!

Ouch. Net/net we lose +1 Demo skills to the build, unless I missed something else with the patch :cry:

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It look this way. Valduun full set should still be good. But it’s interesting to try Silvercore weapon and compare results.

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Did you mean this, Nery?

Mythical Silverbolt

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is it still worth doing this build?

Well, I took it out for a spin in SR65/66 after the patch dropped to see what the nerf did, it still breezes through and the new boss rooms make it pretty much stress free. Not sure about higher shards and I don’t play crucible. Losing +1 Demo skills wasn’t the worst thing to happen to it, just wasn’t sure why that happened in the first place I don’t think this build was OP or anything, but regardless it still hits like a truck and is super fun to play IMO.

I do have a couple diff pieces from mad_lee’s original build but I doubt they make that much of a difference though.

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Have some leveling guide with this build bro?

Unfortunalely this build is enabled by specific gear pieces, which are not available before level 94, so whoever wants to make this build will have to level and farm in a very different way, among the available options the easiest being a BWC + Canister Bomb fire caster.

Like this build bro?

More or less. That’s a fire + lightning build, but I’d had ignored the lightning part and forcused on fire if I was levelling that.