[] I miss star pact on aether builds - Arcblade (almost) cdr Spellbinder

It was bonkers tho but I still miss it a lot

with permanent buffs. DPS is for chain lightning

Temporal Arcblade is probably one of the strongest items in GD. 2h with lots of base and % damage, has the cdr of a mainhand+offhand combo, has both attack speed and casting speed, and a good proc. The only disadvantage is you can’t AAR with it.

I kinda did this because I think I’m the only one in the group chat (you know who you are) that has not made an arcblade build yet. And I also missed the old cdr binder. UPDATE BEST UPDATE IS NO UPDATE NEEDED

The Build


FAQ - even if no one asked questions yet
  • What exactly is that build? - Temporal arcblade based spellbinder that tries to invest significant points in three main skills i.e., Callidor’s Tempest, Bone Harvest, Ravenous Earth. Got TD to emulate the old cdr binders.

  • Can you explain itemization?

    *Helm, amulet was inspired by a draft @banana_peel made (I think he never tested it) that had like +5 all skills. Obviously it’s not possible for arcblade. It also somewhat resembles old clairvoyant with the +1 all on helm. Allows us to invest a lot on many skills.
    *Rings, Shoulders are for conversion. Same with chest armor and belt. Get as much conversion as you want.
    *Krieg pieces to get that juicy 120% aether. Also it gives a good amount of phys res.
    *Get whatever relevant affixes you need/have on greens. if you have Formidable then equip it regardless of suffix. Phys res is very valuable.
    *Relic, Medal are usual slots on a binder.

  • WTF is that DA? - Binder with that phys res and TD needs no DA. Feel free to adjust for your personal DA preferences.

  • Why Chain Lightning instead of Aether Corruption? - Chain lightning gives consistent leech and a spam skill is needed since we don’t take spam CT. FUN FACT: Chain lightning has better sheet dps than spam CT in this build, tho CT spam is a lot better in AoE due to not having a target limit.

  • Any videos? - Continue reading.

Cruci Performance and Video

Cruci 4:57 run

Average run is around 5:10. My best run wasn’t actually the one posted above. I had a 4:47 run but the recording only showed 1/4 of the screen lmao. Everything’s simple with this build really. Spam your skills, reset with TD and spam chain lightning for Widow bombs, use mark mirror if necessary.

Shattered Realms Haven't tried it but looking at other arcblades pretty sure this is gonna be fine for 75-76.


Arcblade is fun! Look for other arcblades here:

DMT’s Outworld Devourer - the only other arcblade build I looked at for reference
mad_lee’s Green Lantern
[[] 2h Aether Spellbinder - 5:15 Crucible, SR80 [g4][c+][sr+][vid]](Plasmodermic’s autoattack based binder)
spanky’s Arcblade Druid


I haven’t done Arcblade build though. :confused:

But congrats on posting your second build of the day!

Or is it Lee writing from your account, huh?

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Lee’s already got his own arcblade so no it’s not him :rofl:

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Interesting build, never thought CD CT is capable of anything outside burn builds.

Thanks. That’s also what people said when the early cdr binders were born back when AoM was released. Tho in this case it’s not really just a CT build. It’s an “everything binder has” build. Arcblade binders range from this to ct spam to BH maxed to aether lightning to even autoattack, but there’s one common factor - they all max CT, bone harvest, weapon damage and if possible, RE.