[] Olexrian Judge - strong physical mage with a laser, Templar using Obliteration, SR 80+

Yes you could level that way and from level 75 you can switch from elemental damage to physical. Just till level 75 do this + some skill from component or use conflagration relic with it.

Cool thanks. Would you go for OFF first and then Judgement and then Guardian? Also, which devotions would you pick up first?

I would go with OFF and fireball from component then changed it to conflgration from level 35 and from level 75 I would change it to physical.

I am retesting my older builds for SR 80. I revisited this build and it can do SR 80 relatively easily. I am surprised that it was like that. Physical AAR must be a beast.

I don’t like to play SR much but SR 65-66 and SR 80 are easily accessible. So I will from now on test my builds in SR 80 as well.

How would this build idea work with Occultist instead of Arcanist? I see you’re not really utilizing the casting speed in the Arcaist tree, what if you had Curse of Fraility for some really good pyhs res reduction, and Blood of Dreeg for heal, OA, phys res? It seems to me that it could work

I have it here. Both Templar and Sentinel could have some more optimizations when I look at them (I will optimize them sometime soon). I think that the Sentinel will be close to this one.

With this one the idea was not fully go into casting speed for Obliteration but add Judgment, OFF and Guardians. Jack of all trades kinda. It is a liitle slower against some enemies in high SR but quite sturdy. I like building weird stuff like this.

I have optimized the build. It took one green and some skill and devo changes. It is now better both offensively and defensively. I also tried Deathstalker relic but survivability is way better with Serenity.