[] Peaceful warrior: no attack, no spell attack, no retal meme Purifier build. 150-170 clear (+actually strong, endgame-viable version)

How do you have Solemn Watcher and Ultos in there? Both require 10 Primordial points, but I can only see 7 - 4 from Hound and 3 from Viper. None of the other constellations give you any for that affinity. :thinking:

Solemn watcher gives 3 blue (and 2 yellow) upon completion so it is a self-sustaining devotion.

Yes, but it requires 10 to unlock it.

You need to get 10 blues before you start Solemn watcher, like getting the entire Eel. Then when you have Solemn watcher completed, you can refund the entire Eel constellation at spirit guide :slight_smile:

EDIT: I meant getting eel, hound AND viper

Yeah, brain’s probably not in gear yet. Just trying to work out some pathing to give the build a try.

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Started one of these today and it’s fun watching monsters bash on you and then die. :rofl:


Gonna try this in the ungrim version of Grimarillion, but paired with Earth mastery instead of Inquisitor. Should get even MOAR fire fun. :upside_down_face:

hi, i am very interested in your build. Can u give us a guide on leveling? Which skills to prioritize? please help!

It’s pretty obvious - Vindictive Flame and Ulzuin’s Wrath since they’re your main damage dealers.

Devotion path I’ve got:

Quill, Hound, Jackal, Behemoth (Aura of Censure), Hawk, Viper, Eel, Solemn Watcher, reclaim points from Eel, put a point into O, Phoenix, Chariot (Flame Touched), Ultos (5 pts only), Scholar’s Light, Remove P, C & E from Crossroads, Torch (6 pts).

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Vindictive flame is probably not easiest / fastest way to level compared to Word of Pain and Blackwater cocktail.

Well, I’m not into fastest and I also don’t like levelling with skills I’m not planning to use later. I start with what I plan to finish with. No reason others can’t use other skills to do so though, that’s their choice.

Did you farm any low level Gollus rings for vindictive flame skill bonus? :slight_smile:

Nope Stashed it. I don’t bother with farming. But my character isn’t high enough to wear them yet anyway.

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thanks for the guide, so my next question is what weapon stats do u focus on? fire or lightning?

Having fun with this, just reached L94 and able to equip the endgame items. It’s the first build I’ve actually wanted to use XP potions with to level up faster. Now I’m ready to see it in all it’s glory. :smile:

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Small update with non-meme version which includes some active skills



Is this kinky?

this is a very cool idea. Does it need an update to, or is it still playable as is?

I think it is