[ -] The Light Show - Vortex of Souls Primal Strike Druid | SR75+ | CR ~4:15

They are indeed!

Raise the dead is both for stats we need (primarily attack speed and attack damage converted to health) and it’s a different type of RR from arcane bomb, so we get further resist reduction.

For binding I put it on medal augment movement skill, rahn’s might in this case. It has good enough proccing ability and skeletons have decent life time

Makes sense! Thank you, I’ll give that a try!

Insane looking build my computer will melt if I play this lol

I have this lined up for the ranged two handed savagery mission of mine https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YZem4ErZ
Basically what I did with Elgoloth, but with vortex rifle, and another ring and belt for aether to ligthning conversion.

EDIT: was able to a few very decent SR80 clears with this build. I would say it is between my Elgoloth and my Desolator variant when it comes to single damage and aoe. Maybe Blood rager helm that gives 30% more weapon damage to savagery can be good here?

I’m new to Grim Dawn. What skills am I suppose to bind the procs from devotions to?

Whoops, updated the link with binds


Nice changes in 1.1.9 to test for this now. Hydra adjustments, veilkeeper options, and some skill point adjustments that can happen. Expecting better performance and hopefully keep up with that jerkface @Valinov and his upheaval druid series

Should have an update ready for end of weekend


I have bought the game, a couple of days ago, with all the DLCs and stuff and found the Primal Strike lightning very fun indeed, but i never found an updated effective build and i have to thank you a lot for bringing this up.

I love the spell so much and your build is awesome!

Hey, is there any way to get Hydra while still having Ultos + Spear + Arcane Bomb?

I’ve headbashed the GT for the past 2 hrs and I feel I’m going insane.

I’ve tried balancing those 4, while keeping Revenant, but it turns out it is a result-less pain.

You can have those 5 devotions you mentioned,
but you need to lose Solemn Watcher.
Purple for Hydra best taken from Wraith.

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I thought the same, as I dropped the SW first, and also combined Wraith into the mix, but the main issue is recombining the costs around this change to be able to actually move them properly, cuz if I move the points from the tower to the wraith, I also have to move around/drop others in order to have the amount of points and total affinity combination to get the rest

Here you have 2 setups:

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Can’t heart you enough, haha

Thank you so much!

Thanks @tqFan!

I tested 3 different devo routes this weekend in SR, all with hydra added in. Spear+Ultos, Spear+Korvaak, Tempest+Ultos. Crucible tests pending to judge any speed differences, but in SR they all felt about the same speed. Tempest had the potential for slightly quicker kill times when I watched nemesis attack cycles, but not consistent due to the additional % chance lightning bonus. Any of these should be slightly faster now in 1.1.9 with the attack speed added to hydra

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Roman cooking with gas now on the updated devo map: Hydra, Tempest, Ultos.


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OMFG Thanks a lot for the new update, that Devo sure is juicy!

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DA is still way too high

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I made this guy to test him out. Very fun. I called him “Gun with Nature.” Druids are supposed to be nice bois.

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Is Seal of Corruption actually better than Hell’s Bane Ammo? I’ve been using HBA for now and I love it, but I might consider SOC if it’s worth it.

Either is fine. Hell’s bane gives a bit more base damage, corruption ability adds aoe (not really needed here ldo) and some defense with the slow debuff on it.

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Have you tried this setup of skills and devotions?

Why didn’t you bring Viper to the build with a high %weapon damage skill? This is a" must have " devotion in any elemental builds with a high percentage of WD on the skill.

And a small, but extremely useful tip: if you make builds with Arcanist with a low DA, I highly recommend investing in Arcane Will.