[] Lady Butterfly - Just another spite build cause why not?

Oh, come on. Not another generic build again!

Sorry, I usually have fun playing spite so just gonna post this. Will be a short post and then I’ll go back and try to polish a actual creative build that’s also good.

No more explanations, just grimtools and vid and a few words cause it’s spite, who needs explanations for this shit?


Yes, medal is fantasy cause Will of the Blade for every pierce build is boring.

That’s a 4:53 run but I didn’t really play it much. Will surely do better given more time and better hands.

Credits to @Plasmodermic and @sir_spanksalot for the original Spite build.


I think you talk about your amulet…

Hey! Where did you get green Amarasta’s items? Если можно, на русском :slight_smile:

These can drop from the Reaper (1st expansion) and Korvaak’s Chosen and Kaisan (2nd expansion). But I assume these were “crafted” with GD Stash.

Translation: Они могут упасть с Жнеца (1-я экспансия) и Корваака Избранного и Кайсана (2-я экспансия). Но я предполагаю, что они были “сделаны” с GD Stash.

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Yep. This right here

RR does not stack. It’s all for the conversion. Alternatively you can go for pack of treacherous means + 2x belgo rings but that’s not ideal becsuse of skill points.

As for numerical questions like how much damage boosts does this change do and such, I don’t exactly know. I mostly go on feels with my builds and while I can provide the numbers given some time, I prefer not to.

Anyway, if you play without GDstash use will of thr blade on the amulet before you get the kaisan one. It’s just as good as the green.

In spite of the build being a generic one, it’s still useful for new players (including me) that keep coming to the forum.
By the way I’ve noticed two trends recently:

  • Crucible times getting shorter and shorter

  • Grim Tools links font size getting bigger and bigger

Them GD veterans must have poor eyesight.

I’ve played cruci since AoM release and there has been a lot of changes that affected what the normal times would be. During 170 release it was the DA meta where just clearing 170 is the norm for builds except those who were DA stacking, since those can actually farm cruci. Later on it looked like 12 mins was the norm but it was later discovered that it was only because the most prolific builders at the time had shit pc. I still remember my best builds getting only 9 min clears but then people would play it and get sub-6. Then the godlike pilots came along with minor qol patches that means a lot to those pilots. The recent aggro fix really helped a lot too. I had a build that was 5:30 before, it straight up got nerfed and it was still clearing at the same speed after patch before I made any reworks. and I was getting consistent sub-5 runs until nadaan went RIP and I have to rework it again

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