[] Peaceful warrior goes on the offensive

If you roam your library alone at nights you might stumble upon an ancient tome full of forbidden knowledge. Curiosity above caution, dark thoughts come creeping in and before you know it your soul is not so pure anymore…

This is a variation of the Purifier auramancer build but DW Saboteur with the new set. Lots of different items but the idea is the same - low cd Vindictive Flame as the main source of dmg.

Not a build guide, i don’t do that anymore, just sharing smth i’ve made with the new set.


Sabo :dancing_women: yay

My aurafier I’m working on has only done a 5:45 so far. Jeez this version hits like a truck!

Why are you not using Fire Strike in the SR video? :sweat_smile:

Cause it’s not needed. AFK build is AFK AF

really makes me curious how far full passive “aura Sabo” can be pushed with this set. Given the conversion on Night’s Chill +mines RR, and stacking Elemental Awakening + blade spirit instead of firestrike/dw wps and SS
“only” downside i’m eyeing is the set blocks slots for a few item granted auras :sweat_smile:

I know its not needed, but let me phrase it opposite then, what is CR like with AFK AF? :sweat_smile:

I’m currently trying to capture that on my build haha

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I love the looks of it! I even have all the gear, but different affixes.

How important are the double rares for this build and what could be used instead?

These are all single rares.

(I don’t like and use the convention that MI also gives 1 x rare)

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the scepters you can vendor shop abuse from Hyram. Not excactly these prefixes are needed you can make both less good and even better version. Just focus on overcapping resistances first, CC res and get good OA/DA

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Thanks a lot for the info!

What affixes would that require?

Someone have tryed chaos fire strike version? Atm i am lvling this one https://www.grimtools.com/calc/aZq0woMV

FS version isn’t exactly ‘‘Peaceful Warrior’’ but here my version https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNk77mlN