[] Jessica Lovejoy | Caster Infiltrator | Blade Spirits | Celestials | SR 85 | CR 170

75 is a waystone.
And yeah those can be bad. But boss combo > mutators so much for 75-76, so just reroll if bosses suck.

Hey, Omnitrio.

Nice build and all, but definitely could use a bit of min-maxing, imo. For example, putting more points into Artifact Handling and Chillsurge. As well as choosing Scarab over Panther to get a bit of that Stun Resist and investing one point from Ultos into Empty Throne, that way you can get your Stun Resist from 20 to 50 - much safer for SR imo. I would use one 75 DA augment in rings too, that DA is a bit too low imo.

As your char don’t have innate ADCTH aside from BS, and you bound blizzard to BS, does blizzard proc heal you?

Full Video with dev+stats+all for u


very good question
but i don’t know (

I still don’t understand how/why it works. But like I said - it clearly does.

Was just hoping for an explanation. Regardless, in that video, you don’t need seal. You didn’t even use it. You were just running around in circles.

No it won’t. BS has no innate WD. So the 16% WD from blizzard is coming from his dagger, not BS.

Ergo, no heal from blizzard.

find a WALL on 89 SR


What is so hard to understand? 2 heals, large life steal and damage that functions even whilst kiting. The defences are paper thin but it doesn’t matter because kiting avoids most hits entirely and the hits that do land are healed. One shots and cc like stun are the only real danger I guess (overall cc res is good except stun).

Seems that inquisitor seal doesn’t do much here. Isn’t it worth to just go for more max health and/or other stats for deep SR?

Yeah, I think I’m underestimating the power of BS. Probably biasedness on my part.

Gonna experiment with them a little more.

860 flat cold damage per blade spirit. That is not all that far off weapon damage of some melee builds. 4 spirits mean as much as 4 hit per second. The life steal will be great for a kiter.

Nice build, added to my thread. :wink:

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:zap: Build Update :zap:

Hey just wanted to say I really enjoy this build! Thanks for updating it!

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Has anything been changed for this build? I noticed a small nerf to the bladespirit damage on the set but doesn’t seem like a big deal?

I’ve made update
Test it but not public


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Thanks! Still love the build :smiley:

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Build looks great. However, I noticed a minor tweak that leads to a tiny damage increase for no cost. Skyshard Powder should be replaced by Wraith’s Scream on Amulet and Rings as the Augment because both give the same amount of %Cold and Frostburn damage as well as the same OA boost, but instead of boosting %Lightning damage and giving flat Lightning damage, Wraith’s Scream gives % and flat Vitality damage, which the build has a better %boost to in addition to some %Vitality Converted to Cold whereas no Lightning damage is converted to Cold.

I know that it is a tiny damage increase, but it’s worth it since the Augments even come from the same faction.

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New Video with new Rougelike’s Boss

Let’s go test new Morgoneth Rings