[] Sentinel of the Three Witchblade CR 4:40 + 5:50EX naked/ 100sr with Fevered Rage + 2.5kDA / Celestials -> Ravager 33 sec + Crate ~1 min facetank + Callagadra 44 seconds

can ı do sr 75 76 full face tank everything include boss rooms ?

Welcome to the forum! Yes, you can facetank full room with SR setup however Grava’thul need extra caution, you have to calculate his Nullify cooldown and do not cast Bloody pox before baiting it.

I can respec in a second?)

Trying to find some guide for lvling witchblade from the beginning…:frowning:

Yes, you can respec all your skill points for gold, devotion points with aether crystals/special potion, atribute points with potion too. It’s not very expensive so do not be afraid of experimenting.

I can’t find any beginner guide for Witchblade (probably just 2h Forcewave?) but I do not suggest to make this build now because nerfs which I can’t really predict are coming in 2 weeks around. Build maybe will be still strong but maybe whole concept is going to be weak.

like every build now?)
maybe u can help with choosing a bit more balanced build, that maybe can skip future nerfs

If you just started I would go for Dark one conjurer/cabalist/ritualist or Krieg Death Knight since they got good farmable sets and will help to farm harder content like crucible/sr so you can get all items for rest more gear demanding and expensive builds. Retaliations need very specific gear to work so I don’t recommend them for start.

Some guides I can find for classes above:

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Thank you very much!

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Added 23 seconds Ravager kill (broke WR by 1 second?), new devotion route I found faster vs single target.

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/8NKjD7WZ -> Ulcama for getting RR in War Cry window and WD for Essence of Cthon so I could use Dark Progenitor for even more DA shred, maxed Menrir Will for double proc vs Celestials which is boosted by Avenger amulet, more damage in time.

Made it just for fun, inconsistent because of no OA shred, we have 30% chance to getting crit by celestials. Callagadra can be done under 30s probably but I am tired of RNG this specific fight has because of her running around in most cases instead of hitting me.

Sir why DA is too low for this last build that you just aded ?

It was just fast test how new devotion route works, not really polished, just faster vs celestials.

sir ı just finished all gear needed and made my witchblade 94 gearing him now.while you are here can ı ask is that sr setup build healt is enough ? for sr 75 + ? it just looks kind a low … will it be a problem for me ?

With SR setup I finished sr 105 and facetanked crate boss so health is more than enough for 75-76 shards :wink:

Can you tank MQ outside Stone Form?

sir for crafting wich black smith ı should use ? what is your advice here ? mybe to have some caos resist ? would be nice ? there is a black smith who has +% caos is it worth it mate ?

@ya1 MQ does not spawn over 80 shard (and everything below is not issue even if whole room is tanked for sr setup at least), on Crucible she is even weaker.

@polat_yusuf_ozturk I’ve crafted everything for retaliation damage but it doesn’t really matter if you don’t go for every single second on boss killing, physique/armor should be safest option.

Yeah I know. I was asking about 70-74. Cool. Unthinkable, for the builds I’ve been playing lol…

Well, I forgot about Grava, he is the problem everywhere because no nullify animation after fevered. It’s calculating his cooldown and using bloody pox once after baiting it or totally ignoring it until he is dead.

Sir ı have just finished the build with your guide.And at least this is the strongest character ı have ever had.But its just sometimes ı gt one shoted ı dont know why.Can you give it a look for 2 minute if ı made anything wrong with the build ?


In which moment are you killed? I suggest to change some auguments for more chaos resistance overcapped (like this 7% elemental and some 30DA), for like 30-40% overcap. I guess you may be killed from arcane mobs, do not facetank them until they shot some purple orb (take distance before) then kill them.
One guy said either he was killed by reflection guys in some moment, you can eventually put off one point from Obelisk of Menhrir then change Panther into Solemn Watcher in your devotion tree.