[] Eye of the Blood Knight - 2H Vitality EoR Oppressor ~5min average 170 crucible clear

*players upon seeing an eor build without high attack speed or flat rr from devotions
(not relevant anymore, but I’ll leave it for fun)

I’ve been doing testing on most EoR variants. I plan on having a post for each type for the best possible clears in crucible. This will be one of many spin builds to come.

Vitality EoR is another unassuming variant for the spin savants out there. A weapon with no attack speed or physical conversion for eor, most would just write off it as useless for EoR. I was determined to make it work. Perseverance and creativity paid off here.

The Build:
Updated devotions and gearing for the new patch. Items rolls are not set in stone, but dreadlords prefix on belt is definitely the best. You can take full physique dump and DA augments on rings for extra defense, but for softcore it isnt really required. I’ve cleared SR 80 without too much trouble with the above build. 7:30 from start of 80 to boss room finish. I died twice, but I was able to facetank grava and alek in the boss room.


Average run with no %damage increasing mutators

Blood Knights set is the perfect fit here. It provides addition RR, CDR, attack speed, and a nuke to cycle in while spinning. I feel like the rest of the items are pretty straight forward. You get EoR to cap, then go from there. The devotion set up here is where the magic happens though. I take Hourglass, Dying god, and Ratosh. This setup allows for full uptime on ascension/dying god through proper cooldown management when combined with the CDR from our gear. Mark of Torment + Bloodthrister when things get crazy should be all you need to stay alive.

Obviously since there is no flat RR in devotions, storm banners are the best here. You can clear without them, and it will add roughly 15-25 seconds to your runs. Certain mutators/spawns will slow things down. Runs will vary from about 5:40ish with practice and luck to a run taking as long as 6:40ish. Average clear can be called around 6 minutes.


I do plan on seeing how well this one and my chaos eor fair in SR… might be a bit before I get to that though


Oh now the build makes sense! Nice one @Valinov :smiley:

Vitality EoR 6 minutes? How you’re doing it, spinning maestro? :ok

Very good build. I also like many skeletons.:smile:

How’s the energy drain on this? Does Arcane spark cover the gap or are you running with the cruci buff?

In the video I’m using 4 buff. But spark plus the occasional energy pot covers it without ulzuins buff

Nice build! Is 100% attack speed enough to get optimal DPS from EoR? Does more attack speed (until 200%) make EoR deal more damage?

I was planning to do this theorycrafted Vit EoR Archon variant https://www.grimtools.com/calc/wV180nB2 but I’m not sure how it compares to yours. Any critique for my build would be appreciated. Thanks! :slight_smile:

EoR scales with Attack Speed and increases the “tick” frequency based on this, so you want capped AS to help max your damage (besides having EoR at 26/16 and Soulfire at 22/12).

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1st February stream:

Zantai on EoR scaling: EoR scales with AS, its movement scales with run speed.

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The mod on the helmet definitely is hurting your damage potential due to converted all the physical damage to lightning. Granted im only getting ~41% of my physical damage converted to vitality, but that ends up still being a huge chunk of DPS for the skill. Even if you changed helmets your dps would go up by a bit due to having ~20% physical to vit conversion. I would highly recommend a Belgothian sigil ring as the proc gives a huge boost to dps, as well as helping cap the skill itself. The blood knights set is BiS for vit eor even if it isnt an oppressor (although I would highly recommend going with oppressor if youre set on going vitality eor) I do imagine if you went full dark one set with archon could be interesting. something like this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/Q2znprA2 You would lack the attack speed, but maybe the extra damage from totems would make it work. I imagine the build would be next to impossible to kill though, as x2 wendigo totems + that huge adcth would power it through just about anything i think

or could add savagery charging clunkiness to pad the stats even more (i dont recommend but :man_shrugging:) https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNkOneQN

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Thank you! Appreciate you going through my build and providing improvements. I like the Dark One set variant you made - will definitely bookmark that.

This is kind of what I was aiming for. A facetanking build that’s still mobile enough to use in the campaign (hate simply running).

With regards to devotions, I can see how Dying God and Hourglass fits well on your build. I’m wondering if I would lose a lot of DPS by not going with those. I currently like having Ghoul, Giant’s Blood and Turtle in my builds, but I’m wondering if having these on the Vit EoR would be overkill, especially including Dryad and Wendigo.

Also, why not Revenant? The 25 flat RR from skellies seems nice on paper.


is this a newbie friendly build? i can level from the start?

not as it’s played here, vitality EoR would be HORRID to level with.

you can pretty easily level as a ravenous earth caster though assuming you’ve got the gear waiting for you

I will be updating this post soon with new video, gearing, and devotion path. Results are a full minute faster than this version which relied on storm banners for flat rr, while also being extremely durable.

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Might try to add video of SR 80 clear later