[] Chaotic Spinner - high DPS DW melee chaos Eye of Reckoning Sentinel, SR 65+

Yes but it should be compensated somewhere. More chaos RR for example. Or nerfing the res of chaos resistant enemies.

then Rah’Zin WH says hello

and this was already done.

chaos has low RR but extremely high % and flat damage values, so it’s pretty fair.

From Arcanist I can get tons of flat aether as well. Yes, let’s use one set for everything…

Not enough.

RahZin, Infernal Knight, Voidsoul, different items for spam Doom bolt, Harbinger, Black Flame, Darkblaze …
indeed, there’s only one chaos set in-game!

Yet there is still not enough of available RR. And the damage archetype is weaker than similar aether. I am going away from PC for couple of hours.

and what setups do really struggle because of it?

As I said none so far but in comparison to aether damage chaos is just weaker in similar builds.

And considering this build the image with the number of deaths should speak for itself. And for @jawa you can see the playtime. Theodin Marcell is probably from SR as the greatest monster killed. Who knows how this is evaluated.


Hey, but let’s shit on me everytime I post something innovative…

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I don’t use this thing with camera in the corners. Didn’t even know about that. Just turned camera to the south.

After couple more playthroughs of SR the only time Reaper was very dangerous was with 60 % crit modifer for him and my lowerd life modifier.

Building obvious builds is not fun to me. I have some but not most of them. I already made a direct comparison between this build and the aether Templar. And I will make another when I post my chaos AAR.

But I get it, I should STFU and everybody else can shitpost in my threads. That is OK.

Hilarious double KO at 00:34 :fist_right: :fist_left:

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Neat build! Always glad to see some Conduits doing well, and even happier to see non-set Shoulder pieces!

You can technically pull more DPS/survivability with a Bloodsworn Scepter MI in place of one of your Fangs, but it needs to be well-rolled (Demonic/of the Cabal). If you get lucky enough for that, though, you can pull off another 200 OA, some extra DA with an augment swap, and another 1k Weapon Damage.


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Interesting change but more DPS is not necessarily better. You lose ADCtH on one weapon and AS as well. I am not sure that it will be compensated. Especially the ADCtH.

I don’t see how I get more survivability from it. What do you mean?

More DA/Health/better ele resist overcaps (which matters against dual RR combos).

There isn’t too substantial an ADCTH loss, either.

The build below is an example of chaos damage stacking while ignoring additional rr source. When accounting for % damage bonuses the chaos eor conduit will pretty much always outperform any chaos rr option on the neck piece. Note this is not any criticism of your build, just an example showing that chaos can work at current rr levels to devasting effect. Even when there is no chaos rr from mastery.


Yes it can work with a dedicated set to it. Aether can do it even without it. All I am saying is that there is a disparity between these two damage types. I am not saying there are not some builds that don’t work. But the disparity is just there.

I wonder if it is worth to put 1 point in Servants of Empyrion for proccing stuff.
If only bonus from Harbinger Gloves could be applied for 2H melee weapons as well.

I don’t think it is worth it. Bloody Pox and EoR proc nice and Abominable Might you control with movement skill.

Off topic:

I am on @Duchy side when it comes to play style. I meme with everything I build. Out of the box building is what the essence of ARPGs have been the past and this sentiment was echoed by a certain D2 developer that made a statement along the lines of how the internet led to non-imaginative building because it was so easy to, instead, cut and paste a build that is OP or whatever then to experiment and come up with your something that is your own. It’s why I don’t follow guides here.

Having said that, because of my professional background, viability can not be summed up by 10 runs. Hundreds of runs with stats on mutators, consumables, boss levels, etc. would have to be done…it’s why I haven’t posted any builds because I don’t have the solid data to back the build up.

On topic about the build:

I like chaos spin to win. Cool build. I have gd tools 2 versions but haven’t had the time nor energy to level and test them. I love my Yugol’s Relic duel damage WitchHunter. Lots of fun. Keep up the good work!

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