>< Chaos DW Melee. Dark Side of the Sorceress. SR 75-76 No Greens

Hi everyone, me again and another melee Sorcerer :slight_smile: Behold Joan of Arc, The Warrior Witch.

Images from the game with perma buffs and Abominable Might proc


:fire::fire:GRIMTOOLS LINK:fire::fire:

Gear & Devotion Explanation

Gears : I choosed SR set, since there is no melee chaos gear supports both class and also to be more tanky.

I had to use Entropic Coil instead Voidheart to overcap acid resistance.

Direwolf Crest is for racial damage and build has %90+ pierce>chaos conversion so atleast we convert the flat damage and proc so it’s better than Korvaak’s Brand.

Voidsteel Gauntlets also for resistances mostly, I’m aware Harbinger’s Grasp would be better but build needs both Chaos and Acid Resist.

and the other gears are kinda BiS.

Devotions : I choosed Abomination instead Dying God here since we have some physical damage to convert and it has lower CD so I get better results with it, also balancing resistance overcaps are easier with this path, it also gives extra max acid resist.

Build converts most of the Bat’s damage to chaos so it provides very nice sustain.

Scales is for both survival and flat RR, again build converts more than half of it’s damage to chaos so provides very good sustain.

4 points in Wolverine to get 3k+ DA, since the build has low armor and low phys resist getting crit by hard hitters hurt really bad. But you can take oklaine to get more damage instead of it and use extra 2 points in somewhere else.

2 Points in Ulzuin’s Torch for mostl Chaos Resist but OA bonus also makes it over 3.1k.

Build has -%108 RR and 25 flat RR from scales so with good AS it compensates the lack of flat chaos.

SR 76 Images

Build also SR 170 viable with 3 buffs and 1 banner without speedrun. But I didn’t record it so no video means I can’t tag it on the title. And I guess build can be adjusted for speedrun since buffs and stonewall banner can fix your Resists/Health/DA though I don’t expect less than 6 mins result.

Worst enemy is obviously Reaper of the Lost, hits hard and dies slow. Also low chaos resistance overcap means danger againts Grava and Benn. Aleksander’s Meteor also can kill you so beware those. Actually beware all hard physical hitters :rofl:

Build also has a chance to kill Ravager, tried for fun but managed to lower it’s health to %30; I will try to kite a little to use MoE and Ghoul procs twice after he enraged. With consumables it seemed possible to me.


Nice idea combining chaos&SR set.

Joan of Arc should be burn Blade Arc though :smile:

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Thanks. Well, can’t think of a Commando/Warlord/Tactician named Joan of Arc but why not :rofl:

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Chiming in to say this is a pretty creative, awesome build. I feel like the components were a little stinky but can maybe be improved with the resistance augment buffs in, so I’m going to take a run at it tonight because for some reason I have a hard-on for melee sorcerer builds!


So I’m kitted up for this build this weekend and it’s a lot of fun so far. I went with BWC instead of Flashbang due to the changes to Demon Fire that now debuff enemy damage. This means the Entropic Coil actually works better for the build than Voidfire would now, Poison/Acid resist cap aside.

Still not seeing anywhere near your screen capped damage numbers, though, but that’s probably because I have to level up the Abominable Might devotion from scratch :slight_smile:

Reasonable. Though no one really likes it, a serious amount of damage comes from static strike’s lightning damage, it’s fully converted; with 16 skill points it provides 176 chaos damage for single attack, not sure is it distributed aoe with explosive strike though but atleast every 3/4 hit you deal serious amount of damage and the DPS tooltip shows that number by per second average. So with Voidspire and invested Static Strike+ Abominable Might you should see those numbers. That’s actually why I didn’t take the BWC, there wasn’t enough skill points left to invest Static Strike. Though you can remove them from VF and Temper but remind that Flashbang also provides Fumble and Temper’s physical damage converted to chaos with AM.

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