[] The purple/green Bonemonger! Aether procs Apostate CR+/SR 75


It’s rare to see builds focusing on purple/green devotion path using Seru+Seekers. And we see this type of a build, it’s usually elemental build. This one is not though. Aether build with full elemental to a aether conversion focused on having offensive procs… lot’s of them. End result is really fun and strong build actually. And that’s Apostate, which isn’t that good of a class usually.


  • pic with permanent buffs, damage is for Chain Lightning

GRIM TOOLS > https://www.grimtools.com/calc/b28b6qqZ


Key is Bonemonger set, which is tailored for Apostate class. Also weapon+rings convert fully elemental damage to aether with slightly above rolls. Pants&Boots for stun and slow. Belt is for much needed vitality to aether conversion. Relic have nice proc and medal is actually pretty impressive, since I use both Pain and Box. Off-hand and gloves increase my OA. OA/DA are low, but I have big amounts of shred.


Seekers+Seru doing fully aether damage, really nice! Also Bat&Phoenix for defense. Decided to skip flat RR devotion, is present on scepter anyway.

Damage Sources:


  • Chain Lightning
  • Storm Box
  • Word of Pain
  • Aether Corruption
  • Inquisitor Seal
  • Siphon Souls
  • Will of Kings Augment
  • Ill Omen

Devotion procs:

  • Arcane Currents
  • Elemental Seeker
  • Twin Fangs
  • Phoenix Fire
  • Aetherfire
  • Arcane Bomb

Item procs

  • Bonemonger set
  • Magelord rings
  • Relic’s
  • Scepter’s


In Crucible build smashes all trash mobs, even most aetherials aren’t a problem, despite no racial damage bonus. Big RR and damage helps with that. Because lack of Ghoul and other circuit breakers, you have to be aware of burst damage. Otherwise multiple layers of defense makes it very safe. Times are around 5:20 on average, my fastest run of 5:07:

In SR performance is a bit erradic, depends on spawns. 65/66 farming should be easy, although 75 is also possible. Video from 75th wave, boss chunk.


Love your proc builds nery! Have to give it a try if I can ever get that scepter to drop…

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Thanks you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Scepter is tough drop, sadly. If you don’t have it, you can use Blaze Herald weapon + Mythcial Reaper of Acursed off-hand but this won’t reach full conversion from elemental.

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I don’t have an Apostate yet, and have all the gear for this one except belt, I’ll certainly give this build a try. I really, really liked your Ultos Vinicator build.

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Brilliant proc build. Love to see the aether Storm Box and Chain Lightning at work.

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Apostate isn’t easy class for leveling, not sure how I would do it.


Aether Box is fun and also medal is nice fit here.

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Word of Pain and Storm Box with Siphon will do some really hard work leveling up. My Purifier was lightning based, but she used nothing but Word of Pain, Storm Box and Chain Lightning all the way through SR 65 with no gear to speak of. As long as you can kite you can get away with a lot.


Surprisingly strong build, great job, Nery!

I would only change binds: Bat to Storm Box and Imp to whatever. Might lose 5 seconds in Crucible, but sustain will be on another level imo.



Imp to box is like machine gun. And Seal is adequate enough to proc Bat. In SR makes more sense, since in Crucible build have enough sustain. But sound advice.

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Well yeah, if build is consistent in Crucible with current binding than Bat to Seal is enough, especially with that lowered cd on Seal.

It’s just Bat to Storm Box with converted bat is one of my favourite bindings combos ever, I think. It’s just so powerful and satisfying.


Woo got the scepter! Is this your favorite build using Decree of Aldrich @Nery?

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Perhaps, since the build’s using the scepter in different way that’s intended. Here’s more standard usage:

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I’ve been leveling up using aether drain essence. It has been OK but a little mana hungry. I will be adding Word of Pain for the RR.

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Drain Essence isn’t popular leveling skill but makes sense for Apostate. Without Arcanist it’s normal to struggle a bit with the energy cost.

I am leveling this build too. I decided to go elemental and switch to aether later. I have some grimtools from sharing with friends so may help you also:




Note: I do have quite a twink stash. I did not find most of the gear during leveling…

Energy management became a nonissue once I got Scales of Ulcama.

Gieb file pls NerySAN! Good job!

Sorry for the delay, here you are!

_MatrixX.zip (1.4 MB)