[] Olexrian Judge - strong physical mage with a laser, Templar using Obliteration, SR 80+

Build was good enough for the author to post it. And what is a good/bad build anyways… Plus There is also player skill involved.

Okay! :ok_hand: just asking!

I had this physical “caster” in my theorycraft-sketches https://www.grimtools.com/calc/m23lEpBV I originally wanted to use the corruption axe but I could not really make conversions make sense.

I don’t like Ravenous Earth. I never understand why people like it. I tried to play with it once and I couldn’t kill anything with it. Physical drain essence might be more fun in your build :slight_smile:

Ravenous earth is dope, my fav skill. But it looks like shit

Yeah, physical drain essence I also have somewhere in my theorycraft-sketch. But sure should be possible to add it but cast speed is very low here.

It has nice RR and damage reduction but using it offensively did not work for me. But I never played again with it. I don’t like the whole vitality/acid part of GD. Builds like that don’t interest me. I am now making a totally new PS build and it is a blast. Coming soon :slight_smile: My builds are mainly elemental, physical and aether. I don’t really play other damage types. Perhapes try a bit and then leave for something else. My favorite is arcanist and OFF. I have a ton of builds for it.

This physical mage I posted has only 150 % cast speed and when I was theorycrafting it I thought that it will have bad damage output considering armor mechanics. But it suprised me. Kills everything quite fast. Not as fast as Slow Jacker but anyways fast. Sometimes one thinks build will be bad and it isn’t and sometimes it looks awesome in grimtools and plays like shit.

Someone did a test, damage converted to physical damage will by-pass armor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDJ_wiK7_P4

I know but my Albrecht the Freezer has more than twice DPS and a lot more RR to compensate less monster resistance to physical and still this physical mage kills things faster. Don’t understand it really.

Mobs in general have low physical resistance compared to other resistances. So its easier to push mobs physical resistance to negative values.

I know but my fire AAR build has RR from 110 to 230 depending on OFF. Massive RR. That should compensate it. Yet this one is a faster killer.

also heroes etc can roll with resistance gear and +% physical res on gear is i) rare and ii) not that high values.

Perhaps the high crit damage does also a lot. With elemental builds there are always some uber resistant enemies. Physical damage has nothing like that.

It sure does :slight_smile: Esp combination of Arcanist and OK you will get some crazy crits for sure. I have theorycrafted Fire AAR Templar, just for the crit dmg.

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Templar is generally a strong class combo. Every one I have made is ok tanky and deals good damage. Not enough of templars posted here generally though. I will post some in the future.

Yes moar templar builds would be nice.

Speaking of physical DE, x1x1x1x1x1x1x1x1x2 made a retaliation based one here [] THE Z U C C - Phys Retal DE Oppressor - (cr+) (SR80) which were just broken strong. “Regular” physical DE I have no idea how far one can push though but could be interesting to try it.

That is actually not true. It’s one of the weaker ones. That’s the reason it’s posted so rarely.

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Any thoughts on a Templar build using Beronath and Spellscourge set maybe with chain lightning or storm fire.

Judgment, Devastation and Guardians can do the trick. If you could squeeze in OFF with conduit for it then it would be nice.

Just coming back to the game and i love unique, non-meta builds like this. The problem is i much prefer to level with the build i’m actually going to use later rather than something completely different. Is it possible to level with this build using OFF, Judgement and Guardians? Any idea what that would look like for skills and devotions? Thanks.