[][HC] DW Ranged Warlord (Deathdealer Sidearm) - SR 65

Decided to post this as only old builds exist for this weapon. For FG I have only tried Warlord with this weapon but I love it because of the respectable crit value and Smite being a 100% piercing wps with significant damage.

Aim for 2.8k DA and kill -DA Debuff Enemy/Bosses first (e.g Gabal’Thunn). Craft bonus is your choice, more stun res is recommended and then Angrim bonus.

For HC players I would recommend 50-52 for farming, but 65 is reliable enough with Aether Clusters (typically for Grava or crazy aggro in boss room). Lots of free hotbar space so using consumable like Courageous tincture, Barrowholm oil is recommended for boss room. Some res such as chaos are a bit tight so bloodbound pot is worth it before entering boss room.

SR65: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmfcjObl7Kg&feature=youtu.be

GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YNnOYBO2

Notes on gear:
DA looks low but make sure you do not settle for anything other than max DA% and attack speed rolls on the rings (it is easy to reset coven vendor by checking the two vendors at homestead), a one-handed physical shooter benefits greatly from the extra cunning this allows (but you can if you want put more into physique).

The boots were filler (they allow me to shift points into cunning), slow was already overcapped. Hadn’t acquired better rolls for that slot yet. Worth noting Mythical Final March is an alternative too.

Gameplay is pretty simple, keep Warcry up, Doomforce once every 10 seconds and shoot away.


Nice! I would had used Bloodsurge amulet instead I think. Doombringer doesn’t seem to bring all that much to the table if it’s not a bleed build.

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I guess you are right about that. +% attack speed and +1 all skills vs OA, +20% crit and WD%. The reason I chose it was because I thought enemy armour would be an issue for a one-handed phys guns, and crit helps on that front.


Love your build idea. I’m HC pet player basically but this is looking sooo phun! Already leveled to 100. I hope she will not gonna rip for long time. :slight_smile:

Which crafter dude and what bonus i have to use for smooth playing?
Btw BIS pistol recipe dropped yesterday, yay! :blush:

Thank you!!!

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I would go for Angrim as the CC res are covered.

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Thank you mate!!! :slight_smile:

I just updated the OP to note that getting max rolls on DA and attack speed on the rings is very easy, just tedious. Enjoy.

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  • Re-worked the terrible devotion bindings. Assassin’s Mark on Cadence is far superior. Oleron on Guardians. Ulzaad on War Cry.
  • WPS patch is a nice buff for this build; more Smite for better AoE.

These two changes make SR 65-66 much more reliable overall. Somewhat low single target DPS makes Grava the biggest threat.