[Feedback] Uroborruk's Reaping Arc

Well I can see updating the resists on that ring, but…isn’t the ring is less desirable kind of the point? By virtue of that conversion becoming unavailable on the belt, the value of that conversion on the ring becomes more appealing. You are making a trade-off.

Besides, apart from maybe the Whisperer of Secrets, I’m not sure where exactly such conversion could even go in the head slot.

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I always found Bladetwster’s % pierce damage to be super low compared to other items with % pierce damage. I know it’s the thing of pierce, to have lower % damage than other damage types, but the gap here is way too large.

is +/- 20% that much when you have like 3k dmg in total? at least

Great news!

I think it’s logical that 2H speed cap is lower than DW. but the problem is, you can easily reach %200 AS with most DW melee builds but you rarely see even %190 without buffs(bloodrager,barbaros buff etc) with 2Hs and lots of monster slows your speed which makes 2H’s suffer even more. Kraken provide more speed should compensate this a bit.

Lol i always thought it was like 70% max because all the ones i have are between 58% and 70%. Guess i got bad rolls exclusively.

I do find it had to believe pierce damage reaching 3k% damage though. Maybe 2500%, but that’s stretching it.

“in total” means the 100% default and the cunning bonus. Here I just took the first pierce blademaster I could find in dragons compendium

755 from cunning 2448 damage bonus = 3,3k in total.

Absolutely. It has to be weaker than prime pierce rings without this conversion. But it doesn’t have to be that much weaker. You straight up get more dmg with a strong pierce ring instead of Bladetwister for every melee build, it’s not even close.

From the helms, maybe Whisperer of Secrets (low %pierce, make it more of a bleeding/pierce item) or Mask of Delirium (cool item, unused, replace some of the stats with the conversion).

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I rarely count the % damage on attributes when i’m mentioning how much damage my character has, hence why it was confusing to me.

I do have to point out that Blackwatch Seal has 67% damage max roll while the % physical damage reaches 109% damage. This is the only pierce ring where there’s a big gap between pierce and another damage type (Nightscorn doesn’t count since it’s a cold ring with pierce to cold on top).

(just to Reaping Arc)

Someone correct me if I’m wrong but this change destroys Reaping Arc damage
on my 2 Guardian / Reaping Arc builds (in their current form), right?

Aether one:

(picture doesn’t show 1 bonus Guardian we get in

Fire one:

This is a perfect thematic filler for these builds
as I can melee together with my Guardians.


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Yeah, this conversion would deny a lot of possible builds for the skill that’s why i’m strongly against it. Just 210% and additional vitality sounds great, enough vitality inclination and enough generic potential.

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And the arc will also decrease clear times, then shifting some of the flat aether on krieg to bulwark or field command should be plenty to reign it in.

I don’t disagree but I think doing this will hurt pierce casters more than melee. So if you guys push this through maybe we can see more skill mods that support pierce for skills that pierce casters usually use.

I’m on the fence with this. Yes it kills cold RA, ele RA and in some degree pierce RA (since it uses a lot of conversions), the conversion is such a big boon to vit RA since they never have to get conversion now and the vit devotion map usually don’t contain a lot of elemental, freeing up item slots for vitality.

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I would say if it will be decided to low %WD on RA I would suggest to keep it 220-225% since BA with gloves can reach 225% WD.


oh god, but why??? I figured there would be a nerf anyway since people were crying but now you’re effectively shrinking the amount of builds. I had cold RA in mind specifically, since Necro does support cold. Fire RA might be interesting too since defilers barely have anything. Also Elemental apostate would be neat. The game has better sources for ele to vit, please don’t force it.

Welcome change, stacking enough attack speed on 2h builds is still a massive struggle

Would it be possible to make it hit with offhand as well or is that too much?

BTW, did you have a chance to test CD arc from Scourge relic? On the paper it looks like to be good strong skill against single target.

I did not because it’s no good right now. This nuke is too weak for a non-mastery relic, it’s weaker than some of the good mastery relic and weapon-granted nukes.

As a matter of fact, i think this relic is a perfect candidate for a granted WPS, some Zolhan replica with 180 degree arc and some 180% WD at 30% chance. Would help a lot of 2H melee and ranged builds, and autoattackers in general.


That’ll be too much even for the proposed nerf values.

That would be most welcome! :+1: