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Stun Res in game doesn’t match Grimtools
Because items have been crafted for Stun Res

Build have some problems with Kubacabra on SR higher than 75

Holy shit. Well done.

How did you stay in place to let BS deal damage without dying?

BS is invinceble and got 8% lifesteal that healing me
I use Blade Barrier and after that jump

Then you kite till BB is off CD and repeat again?

only on strong bosses and nemesis

for example
Reaper of the Lost can be tanked in Inq Seal by my face

There’s skill mod for BS that gives them 8% ADCH

1 nemesis is rarely a problem. It’s a group of them which makes me worried. Having 2 reapers hit you at the same time or getting hit by annie’s devastation + grava simultaneously.

I don’t know…but it clearly works.

What an awesome build, thank you for putting this together. It also seems very fun to play and has a bit of everything. Kiting, positioning, damage and enough defensive abilities. A rather obvious build for sure, still surprised it works so well! Very solid devotion choices, have you tried Leviathan? I guess you lose too much tanky stats for that.

u can use Leviathan for company
in SR Leviathan too expencive
this bulid need armor and phys res
and we can take phys res only from devotions

Anyway, try these suggested changes to your build:

> 1 point in merciless repertoire gives a lot of %cold damage
> RoS is used only for the fumble, and you already have pierce/cold conversion on items so transmutor isn’t needed
> VoS gives better DA returns than shadow dance
> You don’t need 12/12 PB since you don’t rely on speed. 6/12 PB is where you start getting decreased returns
> Hard capping Night’s chill is a must for instant RR

Why 17 in shadow dance and not 16 with one point in veil of shadows (better da and debuff radius)? And why so much in the seal for a build that kites 99% of the time? Also, how do you deal with Kaisan with 3% overcap on acid res? His Acid Bolt should one-shoot you anywhere below sr80.

Nice build,I was thinking to try it when saw the set!Medal is interesting choice.My first instinct was Undying oath,but this gives OA and mod to Censure.Too bad about Leviathan.But the fact is this build can do 75,so it’s impressive!

I honestly don’t understand how this build works - especially given your stun res + DA.

What’s the consistency like on this guy? Can you clear 75-76 100% of the time?

EDIT: Like if you get that -100 DA mutator &/or -30% hp mutator (which happens very frequently), wouldn’t you just get crushed?

Is 75 checkpoint?Cause if it is,I check the mutators first and then restart the game:D.I am not crazy to play with toughened and other bad ones.

i am pro player on infiltrators :slight_smile:

It is a checkpoint, but regardless, with 7 - 8 mutators up, you’re almost garaunteed to get bad ones because there’s so many:

> -10% damage to players
> +70% hp to monsters
> Increased resistance to your damage type to monsters
> -100 DA
> +6% OA to monsters

etc. etc. etc.

You can’t escape them.

@OP: Is it okay if I ask for a copy of your character’s saved file? I just want to understand how it plays/pilots, and I don’t want to go through the trouble of GDstashing an exact copy.

i pas 76 only 3 times
100% PASS

i can’t inderstand what surprises you
Inq Seal + Ring os Steel + Prismatic Diamod = GG WP

i’m kite only high SR
on middle SR and full company
this build can tanked all enemies by his face
that’s why we need max overcap Inq Seal

Look mate. My failure to understand is probably a reflection of my ignorance, and not your build.

But if you’re asking for the reasons behind my confusion it’s as such:
> Seal is only 15/12, that doesn’t help much @75 and above. I’ve been one-shotted through MoT before.
> RoS + SD is a gamble. You have ~50% chance of getting hit each time someone attacks you
> Your DA is low which means you WILL get crit

EDIT: Oh, and your stun res is 20%. Which means one misplay and you’re dead.

2nd EDIT: To further explain my confusion about 15/12 seal -

15/12 seal absorbs 250 damage from every instance of damage your character takes.

I don’t see how 250 damage can make/break a crippling (and possibly lethal) blow dealt by someone like kaisan.

The thing which is helping you the most here is your dodge/fumble. But again - that’s a gamble.