[] Chaos Burst Sorcerer -> Crucible 5:00 (4:55 buff)/ SR95/ Crate killer/ 75-76 farmer

Hello, this my first chaos build posted. It’s sorcerer utilizing BWC and mortar traps for dealing damage. Build is very hard to play (compared to my other builds), squishy and I do not suggest beginners to follow it (until you want have fun on 65-66 shards or something). Whole defense is based on behemoth, timing mirror, timing potion and not getting hit - like dodging attack animations of Reapers who are our true nemesis.
Why did I choose Sorcerer over Pyromancer or Purifier? Because absorbtion and mirror from Arcanist tree provide enough defense to survive so we can invest a lot into damaging devotions, components and auguments. Except it arcanist increase our OA, crit, some flat and % chaos and gives CDR for our burst BWC casting.

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2dz5JJZ - main setup which I tested and recorded videos.

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/wV1vPmYZ - setup for players who care less about damage, speed and eventually want to enjoy build with less stress. Changed devotion route, got Bat, Ghoul and more DA.

Choices which I want to explain:
Weapon - Blade of the Black Flame vs Grimfate (popular choice for Infernal Knight). With current devotion route Black Flame works better because of conversion - we hit more with meteors, flame torrents and convert more flat fire into chaos. Difference in Crucible was around 15-20 seconds average.

Amulet - converted chaos mortars gives additional damage and help a lot with kiting. Chaos has no real dot so in bad situation we can’t just rely on cooldowned BWC. They are very good at procing meteors either.

Gloves and Offhand - for more mortars.

Boots - Defensive choice. Except 15% physical resistances it cap our reduced trap duration. We don’t want to be catched into Ben’jahr prison with reapers charging on us.

Pants - Grava’thul leggins for +3 agonizing flames. Aim for Demonic prefix + dmg/oa/da/resistances suffix. For no rare choice Demonbane Legplates are okay, may require changing components and auguments for resistances.

Crucible 5:00 (4:55 buff) - average 5:2x, require being careful, I had to practice build a little to be consistent.

SR 95 showcase - method to cheese Iron Maiden with so squishy caster build on conclave map is there.

Crate boss - easy fight.

SR 80 full room - stick to 75-76 with agroabuse or 65-66 for less stress.

Horrible 170ex naked run - I don’t know how to speedrun it and I had to fight for life with double reapers in last wave. Lack of Dots is very painful in kiting.



Chaos mortars look dope! Nice one. You might wanna try a phys res prefix on the book. It’s only a ~50% chaos damage loss for more sturdiness.

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Thanks! Mods on book are pretty flexible, however I went full damage because Mirror makes it possible :stuck_out_tongue: Other devotion route which I showed in second setup would make it easier to play but will be probably ~30-40 seconds slower or something like that.

Very interesting build!

Chaos Sorc but not build around Arcanist skill like AAR and Demo just for support. Actually is the opposite and Arcanist is the second class.

Your performance is also very good.

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Thanks! Arcanist tree allowed me to go with maximum damage on devotions as I said and still be consistent. I would say arcanist as solo tree is currently #1.

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It’s the most balanced without any doubt. Although Demo have the sheer offensive arsenal, full of offensive spells. Arcanist CDR Star Pact, absorb, fail-safe mechanic in Mirror, massive OA, spirit, racial bonus, cast speed, just beautiful!

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