[] [HC] Gargaban's Corruption - DW Ranged Vitality Fire Strike Defiler (SR65+, Mog)

This alongside the inspiration from Afanasenkov’s as well as Valinov’s versions made me wanna try a Gargabol’s Corruption Defiler in HC and here is the result:

No actual changes to the setup for, but the damage got nerfed a bit. ~50% of the chaos damage on brimstone was lost due to the change to the conduit.


Youtube Playlist

Highlight Video from patch

  • vs dummy ~25s

first tries vs:

Note: I have not tried Crucible 150-170 yet, but imo it should be doable (and easily so on SC).


Feedback & Final Words

Very good rework of Gargabol’s Corruption, giving an underwhelming class a strong build! Also the new mythical Gunslinger’s Jacket aswell as Mark of Plagius fit perfectly.
Special thanks again to @afanasenkov26 and @Valinov !

Hope you enjoy the pewpew :gun:


Nice build! Actually, one question - why not full Blood Knight?
I understand the point of taking this chest+this medal but imo, full BK is too strong (as it’s one of the Holy Quartet of vit sets - BK, Blightlord, Dark One and Wildblood).

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Nice build! I am also interested in checking your leveling videos :slightly_smiling_face:

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BK’s attack speed and phys res is huge indeed, but Ravager of Flesh’s helmet’s +1 all skills and the %HP is pretty good in HC aswell. I mostly didn’t wanna just copy your build, but try sth else, especially the new items (medal+chest). Gunslinger chest’s cunning reduction is pretty neat.

Sweet, I asked yesterday about leveling tips for this build in @afanasenkov26’s thread and a day later, like mana from heaven, you post a well done guide with leveling tips. I like Purifier but get tired of always casting and standing on the seal so I think this will be fun.


I’m totally loving this build - just hit 94 this afternoon so I could start using the pistols and it’s as fun as I hoped. I’ve been bummed that pistol builds seem so inferior to my Purifier they weren’t much fun to play. This seems to be an exception.

I’ve already tried a few devotion paths while finishing the main game content - I’ll post a few thoughts after more thorough experience.

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Updated with SR 65-66 run, damage loss on brimstone via conduit change is noticeable and not sure why ranged builds needed any nerfs in general. They are still like the worst archetype in the game, even though this build is pretty decent. Builds like this definitely fare better in SC though.

SC is what noobs like me play, softcore :face_vomiting:

whats a viable stand-in for Ravager’s Dreadgaze? I really wanna try this and I got all the items except for RD as I’m currently unable to kill Ult Ravager atm lmao.

I’m trying to replicate the devotions but I’m unable to get Rattosh and Solemn Watch! and I’m certain its not a crossroads issue D: is this because of some past changes on the current version or before? does anyone have an updated devotions pathing?