[] Top Gun - 6,5 seconds Mad Queen, 5:45m Crucible, SR 75-76 resilient no greens Valdun's Purifier

*When you finally release the best ranged build in the current patch but you are dead inside because you know it’s getting nerfed


First of all, thanks to Crate for listening to our feedback and reviving ranged meta by numerous buffs to relevant skills and items. Also, thanks to @Firozo who tested some initial drafts of this build.

Pierce now finally has another beastly build. That’s all there is to say.

The Build Update

With the addition of Disruption resist to Arcane Spark I have decided to drop Arcane Harmony pants in favour of beefy Mageguards. Build is more consistent than ever. Update

Build has been adequately nerfed in the patch It’s still the best range builds and overall one of the strongest builds in the game tho. Added videos of Crucible and SR runs.

<<<< GRIMTOOLS >>>>

*craft 1 item for stun resist and 1 slow resist, craft 2 items for %Physique. You can use one Arcanum Dust for smoother mana management

Heart-piercing questions

What about second Jaxxon’s ring?
Earlier versions of the build had it. But without Belgothian Sigil builds becomes inconsistent. The damage too is better with Belgothian Sigil.

Those pants? Really?
Initially used Tranquils, but those pants turned out to be better after some testing both in damage and in survivability.

Isn’t this a bit of a glass cannon?
Nope, build is very consistent, haven’t died once with the final spec. Multiple defensive layers + huge ADTCH with huge damage make this build close to being unkillable in Crucible.


Most choices are obvious and some of them are explained above. You can sacrifice tiny bit of damage by using “safer” augments on jewellery like the one with Pierce DA and hp and Arcanum Dust.

Tight on skill points so had to be very sting with the skill points. Overcapped the most important things.

Devotions are just tight (this time being tight is a positive thing tho).


Build feels very strong, but you still have to choose your position optimally. Despite being tanky, build has low HP so tanking big shotguns from Zantarin or Meteors from Alex is not a good idea since they can one shot you if you are not at full hp. Word of Pain cast is a bit wonky as well, you have to get used to it. The closer you are to the target, more damage you deal, but trash and heroes can be dealt with easily from the distance.


Check out levelling guides on this forum.


General (no Deadly Aim)

Fire Strike tooltip with Ulzaad’s Decree


Videos Slev1n’s 4:45 run Slev1n’s 4:53 run Crucible 150-170 5:28 run SR 75-76 13:17 run SR 75-76 10:52 run (few deaths) SR 75-76 13:30 run (few deaths) SR 75-76 11:27 run (few deaths) Crucible 150-170 Banana_peel’s 5:10 run Crucible 150-170 3+1 5:25m run SR 75-76 10:35 run with few avoidable death

10 minute Shards 65-66 run

Faster 5:39 run with lucky mutators

Stupid Dragon’s 6:55 run with Armored mutator (good example of a run made by casual Crucible player)

Slower 6:24 run with Armored mutator

Average 5:56 run

6,5 seconds Mad Queen kill

John Smith killing Crate after 40 tries

Nery’s 5:55 run w/Aetherial potions

In Conclusion

Build reviewed by Nery:


That’s impressive build!

I am happy that ranged was buffed. I knew we are for a monster build, when I saw Valduun buff. But that’s beyond my expectations.

Very unorthodox items, but I understand since you have low natural attack speed with gun, so it’s good to count on multiple speed procs, like boots and gloves. Very smooth idea with Harra, but these shoulders are crazy, slow, stun and physical resistance, all in one.

Gloves is either that or go justicar again, cause there’s no other pierce gloves for ranged.

Yes, you are right. Ofc you can always go unchained might, but it’s not worth on ranged, especially without Nightblade.

That fire strike tooltip with ulzaad is crazy.

Show me the fire strike DPS sheet with deadly aim, inq seal, and ulzaad, madlee!

I am still quite amazed that Pierce purifier can work. Congrats here.

Again, now go make valdun tactician a reality!

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Cool build! Before I overlook stats on Harra’s shoulderguard, but they BiS. You made ranged builds great adain.

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@thejabrixone somehow it’s a bit less than without a seal on the screenshot in the op, I have no idea why, lol

So many rifle builds!

That’s pretty awesome :slight_smile:

Sbd wanna complain about overzealous balancing patches again, now? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice build!

Nice to see a 2H ranged build. P.S - have you considered habinger’s grasp for AS and flat pierce damage?

EDIT - I’m an idiot, didn’t see the 18% AS on quick draw gloves. Ignore me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, the glove choices for pierce builds are really weird atm…

I mean, why do 2 out of three (!) %pierce legendaries have hurtful conversion values attached to them, anyways?

To allow GDstashing rats (like me) to go nuts with - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/b28e3rGV

Feels fair I guess :roll_eyes:

I do like those gloves, though. And since they’re craftable, some decent 2x yellow affix combos might actually be viable in some builds even from a budget perspective…

This is unrealistic and honestly I doubt blue ones can be matched. Low at how their resists fit and also at their attack speed roll, it’s actually bigger than on most gloves.

:cry: Sadly true

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Added a video of Shards 65-66 run. Build feels pretty good at this level of Shards. Some kiting is needed, good thing that this build doesn’t depend on range as much as Censure Inquisitors to deal damage. I have tried 75, but after killing Grava on non-boss chunk and Valdaran + Alex on boss chunk died 3 times to Korvaak and called it a day. I am guessing that with good piloting and some potions prebuffs 75-76 are more than possible. But for consistency, speed and fun I would recommend sticking to 65-66 farm.

Had to add this. Sometimes things do go so well in Crucible too and you can get one-shotted by Thalonis!

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I really hope these things are actually obtainable one day rather than remaining a GDstash meme

@sephelutis - A how-to on getting loot efficiently on solo play + advice on levelling

Rofl ive been farming greens like crazy since game was in beta, never seen a natural MI pant with double rare thats useful or heck double rare with of kings.

The build in OP doesn’t use greens. As for relevant useable pants…I’m sorry man, RNG is harsh.

I’ve personally have had some luck in gladiator 170. Have you tried that?