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You can use this Infiltrator Leveling Guide


Hi, build is still viable after recent nerfs? (blade spirit scaling and cold damage from chillwhisper set)

build still beast mode, nothing to worry about :slight_smile:

Hi, im leveling an infiltrator following the suggested guide (DW shadow strike) and its a pain. I hate shadow strike, deals low damage, the char is very squishy and its melee! I cannot even use clarity potions because i die so often. Im lvl 54 in elite; normal was fine.

Thre is any other way to level an infiltrator? Thanks

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GT link of your character?

There’s a crapload of ways to level an Infiltrator actually, but Shadow Strike was supposed to be one of the most simple.

EDIT: you can pretty much level with Rune of Hagarrad and Blade Spirits too.


right now im at act2 elite

I see, that explains a lot.

You can’t level in Lokarr set to 100 with a melee build.

You can try Rune of Hagarrad since it’s ranged, kinda, but you’d still want to stick close to enemies because infiltrator’s cold RR is two auras. Tough class choice for a self-imposed challenge like that.

Well, im level 54 not 100; I’d like to use Lokarr untill lvel 75 …

but just left Lokarr appart and im playing like this:


not big difference at all. It takes time to kill mobs and have to kite, hits hurt hard, it lacks of serious lifedrink and cant facetnak mobs…

May be can provide a begginer guide for Rune of Hagarrad?

Better, except that your armor absorption is at 70%, which is unacceptable for melee. Always use two Scaled Hides when playing as melee, usually in pants and shoulders slot. You’re not using anything there anyway.

Best I can provide is that:

It’s not a guide though, just a budget endgame setup.

Many thanks for your help.
Now I realize you are the author of the begginers guide, I apologize if my comments seem a bit harsh, not my intention at all. I appreciate all your effords and advices.

Its just im not very experienced in the game and never played infiltrator, and its been stressing trying to not to die and loose the clarity potion exp buff. Ive just finished a melee wichbalde that can facetank a lot and and most likely thats not the way to go with this build.

What I like of begginers guide is that all is explained steps-by-step , skillponts per level distribution, devotuion routes,etc… thats a great job you did in your guide. Thanks you

No worries, you’re not the first to tell me that my infiltrator is a bit glassy for a beginner build.

Still, I kinda test all the guides by properly levelling a HC character to 100 through veteran, elite and half the ultimate, without any gear transfer from other characters to boot. If you’re facing such hardships following it then it’s gotta be the case of you doing something wrong. :slight_smile:

For example, you seem to mention facetanking a lot, but that’s not quite how it plays. If you can’t facetank then you should SS in, kite and then SS in again.

Thanks for the reply.

Ya it takes more time to char in, hit and runa way, and still sometimes if a curse or other nasty dot are on me, if i run away i keep losing health. Pneumatic burst restores very few life back.

Ive added 2 scale hide and its better ofc, but the build still lacks of sustain ^^:P.

If you where yo use the bat fangs dev for leeching life, which skill would you use to proc it? Also, would be usefull to use a lifedrinker component in weapons? OR tip the scale smay be?

My guide is using batfang on Stormbox with Tether, it’s one of the best skills to rapidly proc low cooldown devotions.
Not sure about the efficiency of using the non-converted Bat Fang, I’m using Gargoyle Waistguard to convert it to cold to boost efficiency. Try it I guess?

This is because you only have 2 points in Pneumatic Burst, high levels of Pneumatic Burst with transmuter is actually enough sustain till you hit Ultimate.

No, I’d keep coldstones if you don’t want to reduce damage.

Uh, perhaps, but same as batfang it requires Gargoyle’s Waistguard conversion of vit into cold, otherwise it’s just not that efficient. Also, that’s a whole different devotion setup I didn’t explore.

Alright. Bat fangs procced with Stormbox+tether leech next to nothing, coulld be with your belt is noticiable, but its lvl 94 so ive gone the other way around.

Im proccing fangs with Shadow strike and Leviathan with Stormbox, and it wonders. Now batfangs fills my healthbar completely, amazed of much often it procs with shadow strike, honestly. Also, spaming Stormbox all around now fill the area of Leviathan whirls, much more than before with shadow strike.

Dont know if this is a total mess on something more important, nor if its viable at higher levels, but at level 57 now i can tank a lot, just have to run away eventually. Gamplay is much more enjoyable, definetely, at least at low levels.

Just to finish, id like to ask if there is any other way to lower Shadow Strike cooldown, even sacrifying damage -on chars screen-. Because when you run away you sacrify 100% of the damage output, the more you stand, the better, imo.

The belt is a Monster Infrequent so it has low level versions too…

Uh, interesting result. Glad it worked out for you in the end.

The only way to lower the cooldown is somehow find more bonuses to Nidalla’s Justifiable Ends. If I remember correctly an SS infiltrator would have about 1.3 to 1.7 SS cooldown depending whether he could find skill bonuses to NJE, while SS spellbreaker can go as low as 1 second because of Star Pact.

Hi there. Almost level 94 gathering all the stuff.

I wonder, what rings would you use utill finding a pair of Anubar’s?

Edit: also, which weapons befiore getting chillswhispers.


You can check older gt links https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RVvJJLEV to see rings before anubar
What about main hand
I don’t start play this build before I get full set
But you can test this one Mythical Crescent Moon or Witch Moon

Thanks for your quick reply.

Regarding rings, before Anubar, would you consider using Sigils of the Executioner as a better option than Misery of Alkamos (your rings in older gt links)? (It looks to me but im not expert and could be im missing something in the comparation).

And same for amulet, Conduit with specific Blades afixx is so hard to get for me atm, which alternatives do I have here?

Conduit was damaged and now you must use Nightstalker Pendant
As for me I use Misery of Alkamos before Anubar ring
But I see how some guys use Sigils of the Executioner on similar builds

Got ravager down with it, just kited him around the big tree right by where he spawns, spamming RoH as much as possible. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4NO1QqaV