[] Me Crush. Physical Avenger + Bloodrager Archon (Crucible 5:30) (SR 90)


The Build

dps is in Savagery, permabuffs + Ascension


Physical melee is coming off the bench, bois. Pick up your mace and go crush some skulls.

2 piece Avenger + full Bloodrager set is a well known combo. With some new items and enemy armor going down, it can reach new heights in performance.

The build intentionally has no skills with animations bound to cast speed because the value is very low. Luckily Oathkeeper provides two good procers: guardians and Vire’s steps.


The build can farm Crucible consistently. The safest setup is probably 3 buffs and lvl3 Vanguard for immediate single target delition.

SR 75-76 is very easy as well:

Deep shards are possible (kudos to @grey-maybe for the run):

This is endgame build. If you have any leveling questions about the class, look for leveling guides on the forum. If you need gear/skills/gameplay explanation, feel free to ask in the comment section.


Lovely itemization around maxing out Brute Force for that magical converted Physical damage. And a strong build!

EDIT: I would only add that dropping couple of points into Totem for additional ADTCH in the tough spots would definitely not hurt.


Glorious return of the pure physical 2hander!

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Forgot some mentions, making the post at night:

@John_Smith for being the first one who made this combo work
@Archangel2245 for nagging inspiration to play Avenger (and the char is named after him)
@mad_lee because he desperately wanted to be mentioned (:smile: actually i made the build off of his Big Bad save keeping the devotion map and the ring combo)
Safarel discord community for some challenges i’m having fun with lately


Buff all the phys? Seems like it worked.

Physical shaman and it’s not warder. Color it however you want but it’s not surprise.

Crazy good performance, nice setup!

Very brutal and savage build it seems :wink:

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The best physical build is a non-soldier lol. Btw, nice build, keep your hardwork :D.

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Awesome build. Just a few questions:

Shouldn’t the relic completion bonus be Storm Touched and Heart of the Wild instead of Emboldening Presence?

And what crafting bonus do I get for the head?

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Thanks! Try to craft for slow res.

Good catch on the relic, dunno why i took this bonus, another one should give +2 points instead of +1. Maybe i was focusing on the rolls.

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Hello really good build will storm totem will be converted into physical with avenger weapon ?

yes it will

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