[] Bamm-Bamm BREAKING SKULLS - DW Pyromancer / Dummy 10s / Mad Queen 4s

I’ve been trying to make a build with Kilrian’s Skullbreaker for a long time. I tried it again with this patch - the Skullbreaker was buffed with 5% more Fire Strike weapon damage :slight_smile: Here is the result:

GRIMTOOLS (thanks to Crittrain for his tweaks)
GRIMTOOLS (more res overcap)

=[ CONCEPT ]===============
Fire Strike with 47% WPS and fire/physical/lightning to chaos damage conversion (100% fire damage conversion + 80% physical damge base conversion with Abominable Might proc 100% physical damage conversion + bit lightning damage conversion). Nice ‘N’ easy stacking flat and % damage for Bamm-Bamm-DPS.

With all Procs/Passives/Actives


=[ OFFENCE ]===============

  • 3.532 OA

  • Hard DPS through high weapon damage (138% from hardcappes FS + 50% WD from the Skullbreakers) in adition to massive % damage boost from Devotions

  • 122 Chaos-RR -> 35 Eldritch Fire + 24 Raise the Dead + 45 Hellfire Mine + 8 Combustion Band + 10 Voidheart

=[ DEFENCE ]===============

  • 3.012 DA

  • 29% physical res

  • Ghouhlish Hunger / Prismatic Rage / Bat

=[ GEAR AND ALTERNATIVES ]===============

=[ DEVOTION ]===============
Dying God, Abomination, Solael’s Witchblade, Revenant, Sailor’s Guide, Eel, Spider, Raven
More defensive: Ghoul, Bat, Hawk, Hound
More offensive: Fiend, Viper, Rat, Crossroads (blue)

=[ CRUCIBLE / SHATTERED REALM ]===============
Farming Crucible is very comfortable with this build (4 Buffs / 1 Banner). SR 65/75 viable.

==[ CONCLUSION ]==============='
No big res overcap. Oppents in close range get enough AoE-damage. But the lack of DoT und a greater AoE takes time in Crucible -> Really hard single and close combat DPS-Monster.

=[ VIDEOS ]===============
[] Mad Queen in 4s
[] Dummy in 10s
[] Kra’vall in 7s
[] Crucible Gladiator 151-170 in 6:49
[] Crucible Gladiator 151-170 in 5:25 by Crittrain
[] SR 65 in 6:18

Thanks to Crittrain for the nice Crucible run and the polish!


Good Guide. Thanks

This looks super strong and easy to play! How SR deep can it go? also, is there any replacements for shoulders/voidheart? I cant seem to get this ring for the life of me, and farming benn is hard >.<

where do you get the base 80% from physical to chaos damage? I can see 30% from 2 weapons and 30% from consecrated blade passive.

Also 20% from the Seals of the Void.

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Added SR65 run. This is not a deep SR farmer but SR65/75 viable if you overcap res (added an additional GT-link). My standard setup is optimzed for buffed Crucible runs.

Added more alternative gear (for your problem with shoulders/ring).

Build updated (more DA 2.812 -> 3.012)

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Nice. EoR type of sheet damage :wink:

Cool build=) Any reason for Doom bolt onepointer? You can buind AM to any wps or even that darkblaze skill.

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I could suggest maybe a little better version :slight_smile: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/vNQXoQ8Z

Looks like a straight downgrade tbh @Veno


So I admittedly didn’t watch all the crucible video, but the first half or so pretty clearly pointed out AoE is the bottleneck for crucible times on this, since the single target is legit sexy. Was going to toy around with other devo routes tonight and see what fiend or otherwise could do to make that up. However, didn’t see any of that in your adjustments. Curious what you think the major improvements are. You do pick up some sweet racial but lose RR, bat conversion, fire strike line points, and no longer capped fire conversion outside of fire strike

Enjoyed your build @Poisonman2 , Couple small tweaks I did to help in crucible clear.


The upside of the build is the insane damage.So i tryed not to lose damage and gain some sustain like Phoenix fire, High potency and more deffensive ability.After all the game is not only Crucible…

You got no flat RR because of losing Revenant. If you want more sustain Wendigo would be a nice way to get it.

Ofc i have… check Agonizing flames…Also its much better working then Revenant.

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That’s what I get for looking at builds at 11pm after being sick the whole day. My apologies.

For some reason the proc chance of Abominable Might was 100% with Doom Bolt (the time i made the build) together with Harbinger’s Grasp and +7 skillpoints it was worth in my eyes. You can skip it and bind AM elsewhere if that’s too many buttons for you.

Really good job! Excellent piloting. Not taking Ghoul and Bat is difficult for my piloting skill. Is it ok for you if i add your version and your run?


Absolutely man its your build, I myself dont feel ghoul or bat is needed but all I do is run crucible for SR my setup is/probably terrible. I do know when you have this much wep dmg that fiend is amazing and leeches great.

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hmmm is it not good to have 9% lifestealth for a DW character?

Hey. Great build you got there! Can i please get a file of the tweaked version to take for a spin?