[] Storm Knight - Primal Strike with a shield Archon, SR 65+

It just reads “Post how your build performs.” nothing about videos, screenshots, char files etc is mentioned.

I’m saying how it is perceived and what he can do to avoid certain…individuals flipping out.

I’m well aware of what I wrote…

Back on topic, this build’s gonna love this coming up…


Awesome. Thanks :slight_smile:

Oh… that is very nice indeed!

Man it’s the mark of Harry Potter lol

Btw lovely build, I envy you sort of. Always playing with lightning. I can’t even finish most of my Tomb of Heretic runs due to overheating and crushing(just happened in the Morgoneth’s room I almost breaking it :smiley:) and doing it with a lightning build man… I have all gear you have used here and I was keeping them for a build like this but with warder probably.


Morgoneth is not easy with a lightning build. I always use an aether cluster with him.

No, I’m not talking about resistances or difficulties etc, it’s my computer. Sometimes with too much effect, it’s getting hotter and eventually game shuts down. This happens mostly in FG and especially in Tomb of The Heretic. Now think this habit of my PC while playing with a Lightning build which I’m not playing with lightnin build and game still keep shutting down. That’s why I can’t play with them, but still keeping the items to think what if :slight_smile: and yes my first character was lightning warder and I’m aware it’s lp againts Morgoneth.

Fine for me, just make sure vit and cold res are overcapped by a good amount.

Is Aegis of Menhir good at this moment for lightning build(before next patch) ?

Warder 2H or DW will be squishy but Soldier have nice shield passives, that can boost safety of a build. One thing I don’t like in a shielded version, that can’t be corrected any possible way is the low attack speed. But this shield in particular is interesting because of it’s CDR, I have used it in a caster build even :smile:

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Depends on what you mean by good. If it is deep SR and fast crucible times, then I’d say more likely no. But SR 65-66 is I guess doable. You can’t use the full potential of Aegis (DoTs). But it deals still nice damage.

With those new add-ons to the shield, I might do this build as soon as new patch hits the scene!

Looks nice but I have never played a retaliation build. So I can’t comment on it.

I have done some of those, often boring as hell. But this one I might enjoy. Nice to have both phys > light and fire > light conversion with gun and that new version of shield

23 CDR. Meanwhile full Ultos got 31 CDR

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Yes Ultos weapon have twice as much CDR. I had few meme builds with 5 or 6 separate chain lightning procs from items, Chain Lightning skill and nothing else, was very good actually and worked as both Purifier or Mage Hunter.

For PS, the best build obviously is full Ultos. Especially Vindicator is great all-around build.

There are 3 things that can make Stomrend a non-meme item - 18 AS, 18 CS and 8 CDR

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Why i Storm rend a meme item? xD it works fine as it is

“Working as intended” lol

You did not answer my real question, but that is fine.

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