[] Chaotic Spinner - high DPS DW melee chaos Eye of Reckoning Sentinel, SR 65+

Three of my strongest builds are aether. Aether AAR, aether EoR Oppressor and aether Krieg set. But I will post as my next build tanky chaos AAR Warlock that killed Ravager facetanking first half and a lot of the second with some disenganging for cooldowns to end. But it was slow. Aether AAR was three times faster!

Right, but this is also in the context of mostly novelty builds, versus which broken skill like AAR or solid workable set like Krieg will shine brighter by default.

I used to like aether and dislike chaos but it changed around since one or two major patches ago. Anyway, this is potentially a major debate for its own thread with 200 responses from more expert players than me. There are others who have tested myriad builds of both archetypes who would be more qualified than myself to comment on Aether vs chaos current standing :sweat_smile:

false. /10char

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Well I am not amazed by it. Comparable aether builds are just better.

aether casters are good by their nature (note: talking about Spellbinder mostly).
medium-level caster and melee aether builds seem to struggle after multiple nerfs.

It depends on the details of specific cases my man. For example AAR is already part Aether and easier to convert, meanwhile chaos conversion for it is whack because transmuter goes half to Vitality, unless you use blood orb and then gut your set bonus or lose other offhand choice like adtch source.

Yes but it should be compensated somewhere. More chaos RR for example. Or nerfing the res of chaos resistant enemies.

then Rah’Zin WH says hello

and this was already done.

chaos has low RR but extremely high % and flat damage values, so it’s pretty fair.

This was done broadly to most monsters recently. There was a discussion about highly resistant enemies in general recently, and seems like that as a thing is here to stay.

From Arcanist I can get tons of flat aether as well. Yes, let’s use one set for everything…

Not enough.

RahZin, Infernal Knight, Voidsoul, different items for spam Doom bolt, Harbinger, Black Flame, Darkblaze …
indeed, there’s only one chaos set in-game!

Yet there is still not enough of available RR. And the damage archetype is weaker than similar aether. I am going away from PC for couple of hours.

and what setups do really struggle because of it?

As I said none so far but in comparison to aether damage chaos is just weaker in similar builds.

And considering this build the image with the number of deaths should speak for itself. And for @jawa you can see the playtime. Theodin Marcell is probably from SR as the greatest monster killed. Who knows how this is evaluated.


Hey, but let’s shit on me everytime I post something innovative…

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I don’t use this thing with camera in the corners. Didn’t even know about that. Just turned camera to the south.

After couple more playthroughs of SR the only time Reaper was very dangerous was with 60 % crit modifer for him and my lowerd life modifier.

I thought we went over this dude. Address the words and not the perceived agenda behind them.

Looking at the new comments since I woke up, you’re arguing damage type balance vs other people who test and tweak builds for weeks or more before posting them and who have have tried most everything in the game, while doing the equivalent of taking a wheel off of your car and seeing how fast it can go with 3 wheels only, and using that as a yardstick for how all cars should drive.

If you still wanted to make this case, you’d line up multiple otherwise similar builds ( 1 chaos variant and 1 Aether variant), compare the performance of each, outline the differences within each pair, then present those observations and draw a conclusion. You can’t present controversial ideas using claims or subjectivity only and expect them to be accepted. Show some comparisons, outline between-pair differences that may confound these comparisons, provide your own take, then throw it out into the world for discussion. You need to build a case!!

Building obvious builds is not fun to me. I have some but not most of them. I already made a direct comparison between this build and the aether Templar. And I will make another when I post my chaos AAR.

But I get it, I should STFU and everybody else can shitpost in my threads. That is OK.

Again you’re just going off on a tangent instead of addressing the words. Nobody said a single time that you should build differently. All I said just then was that you’re using intentionally abnormal concepts to measure what should normal.

I’m done here, you’re not listening.