[] The Lasermancer -- Doom bolt Clairvoyant Warlock


Disclaimer : the build got consequently nerfed in, I need to redo the devotions to compensate as now it struggles again with Reaper…

The Clairvoyant Warlock, updated and optimized for high SR shards :stuck_out_tongue:

Over the last patches, AAR got nerfed but Doom Bolt was buffed, so I adapted and focused on Doom Bolt to design a more kiting build, with the objective to tackle SR. The end result can facetank most nemesis, and kite the rest thanks to good defenses and leech. Only 2 MIs are used, the affixes are there to cover resistances thus are flexible.

:arrow_forward: Grimtools link :arrow_backward:


Doom Bolt is the main damage dealer, with a cooldown below 2s and possible cooldown resets, and AAR is our filler spell to leech hp. The other spells are the usual utility warlock offers, making the build light on buttons.
The movement skill is a matter of preference, disengage runes may be the best choice now that they work correctly. Displacement is the fastest move, Fallen Kings has the lowest cooldown.


  • Reaper
    The most dangerous threat of the build : he hits hard and resists aether a lot, outhealing him is tricky. With my latest changes, he can be facetanked at SR75 under neutral mutators, but keep a finger on your Mirror button, you can kite and take him down with Doom Bolt if things get spicy.
  • Some foes like Slathsarr, Grava, or Kaisan require some repositioning, use your space efficiently not to aggro the rest of the room, they are dangerous enough on their own.
  • Aetherwarped mutator
    The build’s worst nightmare, negating the already low RR of the build. In SR, use the camera trick and kite Reaper if you get it.


Levelling a warlock with aether damage is a bit gimmicky, I’ll see in 1.1.8 if I can make one that isn’t just a solo arcanist using Blood of Dreeg. Until then, I advise levelling with chaos damage, following my beginner guide :


  • update 28/08 : changed devotions (-Bat, -4points Dying God, +Wendigo, +Imp), hardcapped Possession, more attributes in spirit : the damage is a little better and Reaper can now be properly handled.

Please link any gameplay if you have it. Doesn’t have to be high tier or perfect. Just playstyle

Very nice for an Aether build, I forgot you can afford the -1.5s gloves.

Doom Bolt casters be like

Great build :+1:


I figured a way to get some 1080p60, so I added a video of SR80 with aetherwarped and Reaper :stuck_out_tongue:
It should demonstrate the ability to facetank with Valdaran and that beetle boss, and the looong kiting against Reaper, and yes I use nullification a lot, I don’t know if it matters a lot but I try to negate Reaper’s savagery with it.

oops, it’s added now ! I just don’t know how to embed it properly…

You need normal link, like www.youtube.com/watch etc not the short one
Also video need to be already processed by YT

It’s fixed :ok_hand:

Very nice!
HC viable? I want to try this build for hc i think…

The final build is very resilient, but there’s no way to level a warlock with aether damage, the aether support comes from the set, so you’d have to level another way…
Chaos damage comes to mind, AAR + Doom Bolt has support for it while levelling, you could add some sigils of consumption for extra leech and safety, but I’m not confident it would be HC viable :confused:

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Why Possession not Reckless Power.

Large defensive bonus > Small offensive bonus on this context

why not put in 6 more points to get 3% more damage reduction then? I feel the skill points could use some tweaks - I personally won’t soft cap nullification and mirror

Minor tweakings are a matter of preference, my gameplay is very messy so I use null and mirror a lot thus I hardcapped them, a better player could use those skill points for more damage with Vulnerability, Devastation… and put more attributes in spirit.
It’s up to you, I just play (too) safe.

Sorry maybe I wasn’t clear - I meant putting 6 more points into possession, so you get a total of 41% damage reduction from possession+maiven sphere instead of 38%.
I love class combos with double damage reduction passives, add in some flat reduction from devotion / item procs and build is very strong defensively.

How do you move that 6 points depends - I personally would move points from nullification, but like you said if one feels like playing more safe they can remove points from offensive passives.

I also feel lv 7 CoF has good enough radius, but it all depends on personal preference

Edit: I forgot to say: very solid build, I will definitely tweak my warlock to try this out.

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Damage absorption stacks multiplicatively, not additively. Just one thing to keep in mind if you’re playing a warlock. So I think 15/12 Maiven’s and 12/12 possession calculates to about 34.5% absorption, not the assumed 38%


Exact Snazz, those 6 points in Possession represent 2.3% more absorption, definitely worth it.
Thanks for the feedback snickers, I’ll move 3 points from CoF to Vulnerability and 6 from Nulllification to Possession :+1:

For you crucible enthusiasts, my boy @romanN1 tweaked the warlock to optimize the damage for crucible. The result : a good 5:15 run with a fully purple setup.

The major changes :

  • Wendigo + Behemoth devotions, so you can outheal Reaper.
  • Reckless Power for more damage.
  • Spirit dump

Thanks Roman :heart: