[ -] The Light Show - Vortex of Souls Primal Strike Druid | SR75+ | CR ~4:15

I briefly tried reckless power when @Crittrain and I were going hard on druid options, but switched back pretty quickly. GT sheet damage is up a bit on your layout, but iirc GT does not factor in the 33% of 609% damage bump (or with current layout the additional 30% of 250% on tempest as well). The crit damage difference bumps total damage 9.3% when plugged into the calculator. I think I’d try to lean hard into the attack speed advantage going with reckless, similar to what aether VoS PS looks like on ritualist. Also makes me realize I need to fish for more OA when I come back to this again.

The devo layout I have tried. Current layout skips viper as I expect wind devils spamming hand of ultos to cover that % RR, but it’s not as sure fire application as viper I spose. That said, of the major lightning devo trees (spear + ultos, spear + korvaak, ultos + korvaak) and the less used tempest layout I have now, I don’t notice a ton of difference. I like the current tempest layout for the extra potential peak, and most importantly, because it keeps a lightning spam aesthetic! But really down to personal preference imo, the differences felt very minor.

DA concerns fall off deaf ears for me personally, I’m well into my post DA phase. Is a good call out for folks that want that higher, or adjusting devos to take solemn watcher.

Have you done any crucible or SR runs with that reckless power layout?

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I need to reiterate how great this build is. I’m inching dangerously close to the CR time. I hope to surpass it :smiley:

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Hey, I’m rather new to the game, although I’ve tried and read up on a lot of game mechanics for a bit now.

The build seems super fun, the pierce through primal strike looks awesome. I’ve just got one question : Do you have any idea how good an aether version of this build would be? I am thinking Ritualist, I’d love to try but lack the experience of actually making anything

I’ve been meaning to try this again, as despite not using WPS skills, the veilkeeper set that was introduced in 1.1.9 covers some gaps of VoS, mainly attack speed. I don’t expect it to push the same heights as lightning but it should be in a pretty good place now, certainly plenty good enough for campaign and SR75-76 runs.

Cheers, thank you! I will try to play around and see what I come up with. It’s too bad the set is focussed on WPS but it still has nice stats otherwise.

Also, is there really no need to have DA higher? Every other thing I’ve looked at seems to have DA in the ~2800 range, did something change or does this build just not need it?

Playing more in the 1.1.9 update, can definitely see a need for more DA on some builds to feel safer, but it’s still very build dependent. This builds shits on trash so fast you never really in a crit papercut situation, so you just have to survive the big hitters. So imo for crucible or SR75-76 farming (and really should just do 65-66 farming anyway), no, it doesn’t need the DA. If you want to push higher SR for giggles, or try to go after superbosses (not overly recommended since single target damage on this build is average and attack speed is relatively low) then you will absolutely want more DA. Old devo path without tempest had more DA, and beyond that you drop some offense to add in solemn watcher. Even on “high” DA need builds I generally call 2700 DA good enough unless I can get more without major offensive tradeoffs.


Bumping this for an awesome crucible run by @nofika4u! I’m taking a break until but will revisit thread then with a “safer” DA version for SR for those that want it.



Very fun build to pilot and feels great to play a strong ranged build, actually the fastest build I’ve played. Hopefully Crate continues to buff other ranged options.

Regarding low DA. Different builds build their defenses in different ways. The trade-off to reach acceptable amounts of DA for this build is not going to be pretty.
I think it’s better to stack as much HP as possible, high HP + Maiven’s works surprisingly well. For example I don’t think this build with 13k HP and 2600 DA is going to be safer than 17-18k HP 2100 DA.
Add to that; high leech, null, mirror and tons of damage and the build is quite stable. Atleast in buffed CR, I’m not interested in testing other content atm.
Ghoul would be amazing for this build though and maybe even an improvement in CR clearspeed :slight_smile:


Playing a safe version of this build is just a betrayal to its magnificence. I have leveled builds in the same vein as this, 3x on hardcore and they were impossibly good and safe af. They require such little gear as well. Literally the worst ugdengun you can find will be OP. Craft a +shaman belt or relic, and it’s game over. Ranged PS is amazing.

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hi may i know your devotion route pls?

Hey hey, should be in the link in the op unless I’m not understanding the question

And updated for!


Why do you think build should be nerfed? Seems pretty balanced imo. Nice job btw. OA dump seems fun, Stormcallers has so much beautiful crit damage.

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Crucible time is out of line, Z is aiming for 430ish with some potential outliers. Maybe it’ll live since crucible is really its niche and it’s not doing deep sr or supers, but will find out with I spose!

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hey hooo

Has anything significant changed in this build in


Nope! was a small patch, nothing impacting this build. Just haven’t updated the title yet