[] Peaceful warrior: no attack, no spell attack, no retal meme Purifier build. 150-170 clear (+actually strong, endgame-viable version)

Time and time again my soldiers have died in Crucible. I finally got the message: actually you don’t need to fight in the arena. You need to find peace. Enjoy the sights of the grim dungeon. Get some slappin on your right butt-cheek and don’t forget to turn the left. The monsters will see the way of Jesus and calm down. Eventually.

(dps is shown for 22/12 prayer)
<< Grimtools >>
Also possible greenless with shaman belt but this is more comfortable, any Ordas belt with some bonus res will do.

<<<< 150-170 clear >>>>
Notice the timer ran out only on 170

The build:

When i was playing with some stuff in GT i noticed how ridiculous is the dmg of 22/12 Ulzuin’s Wrath. My wet dream of aura-only dmg build was about to become a reality.

The challenge is: no attack, no attacking spell, no offensive proc, no retal. Dmg must come only from aura-like stuff (and autocasts from the gear but aura must be the main). There is some retal dmg, it’s very hard to build with 0 retal. But it’s not scaled thus meaningless.

Not sure if my way is the best way to stack auras, there are quite a few options. But Agrivix appeared to be very potent despite fire -> aether conversion because of RR.

Tried it in SR75 as well. Coming to boss room with timer up is no problem but if the boss room has several guys with stun you’ll die to stun even with capped stun res.

The gameplay:


Things to be aware of:

Take caution. If you play this thing long enough you may find peace and never touch a weapon again for thy soul is pure and mean no harm no more.

In the end, everyone is a sinner:


So you are converting some Fire into Aether, some Fire into Lightning and some Aether (which you have none of) into Fire? Why not take Ruby of Gardal amulet and Spear of Heavens? This is a very confusing build, even for a meme.


So would you say Prayer Flicking is a necessity for the build?

He has Aether on VF. Dunno if getting that Aether justifies losing some Fire, though.

Fire into aether is not intended, it’s just there on Agrivix set, can’t do anything about it. Aether is converted because there is 210-420 aether dmg to Vindictive Flame. Can’t take another amulet because full set gives RR.

A whole another combination of items can give better aura. Haven’t thought too hard on it, as well as on the devotion tree. But i tried to stay away from offensive procs.

I mean, I understand you did for the memes, but, you could squeeze out quite a bit more out of zero-attack skill concept imo ))

I don’t have full knowledge of the game items yet, never played “caster” and probably never will, i could have missed a lot of stuff. I just saw the opportunity. And it kinda works. You certantly gain more from Agrivix than you lose from the conversion.

Tbh i didn’t expect someone criticizing this joke. :laughing: But you are welcome to improve it. Memes are only good when optimized.

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How no one gave this a <3 until me just now is beyond me. Dude, awesome build, awesome idea- love the originality of it! Also love your illusions. Dude looks like a door-to-door priest. I can tell you gave this character a lot of love man, it shows. Consider your inspiration to have spread!


Nice! I just wish they revert that nerf on ascendant scepters so we can get 0 cd vindictive flames again.

This is a cool concept, though there had been some better attempts in the past. I bet you can easily double your dps with some tweaks. Search for Human torch and auradin on this forum and YouTube.

I looked for those. There are builds with aura as a big part of the damage, but they all include offensive skills as well, to benefit from the devotion procs. My build uses no offensive skills (two skills at total - Word of Renewal and Displacement) and no offensive devotion procs. The dmg here comes specifically from auras.

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Just to underline what you said- That is EXACTLY what makes your build an original concept and, for me at least, super inspiring on the creativity spectrum. This makes your build stand out, apart from the normal builds that are boxed in by conventional judgments. Your primary attack button is only the move-to command! Granted I haven’t searched super hard for anything like this, but yours is the first I have ever seen that uses no offensive skills and STILL manages to kick ass in style.

Its builds like these that just make me want to keep brewing more and more characters. Time and time again I see the insane replay value in this game. Grim Dawn is a classic and will be forever timeless. I’ll be playing this damn game for decades.


Thank you for your kind words!

Yeah, this game inspires creativity. It doesn’t have perfect balance, which is virtually impossible with so many mechanics, but you can make a lot of gimmicky stuff that will at least work in endgame.

Btw remember that full dodge build we were discussing several months ago? I actually made the 99% dodge 80% deflect build with Valdun. But it doesn’t quite work fo Crucible because the majority of the dmg there comes from spells. Still, standing infront of 4 bosses missing all their attacks puts a smile on your face.

The only thing missing that would make that more meme, would be customizable battle sayings.

For example, in your case it would be fun if your toon said “peace be with you” each time you got hit and proc’d Vindictive. Or something like that.


The devotion path is fairly decent defensively since you literally just afk or alt tab until the game/round/SR finishes or whatever, but at least grab arcane bomb imo.

This build literally does like 100 damage to ele resist + aetherwarped modifier. Also the support + timewarped would be a nightmare to deal with.

Also no points in thermite mine? technicially it is not an attack and u can build to ultos for extra afk abilities :wink:

Nah, mine still does dmg. Initially i was going to max seal for prime afk time but the seal also does dmg i.e. offensive spell. Offense is not christian.

supporting ur none violence.

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This was precisely what I wanted to do, but never got around to doing.

My suggestion - use this weapon, and lose the amulet.

The aether conversion gimps the build too hard

EDIT: I think the gloves gimps the build too

You lose the RR and attacks from wisps though, then you basically doing no damage.

Stormfire seal, and crown fixes RR.

for the purpose of the meme with no attacks, thats not gonna happen lol. Otherwise you’d slowly go on full offensive.

TBH just add thermite mine and seal and you’d afk and solo the entire game bar some superbosses.

The proper auramancer had motars IIRC.