[] [Sentinel] Vanguard of Solael

Stats shown with passives, Blood of Dreeg, Hungering Void, Abominable Might and Ascension active. Sheet DPS is Doom Bolt.


Setup I use

Amulet/Medal are forged for Armour. Head is forged for Stun resistance.

Probably BiS Setup

Same crafts are recommended here as well.

I’d recommend forging 1-2 pieces for Stun resistance and the others for armour or any other desired bonus.

Build Concept

  • Guardian of Empyrion was the initial idea for this character. To be specific, it is all about converting it’s damage to Chaos.
  • This is done through 100% Fire damage converted to Chaos from our belt/off-hand and our weapon, components and Consecrated Blade totalling 65% Physical damage converted to Chaos. Abominable Might completes this at 100%.
  • To support them, we make use of fully converted Sigils and Doom Bolts which combined with out Guardians and several other converted gear/devotion procs results in pretty high amounts of damage.
  • Defense comes from Possession providing % damage absorption, Ascension providing flat damage absorption and Resilience acting as a circuit breaker.
  • Sustain comes from Twin Fangs converted to Chaos damage bound to our Sigils, Flame Torrent with decent weapon damage and 9% ADCtH on our Guardians is no slouch either. We also sport 19% increased healing received that skyrockets to 50% under Resilience.


Sigil of Consumption (Twin Fangs): Our main method of health recovery and a significant chunk of area damage.
Doom Bolt (Abominable Might): High single target damage to help speed up Bosses.
Bloody Pox (Raise the Dead): Lowers our enemies chance to hit/crit us by a large amount.
Blood of Dreeg: Provides a myriad of stat buffs including offensive ability and an on-demand heal.
Guardians of Empyrion (Flame Torrent): Our main source of AoE damage and a decent contributor to single target damage. They’re also good for picking off stragglers.
Ascension: Provides a boost to damage and flat damage absorption for defense while active.
Solael’s Flame (Hungering Void): Increases our damage output by debuffing our enemies.
Vire’s Cascade (Eldritch Fire): Primarily and reliably spreads Eldritch Fire through crowds and single targets. Also our main method of applying weapon-based effects like energy leech.

Solael’s Witchfire: 1 pointers for access to Consecrated Blade and some extra damage.
Possession: Provides defense through the skill disruption resistance, % damage absorption and more damage.
Presence of Virtue: Provides us with more offensive ability, health and increases all healing we receive from our life steal and potions.
Void Weapons: Increases our Chaos damage.
Severed Faith: Increases our Chaos damage and provides some useful stat buffs.

Resist Reduction

Raise the Dead: Provides 24 reduced target’s resistances so long as the skeletons continue to attack.
Eldritch Fire: Provides -35% Chaos resistance as a debuff that spreads like a contagion.
Solael’s Flame: Provides -10% Chaos resistance as a debuff in an area.
Guardian of Empyrion: Provides -15% Chaos resistance to all enemies in an area around the Guardians. It’s melee swings do not trigger it and at least 1 point in Celestial Presence is required for it to work.
Fiend’s Gaze: Provides -15% Chaos resistance as a debuff to enemies in an area.

If playing the BiS version, two additional sources below can be included:

Voidheart: Provides -10% Chaos resistance as a debuff.
Vire’s Cascade: With an ‘of the Abyss’ weapon, it provides ~10% reduced target’s resistance.

In total, this leaves us at 24 reduced target resistance and -75% Chaos resistance (or -85% for the BiS version). Effectively, -99% or -109% Chaos resistance.

10% reduced enemy resistance can also be applied as mentioned with an of the Abyss weapon which changes in effectiveness with enemy resistance so is mentioned separately.


Enough in Spirit to equip our off-hand, rest in Physique for much needed health and defensive ability.


When a fight starts place down a Sigil immediately - it’s your main source of recovery so you want it active ASAP. Debuff with Solael’s Flames and Bloody Pox and alongside your Sigils, keep them active at all times. Use Vire’s Cascade to spread Eldritch Fire and keep it up as another of your debuffs and finally, use a single Doom Bolt to trigger Abominable Might if it is not active. This is enough to clear crowds of common enemies.

For Heroes and above, follow the same steps except you now want to concentrate Doom Bolts squarely on the meatiest targets but watch your energy supply. Energy is the reason we have to be a bit more conservative with our Doom Bolts and cannot spam them so freely on crowds as we will eventually run out and have to use an energy potion. Generally I find I only need them in prolonged encounters that use a lot of Doom Bolts.

Keep Blood of Dreeg up all the time. Ascension can be used for a damage boost or an extra layer of defense that is effective against crowds and DoTs as you need it.




I like the illusionist job on this one :slight_smile: I hate when people post builds and don’t give it a proper look at the illusionist.