[] Tiny Silver Hammers - Physical spam ABB Dervish [SR95] [5.20 Crucible]


Definitely not the way set was designed to be

How does this work?
  • The reason why all those physical “memes” perform so well is because converted physical damage ignores armor (example).
  • --Doesn’t convertion on Crusher mess up whole damage?
    – Not really. Most important part of the damage is already converted to physical. But still, the less conversions’ value is - the better.
Gear explanation

Gear crafted for %Physique

  • Targo’s Craft - core items. Try to get as high conversions’ value as possible.
  • Amarastan Crusher - core item, allows to spam ABB. Try to get as small conversions’ value as possible.
  • Whatever Ilgorr’s Eternal Curse of whateverness - Absolute BiS.
  • Black Matriarch - BiS for any physical build.
  • Gargabol’s ring of alacrity - prefix doesn’t matter much. Can be replaced with Menhirian or Ring of Sethris.
  • Will of the Blade - The best physical amulet for NB (The only one, tbh.)
  • Deathstalker - mainly because of -% phys resistance and stats.
  • Iceskorn Talons - 26% crit damage for ABB, 19% AS, +2 to LA (crucial) and flat frostburn. Can be replaced with Obsidian Grasp though.
  • Formidable Kuba’s Chausses - +3 to LA.
  • Double rare boots of banana_peel’s flurry - the least important slot, easily can be replaced with Windshear Greaves.
  • Gladiator’s Distinction - S C A L E S.
Shattered Realm performance

Here’s SR95 bossroom

And SR90

Crucible performance

The best run so far:

My thoughts about Targo’s set and physical ABB


You’re using the set and the skills it’s designed for…looks like mission accomplished.

Man, you guys are Obsessed with this. You do realize that if it didn’t work this way, all of these conversion based Physical builds would be virtually unviable, right? Non-physical damage types tend to have lower values for a reason compared to Physical skills/bonuses and if they were affected by armor to the same extent, their damage would be mediocre and instead of having the same conversation over and over about how this behavior exists, we’d instead be talking about how all those playstyles need a buff.

On top of that, the game was balanced around this behavior, it is a moot point and not relevant to the overall conversation.

Asks for buffs to 4 piece set, proceeds to clear SR95 and a 5:20 Crucible clear with 4-piece set.


I meant using Crusher for it. Because it doesn’t look like a physical weapon. A bit gimmick, isn’t it?

Nah, I just want people to know about it. There’ve been a lot of folks questioning this in the past and now this information is easily accessible.
And frankly, I like how it’s balanced. It’s fun to play around converted phys. But it’s not that fun playing physical cadence/one handed BA, because armor destroys your damage.

I advocated for CD ABB buffs, this build will receive like 0 benefit from it. And for the proc, because it looks great, but barely doing anything.
UPD: And for addition of + skillpoint to LA, because there’re bonuses for BA and Judgment nods, yet no love for ABB.


There was another thread regarding this build and the seemingly poor performance which has been proven otherwise. Well done.

I agree with the notion of the 4p proc being lack luster. As I mentioned in at least 3 prior threads, don’t change the proc in some mundane fashion like improving damage (which obviously it doesn’t need with this build) but instead change the functionality…like Pyran’s 4p as a filler while dots tick. This would not alter almost any build out there since the damage from the current proc is so negligible.

I realize you can get this effect from off handing decree but…no shield :disappointed:

IMO, there are already other ways to play a spam version of blade arc so seeing this change would only make the set more dynamic.